Netflix 5 Biggest Lawsuits – Know More


Netflix is the most famous streaming company with millions of people using it worldwide. Netflix provides a variety of programs including blockbuster movies, series, documentaries, and much more. It is not surprising that the largest companies like Netflix are getting sued every day. The company had faced dozens of lawsuits in past and will in the future too, and most of them are from big organizations like Fox, New York Times, and more.  Let us know how To use Netflix 5 Biggest Lawsuits 

Netflix 5 Biggest Lawsuits 

Netflix also faces defamation from Media companies and movie studios over copyright issues but sometimes Netflix faces some cases in which Netflix was not involved in producing movies and series because these lawsuits are mostly based on copyright issues that are not distributed by Netflix to streamers. Some of the legal threats Netflix is facing are Hollywood weekly Magazine suing Netflix over copyright issues and from stranger things lawsuit which claims that the plot of the series is taken from a screenplay called totem. 

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These are not the only lawsuit Netflix has been facing, there are plenty of cases Netflix has been facing. Here are the 5 biggest lawsuits Netflix has been sued:   

Sherlock Holmes lawsuit

Sherlock Holmes was one of the most famous fictional characters and fan following around the world. This fictional character was written or built by sir Author Conan Doyle in movies and books both. But since Netflix released the new movie Enola Holmes by author Nancy Springer in which Sherlock’s character also appeared and was portrayed by actor Henry Cavill and his sister Enola Holmes’s Character was pictured by actress Millie Bobby Brown, things getting Weird. Sherlock Holmes creator and Author Conan Doyle filed a lawsuit against Netflix over a copyright issue. The author of the Sherlock Holmes alleged Netflix that they used Sherlock character features of the last ten final stories which are still under copyright and owned by author Conan Doyle. The unusual thing which affected the author was that after World War 1 Sherlock’s character was a bit emotional and kind but in the new release Enola Holmes Sherlock’s character shown by the author is a way too emotional and kind which is a violation of the authors writing. According to THR, the lawsuit against Netflix in the New Mexico federal court has officially closed and settled between the author and Netflix. The reason behind the settlement was not known one can guess that both sides have got something they wanted. 

Don Cullen Lawsuit

Netflix has faced plenty of cases over subtitles. Don Cullen’s lawsuit is one of the biggest cases Netflix has been sued. The deaf blogger and activist Don Cullen and the national association of deaf sued Netflix for not providing legal and accurate subtitles that affected deaf and hard-of-hearing people. It is not the first time Netflix has been in court for this because millions of people have been affected by over-entitled subtitles who have the right to understand what they are watching. At the end of the case, Netflix made a deal to remove the captions. 

Devil in the Details

Another lawsuit Netflix has sued over a copyright issue. The popular series Chilling Adventure of Sabrina was sued by a Manhattans satanic Temple organization claiming that Netflix had copied a statue they had commissioned in 2014. The case is still not settled in court.

Mo’Nique Hicks lawsuit

Netflix has been sued for gender and racial discrimination by a comedian and actress Mo’Nique. Back in 2018, the actress had been offered $500,000 by Netflix for a stand-up special which she rejected and also accused Netflix of gender discrimination for offering less amount to a black female actress. After that Netflix denied the accusation and argue that the company offers what it determined was not biased.

Netflix Shareholder Lawsuit

Netflix shareholders sued a lawsuit in San Francisco against Netflix claiming that the streaming giant allegedly fraud by committees by losing subscriber growth violating securities laws by the U.S. it’s the first time in decades that Netflix has lost almost $200 subscribers. Shareholders argue Netflix that failed to inform investors about slow streaming and losing subscribers due to other reasons like account sharing and increased competition with other streaming companies. 


There are plenty of cases against Netflix. Some are closed or settled and some are still pending. Despite these cases, Netflix is still streaming blockbuster shows, and millions of people using them worldwide. Being the largest app it won’t be surprising that Netflix will face cases in the future too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

How many subscribers has Netflix lost?

Netflix had lost more than 200,000 subscribers in over 10 years for the first time and it is also expected that Netflix will lose more than 200,000 subscribers in the coming days.  

Why Netflix is facing too many lawsuits?

Netflix is one of the largest streaming companies. It is much more common for these companies to face these legal battles and defamation cases. Whether it copyright issue or fraud. Netflix is partially responsible for these lawsuits.

Netflix 5 Biggest Lawsuits – Know More

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