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Shipt is one of the many online delivery services that deal with supplying mainly groceries across the country. They buy these groceries and help deliver them directly to the front of your door. Placing order on shipt can be done on their official website or through their app. 

 Shipt Order

After getting the job to be a shopper and driver on shipt, you might not be getting orders as much as you want and you might be wondering why. 

How Does Shipt Work

Shipt essentially helps you do your shopping. If you are the type who is always busy and does not have the time to go shopping for groceries or other items you need in your house, all you have to do is register on shipt. The company pays people to go to the supermarkets, get the things they need and then deliver them to you at your convenience. 

How amazing does that sound?

Before becoming a shipt driver, you should understand the way the shipt company operates. This is right because you only get more and more shipt orders if you are aware of how the company or organization functions. They are a very strict company that has its rules laid out. Although there are disadvantages like this that come with it, shipt is one of the places where you can make an extra income easily. 

As a shopper, if there are specific items you want, like a specific brand of an item, you can input that while creating your shopping list. 

Most of the time, contact can be made between the shopper and the owner of the goods. As we all know, shopping for groceries is not very straightforward. A situation can come where the shopper cannot get everything on the shopping cart. In situations like this, the shopper might have to get in touch with the owner of the goods. This is to let them know of this development and give a solution. Solutions like recommending other brands of the same product or replacing it entirely. For the shopper to shop to the owner’s taste, contact will have to be made. 

Some goods owners do not want to be contacted. If you do not want to be contacted then you can specify the exact kind of products you want. 

Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Order On Shipt

Shipt selects who gets an order according to the performance of their drivers. 

One of the reasons might be that the ratings you have been getting from customers are quite low. 

Most of the time, the number of shipt drivers that are in the same area as you are high, and getting orders will be rare for you. 

If you happen to reject offers a lot, you might not get any order because of that behavior.  Forgetting or intentionally missing your deliveries can also make you fall short of orders on Shipt. 

How To Increase My Order On Shipt?

Of course, you want to get more and more orders if you need extra money.

If you want more orders on shipt, you should try to first find out why the customers you deliver rate you very low. After finding out the problem, the next step is to try and avoid it. It could probably be because of ruined goods. Try to figure out why the goods you deliver get damaged before they get to their owners and work on keeping the goods safer. 

Try not to turn down any orders you get because when shipt notices how competent and reliable you are, you will get more and more consistent orders. 

Research to find out the number of shipt drivers in the areas you are in. If there are too many, you should consider moving to an area with fewer drivers. If moving is not possible, then you can only drive when the need for shipt drivers to deliver goods in your area is extremely high.  

To become an efficient shipt driver, there are a lot of explanatory articles and videos on the shipt website that can help educate and guide you in your journey. 


In conclusion, shipt is very useful to people who do not have time to shop or people who find it very hard to go shopping. It helps you save time and still get your groceries. Paying for the subscription on shipt is very important. You can either pay monthly or yearly. 

For shipt shoppers and drivers that want some extra money, it is necessary to get constant shipt orders, so make sure to do everything you can to get your ratings up and you would be called every single day. Read through the instructions and guides made available by them. That is very important. 

Do not worry about the quality of your groceries, the shoppers are trained to shop for the best.

Shipt Order – Know More

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