Old Navy Tank Tops

Our style represents us. When it comes to clothing- we all want the best. Like- who doesn’t wish to stand out, right? Every season arrives with its newest fashion trends. This is why our closet is filled with outfits for every occasion (yet we keep shopping more!). Be it rocking a party or going for a picnic, we all own vestments to rock such times. But, when it comes to dressing for neutral events or everyday wear- we sometimes find ourselves with fewer options. We’ve found the best solution for it! Old Navy Store is a platform where you’ll find awesome basics for your everyday wardrobe and continue to look chic. The store sells a fantastic range of tank tops so that you can pull out a cool-yet-modest look. Did I tell you- they just start from $4?! Unbelievable, right? Let’s find more about old navy tank tops.

Old Navy Tank Tops

In this article, we are going to see some of the best tank tops from “Old Navy” to wear- when you just want to be comfortable and walk around being yourself. We’ll shuffle through the store and find you some great basics. Be it any event- tank tops are a “blank canvas” for our fits. Want to walk in a library? How about- putting on a white tank top with blue denim jeans? Sounds comfy and stylish, yeah? These tank tops are the essential items for your wardrobe, as they can withstand every trend and fashion timeline. Be it any style- they go with everything! So why wait? Let’s hop on and pick out a few best Old Navy tank tops from the given collection below that’ll do wonders with your outfits! 

More About Old Navy:

Old Navy is one of the best platforms that provides limitless fashionable apparels to every body size out there. Their clothes are always been the talk of the town. From casual tees and colorful tank tops to jeans and dresses, they have swooned over the young generation with their stylish and comfortable attires. And you know- what’s the most astonishing part? Their prices start from just $4! How cool is that?! It’s one of the best and most affordable clothing companies out there for sure.

There’s a big range of tank tops at Old Navy. You can find crop/ultra-crop, square-neck, V-neck, scoop-neck, collar loop, cami tank top/blouse, knit sweater tanks, and many more! 

Let’s dig in and find you some ideal tank tops!

Tank Tops For Women

  1. Old Navy First-Layer Rib-Knit V-Neck Tank Top:

This Rib-Knit tank top features a V-neck line and is a “first layer top”. This means it can be worn ideally or even paired with jackets or cardigans, etc. 

Price: $6

Quality: Great.

Size: XS – 4XL (with regular, tall, and petite options)  

  1. Old Navy Fitted Twist-Front Cami Top:

This cami top comes with a beautiful front twisted pattern. No doubt it’s a must-have!

Price: $25

Quality: Superb.

Size: XS to XL (with regular, tall, and petite options)  

  1. Old Navy Pointelle-knit Sweater Tank Top:

The most beloved tank top of all time. Women who tried this piece are obsessed with it. It’s just too good to be true! A perfectly knitted top which can be styled with jeans or shorts. 

Price: $35

Quality: Amazing. 

Size: XS – 4XL (with regular and petite options)  

  1. Old Navy First-Layer Tank Top:

An essential top for everyone’s closet. You can style it however you wish!

Price: $4

Quality: Good. 

Size: XS – 4XL (with regular, tall, and petite options)  

  1. Old Navy Fitted Ultra-Cropped Rib-Knit Tank Top:

You can pair this super cute top with high-waist jeans or shorts. It’s among the best-sellers- grab yours soon! 

Price: $8

Quality: Appreciative.

Size:  XS – 4XL (with regular, tall, and petite options)

  1. Old Navy Fitted Cropped Lettuce-Edge Rib-Knit Tank Top:

This tank top is oh-so-pretty! From its colors to its edge style- it will make you look outstanding. 

Price: $12

Quality: Nice.

Size:  XS – 4XL (with regular, tall, and petite options)

  1. Old Navy Textured Clip-Dot Tiered Tie-Neck Cami Top: 

 One word for this wear- gorgeous. It’s perfect for summer! 

 Price: $14

 Quality: Impressive.

 Size:  XS – 4XL (with regular, tall, and petite options) 

  1. Old Navy Fitted Sleeveless Square-Neck Bodysuit: 

Yeah- it’s not completely a tank top, but surely it’ll look fabulous on you. You can wear it with your favorite denim! 

 Price: $25

 Quality: Lovely.

 Size:  XS – 4XL (with regular, tall, and petite options)

Tank Tops For Men

You might have great outfits to match your daily routine and occasional events, but when it comes to workouts and exercising, t-shirts won’t just work. 

Here are a few bestseller tank tops in the men’s category: 

  1. Old Navy Soft-Washed Graphic Tank Top:

Very comfortable and stylish outlook with affordable price. 

Price: $12

Material: Very Satisfying. 

Size:  XS – 4XL (with regular and tall options)

  1. Old Navy Striped Soft-Washed Tank Top:

This striped tank top is best for summer. 

Price: $8 to $10

Material: Comfortable. 

Size:  XS – 4XL (with regular and tall options)

  1. Old Navy Soft-Washed Chest-Pocket Tank Top:

Another cool fit for your gym. 

Price: $6 to $8

Material: Great. 

Size:  XS – 4XL (with regular and tall options)


Tank tops are the best for everyday basic attires. You’ll never feel uncomfortable wearing them. Fashion shouldn’t confuse you- it should rather make you feel confident. Old Navy’s clothes are worth a shot. Be it color-wise, material-wise or money-wise, they are the best clothing brand to exist. Remember to check your size and go for designs that’ll suit your body image. What are you waiting for? Go hurry- buy yourself a tank top and slay it! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 
  1. Are there offline stores where I can purchase them?

You can easily find them at stores like Target, Walmart, etc. 

  1. Is there a return policy? 

Yes, there is. Kindly, read the store’s return policy.

  1. Will the material loosen?

No. These materials do not loosen and stick to your body comfortably. However, while buying the product, you should take note of the size chart that is mentioned and order accordingly. 

Old Navy Tank Tops

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