Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly


More money doesn’t hurt anyone. These days everyone talking about multiple streams of income. My mom had to work three jobs to fend for her family when we were younger. This is an opportunity to earn free spare cash just by completing simple tasks online. PayPal doesn’t pay you for using the app, no, that’s not how it works. However, some platforms pay you through PayPal for using their sites and completing simple tasks. These simple tasks include answering surveys, using browser extensions, playing games, signing up for websites, cashback through online shopping, watching short videos e.t.c. This article would expound on the various avenues through which you can earn free cool cash! Let’s know how to earn free paypal money instantly.

Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly

What is Paypal?

PayPal is a highly secure American-based financial technology company that helps its customers save, receive, and transfer money online easily, fast, and for free. You are only charged when the transaction involves different currencies. It has over 203 million users and does over 1.7 billion transactions. It allows you to hold money in about 26 currencies and transfer money in over 56 currencies. You can also withdraw money on Paypal, over 100 currencies are currently supported. PayPal is all over the world. It has several branches in over thirty-one countries and over 18,000 employees of 119 nationalities.

Avenues to Earn Free Money on PayPal.

  • Swagbucks: This site is a great option to earn free Paypal money. It gives you points for answering surveys, downloading games, watching short videos, searching the web, and playing games. These points can be converted into cash through PayPal.

Its minimum withdrawal rate is $3 which is equal to 300 points. The money earned on Swagbucks can only to sent to the PayPal account with the same as your Swagbucks account.

  • Survey Junkie: As the name implies Survey Junkie gives you points for completing a survey which you can ultimately convert to Paypal cash. You get paid for answering a bunch of simple questions. As tough as college questions were, nobody paid me to answer all those tests question but Survey Junkie pays you!

Its minimum withdrawal rate is $5 at 500 points.

  • Ibotta: Ibotta will give you your cash for shopping online. It offers a $10 registration bonus for just signing up and creating an account.
  • Rakuten: Offers very huge payouts but only pays four times a year. It gives you your cash back for shopping online, a $10 welcome bonus or registration, and a whopping sum of #25 for every referral.
  • Inbox Dollars: This site has an edge because our earnings are calculated directly in dollars and not points. This way you can keep track of your earnings without much stress. The activities it offers cash for include answering surveys and reading mails. 

It gives you a $5 welcome bonus or simply opening an account the minimum withdrawal is #30 so you won’t be able to withdraw until you earn $25 more which may take a few days but it’s worth it.

  • MyPoints: Activities on this site that give you free cash in return include, answering surveys, playing games, and reading emails. 

Its minimum withdrawal is $5.

  • Refer friends to Paypal crypto: When you refer a friend to use PayPal to buy crypto, he needs to purchase at least $5 worth of cryptocurrency and both of you get a bonus of $10 to your PayPal cash account. This is easy because the user of PayPal who doesn’t have a crypto account yet are eligible to benefit from this bonus.
  • Refer friends to use PayPal: Earlier we mentioned that you don’t get paid for using that PayPal app but this is an exception. You earn $10 for sending at least ¢1 to a brand new user. This new user has to have spent at least $5 through the account as a pre-condition.
  • Grindabuck: Gives you cool cash for completing surveys, reviewing ads, watching videos, and trying new products in Grindabuck.

The minimum withdrawal differs by level whether bronze, silver, or gold. However, to make yr first withdrawal you must have up to $10 as a minimum.

  • Usertesting.com: Here you get paid for testing apps, watching short videos, and writing feedback. You get $10 for 20 minutes. 
  • Slice the pie: This site also pays you for writing reviews. $10 is its minimum withdrawal rate.
  • Neilson: This site pays you $50 annually for allowing the site to run on your background. They use the information gathered to study people’s internet behavior. It is safe and cannot use any of your personal information, your activities online are recorded anonymously.
  • Sweatcoin: This site pays you for walking! It’s a fitness site that helps you count our steps daily and gives you 5 Sweatcoin for each referral.


All these and more are avenues of earning money on PayPal. It’s worthy to note that while these platforms help you make real money, they should not be relied on as a major source of income it should only serve as a means to earn extra cash. 

You can log in to any of these sites during your spare time or while sitting in a waiting room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the money earned on PayPal real?

Yes, you can spend the money earned on any of the platforms. You can use it to pay for online services and even transfer directly to your bank account.

Is Paypal legit?

Yes, PayPal has been providing its services since 1998 and has its headquarters in San Jose, the United States, and California. It ranks 18th of all money transfer sites and has received very high customer service ratings.

Can I provide my Social Security Numbers to earn money on PayPal?

No! Do not let out vital information like your social security number on any of the sites where you can earn money on Paypal. PayPal would only ask you for your email, bank account details, and name but not your social security number.

Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly

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