An In-Depth Look At Loan Care Customer Service- Know More

An In-Depth Look At Loan Care Customer Service: A Platform Offering Sub-Servicing To Mortgage Industry. Are you looking for mortgage assistance? Have you been affected by a disaster and are looking for mortgage relief? Are you finding it difficult to track your mortgage payment? Are you a portfolio investor? Are you a bank looking for loan servicing partnership? Loan Care LLC customer service is the solution for you. So let us dive into Loan Care to understand what exactly is it, its pros and cons, who is eligible for its loan assistance, how to create your account, how to become a partner or avail its services for banks.

An In-Depth Look At Loan Care Customer Service: A Platform Offering Sub-Servicing To Mortgage Industry

Loan Care LLC offers a varied spectrum of services and assistance. It is an online sub servicing platform. in 2021, it was awarded “Star Performer for the 6th year by Fannie Mae. It upgraded to its new and improved site at that time. It is not a loan provider but a platform that focuses entirely on sub-servicing.


  • Easy Payments
  • E-Statement
  • Accessible
  • Secure
  • Service Transfers

Easy Payments

Existing customers can easily make payments just by signing in. Visit the link below, sign in and view your loan details, payments, etc.

Customer Sign In


This service is now-a-days a priority feature amongst customers. Know about your e-statements options and solve any queries by looking at the F and Q section in the link below.

E-statement options and FAQs


The website is easy to navigate. There are buttons and headings to move quickly through each section. For more help, FAQs list, glossary of terms in mortgage industry visit the following link

Loan Care Help Center

Loan Care’s verification process offers a voice message option to receive codes.


It has a twostep verification process.

Service Transfers To Loan Care

It takes 7 to 10 days for verification once you have applied for loan transfers.

The F and Q section of Loan Care Service Transfers is also a very effective site to solve all your questions.


  • Not A Loan Provider
  • Long But Dependable Verification Process
Not A Loan Provider

It doesn’t offer refinancing or new loans. You can check your options for mortgage assistance by referring to “Contact Number for New Customers” section below or visiting the link in the same section.

Long But Dependable Verification Process

Loan Care takes 7 to 10 days to consider your case once submitted. You might be asked to submit identity proof such as driving license or it may ask for other proof to consider you for forbearance.

How To Create A new Account To Check Your

Loan Payments/Statements Or Get Mortgage Assistance

You can do this in two simple steps.

  • Create account or call customer service
  • Fill an online form
Create account or call customer service

Step 1: Go to the direct link below to create new account.

Loan Care New Account

Fill an online form

Step 2: Fill the form.

You will need your loan number, user id, social security number to fill the form.

Note: Contact numbers for new and existing customers are mentioned at the end of the article. The customer team of 600 will help you to understand or solve queries about Loan Care.

How To Become Business Partner

Step1: Visit the link below.

Loan Care

Step 2: Navigate down to the last heading.

“Interested Talk To Us”

Step 3: Fill the form.

Note: If you are a home owner and are looking to partner with Loan Care you can fill the form and select the “I am a home owner” option.

Disaster Assistance

You can visit disaster page at FEMA to know if your area is considered to be disaster affected.

If your area is disaster affected then you might be eligible for seeking mortgage assistance or payment relief. You can visit the below link to know your options.

Disaster Assistance

Loan Care LinkedIn Page

It has a very informative LinkedIn page. Click on the link below to directly jump to the page.

LinkedIn page of Loan Care LLC

Contact Number

  • Contact Number For New Customer

800 274 6600 is the customer service number for people looking for options of mortgage assistance.

You can also visit customer service center for online support.

  • Contact Number For Existing Customers

1-800-410-9609 is the contact number which you can call during customer service department hours The hours are-

Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM ET

Saturday 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM ET

There is something to be said for experience that leads to development of unique services. Companies like Loan Care and Freedom Mortgage are quite good real life examples. There are reviews of such services and information on sites that bankers and portfolio investors access daily. After reading this article, I hope that even a person without a financial background can also take advantage of such services and information.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I get a new loan from Loan Care?

No, you cannot get a new loan from Loan Care but if you already have a mortgage loan you can apply for mortgage assistance by creating a new account and proceeding as you get confirmation emails.

  • My loan was transferred to Loan Care. What should I do?

You can visit FAQs section or call 1-800-410-9609 to know more about your loan transfer.

  • I do not live in a city where Loan Care operates. Will I be considered for mortgage assistance?

According to some review websites, you have to live in a city where Loan Care operates to get mortgage assistance. I would recommend that you confirm this by

calling customer care at 800 274 6600

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An In-Depth Look At Loan Care Customer Service- Know More

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