What Does TBA Mean On A Tracking Number?- Know More

You have probably been ordering items from Amazon or other online retail stores and you are used to the style of tracking number you see. Maybe you can even guess the first letter that comes with every order tracking number. Seeing TBA might be new to you and it gets you worried, thinking if you have made a mistake in your order. That you cannot even track the order with another tracking site might be more worrisome for you. However, there is nothing for you to get worried about because there are no mistakes anywhere. TBA means “Transport by Amazon” and if it shows on your tracking number, it means Amazon logistics delivers the item. On such orders, you cannot track them on just any site except the Amazon site. Continue reading this article if you want to learn more about What does TBA mean on a tracking number. Also, keep reading if you don’t know what the tracking number means, as we have explained what it is. Then, we also explain what you can use it for.

What Does TBA Mean On A Tracking Number

What do you use the tracking number for?

First, let’s get to know what the tracking number is. The tracking number is the number every online retail store attaches to a package before shipping them. After you have completed your order and have gotten a notification that confirms that, the store will also assign a tracking number to you. This tracking number can be accessible at any time on the order site.

Now for the uses, tracking numbers are mainly to track packages and know their locations or their estimated time or date of delivery. It is also another way of identifying a package. This is because the company always prints the tracking number of a package boldly on the package. It also has a bar code that you can scan with a barcode reader or your smartphone. 

Because they call it a tracking number does not mean it has only numbers. Tracking numbers have both numbers and letters in them and they usually are about 8 to 30 characters. Some of them have special characters like hyphens and underscores in them and you can find them an inch close to the barcode. These numbers are very important for any order that you make from an online store.

What does TBA mean by a tracking number?

TBA can start a tracking number and when you see this on your tracking number, you might wonder what it means. Well, TBA means Transport by Amazon and it appears on your tracking number when the package gets transported by Amazon. This means Amazon logistics is in charge of the shipping and delivering your package.

Also, when you see TBA on your tracking number, it means that you cannot track the package with another package-tracking site. There are other sites that you can use to track the packages that you order from any online store. These sites only allow packages that don’t have special tracking numbers like TBA, TBC, or TBM. So, you cannot track your package on another site if it has a TBA on it.

Furthermore, if the item that you ordered is getting shipped from either Canada, U.S., or Mexico, it will most likely have TBA on it. This is because Amazon gives packages from these countries to their logistics to handle it. There are a few other countries where their packages have this privilege.

How to track a TBA package

Contrary to ignorant beliefs, tracking a TBA package is easy. Amazon still allows some tracking sites to track TBA packages. Just find a suitable site, type in the tracking number in the space that they provide, and click on the bar that says “Track my package.” When you do this, the system will display the progress your package has made to reach you.

Also, if you don’t want to go through the stress, you can simply Amazon site. Visit Amazon.com. Open the space that helps you track your package and type your package on the provided space. Then, enter it and allow the site to load and display the current location of your TBA package. That wasn’t so hard, was it?


It should not make you worry that your tracking number has a TBA on it because there is absolutely no reason to be worried. TBA means Transport by Amazon and it is when Amazon logistics ships and delivers an item. So, TBA on your tracking number means that the package you ordered is to get delivered by Amazon logistics. 

It also means that Amazon ships the item from Canada, Mexico, or the U.S. The best way to track such orders is using the Amazon site. Just input the TBA package tracking number in the space that Amazon package tracking sections display, and then allow the site to load and display the logistics of your order. 

What Does TBA Mean On A Tracking Number?- Know More

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