Which Gas Station Should I Use? – Know More Interesting Facts

 Are you thinking of refilling your car tank and looking for a convenient gas station that not only gives you a good discount but also gives you a good quality of fuel? Then this article will clear your doubts.

Which Gas Station Should I Use?

Nowadays when petrol prices are at an all-time high there is a certain transition from petrol cars to electric vehicles but it doesn’t mean that everyone will leave their old gas engine-powered cars anytime soon. According to general people’s behaviour, no one will be bothered to choose the best gas station to refill their vehicle but we know many people who are feeling their vehicle are likely to download the smartphone app for the payment purposes of the gas station they are using. It allowed people to have contactless payment and avoid being contaminated with the virus.

On what basis we are comparing the gas station?

 We generally categorize different gas stations based on the quality of fuel, the service station they have, and the payment methods they offer. Numerous gas stations have some type of fuel which means it doesn’t have any distinct features from other gas stations.

Top-Tier standard gas stations always have an advantage over other types of gas stations. when a company passes through certain standards and earns a Top-Tier tag that dad shows that this station has a good quality fuel.

How is Top-Tier gas different?

If a station is approved with Top- Tier it means they have fuel mixed with approved detergent additives which will boost engine performance. Its gas doesn’t exhibit organometallic additives.

Is Top-Tier worthy of the extra price?

In short yes, A study was conducted on Top-Tier gas effectiveness on the engine. The engine with Top-Tier fuel runs a record time of 1000 hours on calculating miles it covers 4000 miles and then on reviewing the engine it is found that Carbon deposit was left released in Top-Tier fuel by 19% in comparison of regular fuel.

Feedback from the customer

 We have gathered information with the help of Gas Buddy’s top 101 fuel and convenience brand report for the third quarter of the year 2019 of the best roundup of customer services.

Then we can configure rough data of gas station management of their customers.

The Top pick for best gas stations


The company has operated for approximately 100 years, they have gathered very deep knowledge about gas over 100 years.

The shell offered a nitrogen-rich gas which is very beneficial for motor engines. They are operating 14,000 gas stations all over America. Shell also offered a credit card reward that allows it to save up to 10 cents to its customers.


The company has worked in the field since the mid-1980s. They also held the title of serving the best quality gasoline. Later in 1999, they collaborated with Exxon And renamed the business Exxon Mobil, The largest oil company. They used to sell their gas with 9 different additives. With the introduction of the Exxon Mobil, smart card customers can enjoy rewards of saving 6 cents on feeling a gallon, with no restriction of minimum purchase.

Their stores rank second in cleanliness after chevron.


Costco was selling almost everything, and they came into the oil business in 1995. They’re selling top-tier certified gas but on top of that, they are selling Kirkland signature products.

They’ve been serving the best quality gas at affordable prices,  as minimum as 21 cents per gallon.


Sinclair Oil and refining corporation was formed in May 1916 when 11 small petroleum companies came together to launch Sinclair oil and refining corporation. After completing 104 years, they are operating over 1300 stations.

Dinocare, found in Sinclair gas, is a blend of several additives designed to improve the performance of the engine.


Chevron was launched in the year 1879. They are the innovators of good car commercials. They Also developed Techron fuel additives that are responsible for preventing carbon buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Why are fuel additives important?

Top-tier fuel is a mixture of different fuel additives which is not only used to maintain the engine But also has less carbon emission than regular fuel which is good for the environment.

Question2. Why would you choose a Shell gas station for refilling?

The shell can be the best and nearest gas station available in your area. They also got top-tier fuel and they generally offer rewards on using a credit card.

Question3. Why is deciding the best gas station important?

As the article explains how Top-Tier fuels are the change-maker in the motor vehicle society as they are less harmful than the regular fuel and sometimes the additive mixed may be beneficial to your car’s engine or to increase its performance and help in reducing the carbon emission in the environment.

Which Gas Station Should I Use? – Know More Interesting Facts

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