What Are The Most Amazing Technical Discoveries The Last 10 Years?

Can you recall the number of times you used cash to buy something?? No? It is because of the Amazing Technical Discoveries The Last 10 Years that have provided us with excellent digital cash solutions. Whether you buy coffee, burger, travel, or do any stuff, you have an option to pay digitally. However, before 2012 this was not the case; people always had to keep the cash. Let us know about What Are The Most Amazing Technical Discoveries The Last 10 Years?

What Are The Most Amazing Technical Discoveries The Last 10 Years?

Digital payment

Digital payment method was introduced before 2010; however, in the past decade, it came into the mainstream. It was after 2010 that the main features providing ease of access and security were introduced. For ease of payment, various options were provided to customers, such as GPay, PayPal, Paytm, Samsung Pay, Microsoft Wallet, etc. The e-wallets have been providing ease of payment and also preventing theft. 

Customised advertisements

Google and Facebook have been collecting users’ data to analyse what they search on the internet. Depending on their search results, Facebook and Google provide the users’ with advertisements that are of their direct interest. For example, if you hit a like to your friend’s photo tagging a brand, then Facebook and Google will display advertisements of that brand to you in the near future. Organisations desiring to display advertisements pay Facebook or Google to feature their advertisement on their search engines. 

Cab hailing applications

Cab hailing applications are a saviour for people worldwide as they provide travelling 24*7 service. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Grab, Gett and Ola have come up with reliable and easily accessible services that give door-to-door transport to their customers. These mobile applications form communication between customers and the cab drivers. This discovery has changed the face of travelling by providing comfortable and on-time services. GPS tracking, mobile application technology, and some other security technologies have been implemented in this innovation. 

Virtual home assistants

Virtual home assistants can be seen in every house and office nowadays. They provide comfort to its users while working or doing other tasks. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google assistant are some of the best virtual assistants in the industry. These devices take voice commands from the users and perform the task. Sensors are connected to various objects that virtual assistants have to manage. Virtual assistants minimise the physical efforts of their users by operating over a command. For example, switching the lights on or off, heating food, playing music etc. 

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have been introduced in the past decade. These cars have been built on artificial intelligence technology. The human being is lazy, so the self-driving car serves this purpose very well. Customers around the globe love this technology due to the perfection and precision of driving. The number of accident cases has also been reduced due to self-driving cars. The cars have been built with a complex combination of cameras, artificial intelligence, sensors, radar and others so that the functioning is performed without human intervention. Argo AI makes the internal systems used in self-driven cars.

Digital watches

Digital watches have been a major fashion trend recently. It has become so popular that every 2 people out of 5 wear digital watches. The discovery of digital watches was tracking health, viewing important notifications without operating mobile phones, and checking physical fitness. Recently, an Indian Dentist based in Haryana was experiencing chest pain. He used his smartwatch to find the ECG levels and the results were shocking. The dentist had 99.9% of blockages which were then cured by the medical intervention.  


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency launched for users worldwide. The technology has been built in a blockchain technology that supports and secures the money. Users do not need any criteria to participate in the cryptocurrency exchange. It has been built on an open-source network and is highly secured. Various cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin, have been introduced since the discovery. The number of coins and the fraction of coins purchased by the users are calculated through the mining process that involves complex mathematical problems. Users can buy cryptocurrencies through brokers or cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchange mobile applications are easily accessible.

Hence, it can be said that the technical discoveries have been proved beneficial for humans. Above mentioned technologies were few of the many inventions made in the last decade. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Facts about technical trends?

Answer: The technical advancements have led to huge alterations in daily operations and functioning. The technical trends consume huge data space and are prone to attacks despite huge security and authentication processes. 

2) Is the information collection system of Google and Facebook ethical?

Answer: The collection of personal information of the users is unethical. Under the law of ethics and data privacy, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg had to go through the testimony.  

What Are The Most Amazing Technical Discoveries The Last 10 Years?

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