Does Uhaul Have EZ Pass?-Know More

Toll booths have been replaced by open road tolling schemes in many U.S. states. Drivers can use electronic toll digital payments like EZ Pass to pay for tolls without having to stop and stop and pay with cash. If you are driving a U-Haul rental vehicle, you may be wondering whether you have to pay the tolls even though this isn’t your vehicle or if you can smooth out the cycle by utilizing an EZ pass to pay for tolls as you go. This article will enlighten you on U-haul and Ez pass. let us know Does Uhaul Have EZ Pass?

Does Uhaul Have EZ Pass?

You can use a toll pass (standard or business) with a Uhaul trailer while going on Illinois expressway, Indiana expressways, and in 17 different states through EZ Pass.

You can read over the details of toll firms and toll prices in your rental agreement. This can assist you in better understanding how toll fees operate when operating a U-Haul vehicle that you have rented. You can use EZ Pass to pay tolls for your Uhaul rental. However, for this to work effectively, the class of the car specified on your EZ Pass account must match that of the rented vehicle.

U-Haul will be charged for the toll directly by the toll company, and the renter will subsequently be charged by U-Haul. Every customer is requested to sign the renter’s contract, which describes the terms of this procedure.

How Does It Work?

If you’re driving a rented truck or trailer, which is charged at a larger toll, you won’t be able to utilize the EZ Pass for a standard car.

In some conditions, you may simply enter the information of the Uhaul rental to your EZ Pass record and you’re set to go. Note that Uhaul does exclude transponders with its rental vehicles. Since tolls are paid by the enrolled owner of a vehicle, UHaul will be charged if you rent a truck or trailer from them.

After that, UHaul bills the borrower in compliance with the terms of the rental agreement section. If the applicant has a credit card, Uhaul will deduct it; if not, a notice of the charge and a recommendation to pay with a lower admin cost within seven days of receiving the bill will be sent via email or text to the renter. If renters somehow fail to pay, Uhaul will send the bill to the toll debt collector so they can try to collect the money or send a warning notice.

The Cost 

You will yet be required to pay the same toll fee although the procedure may be different. U-Haul does not increase or decrease the price; you will pay the real amount.

However, toll fees vary by state and their expressways. However, for the most part, Toll pay for Uhaul rentals may be up to $3.50. Although, Uhaul charges an extra administrative expense of $1 per toll charge.

How Does It Work While Travelling?

EZ pass is a reader that is placed on the windscreen of the car and will be digitally deducted by toll firms when you pass toll sites.

The owner’s account will be automatically debited for the toll charge. For your account to be debited correctly, the U-Haul truck’s details will be added.


The toll company must be paid by U-Haul, who will also receive a bill straight from the tolls. The customer will then be charged by U-Haul according to the terms of the rental agreement for the U-Haul truck.

Your contract will detail everything regarding toll companies and costs for you to review. This can assist you in better understanding how toll fees run when operating a U-Haul truck that has been rented.


Which Card Is Accepted By U-Haul?

For pickup trucks and load vans, major credit cards must be shown upon picking them up, and those payments will be approved then. You can pay for your U-Haul rental with a debit card carrying the Visa or Mastercard logo.

Is A Special Driving License Required To Rent A U-Haul?

To rent equipment from U-Haul, no specific driver’s license is required. The trucks and trailers can only be rented if the customer has a valid driver’s license. Trucks from U-Haul are not regarded as commercial vehicles. Because of this, a business driver’s license or other types of authorization is not necessary. A digital license cannot be used.

Can I Hire A Liftgate-Equipped U-Haul Moving Truck?

Since U-Haul moving trucks are designed specifically to transport household products rather than freight, they do not require lift doors. Its loading decks are 50 percent easier to lift and move than those of conventional cargo trucks because they are lower to the ground than those of any other trucks. For ease and convenience, trucks 15′ and more also include a broad, strong loading deck.

Does Uhaul Have EZ Pass?-Know More

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