Entenmann’s Outlet Locations –  How did Entenmann Company Start?

Entenmann is a manufacturing company that produces baked goods. The Entenmann is currently owned by the Bimbo Bakeries USA and has been in existence since the year 1898. The bakery company has a large number of stores or outlets located all over America in almost every state in the US.Entenmann is an online and physical store for all bakery foods or snacks. The products provided by the company are varieties of flavored cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, cereals, cupcakes, etc. The Entenmann bakery brands manufacture and supply baked goods to supermarkets and retailers all over America. Entenmann outlets are the physical stores owned by the bakery brand in the US.  There are over a hundred Entenmann outlets located in the US. And different states in the US have more than one Entenmann outlet location. You can easily locate an Entenmann outlet nearest to you, by visiting their website. When you get to their website call their customer care line to find out if there are any Entenmann outlets located in your State. You can also locate their outlet store by using their Bimbo outlet locator on the Bimbobakeries website. The Entenmann bakery has existed for more than a century with a large customer base, outlet locations, and supply chain. The brand has been able to successfully establish itself nationally as a symbol of sweetness.  For example in the state of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, California, Massachusetts, Florida, etc. at least one store outlet is established. So lets see  Entenmann’s Outlet Locations are in New York are up to fifteen in number. In Ohio, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland etc.

 Entenmann’s Outlet Locations

Entenmann’s Outlet Locations

The address of some Entenmann outlets and the States where they are located in the US are listed below.

  • New York has over fifteen Entenmann outlets located in these areas: 67 East Main Street, Nelliston, 2220 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, 1874 State Street, Schenectady, 5585 E. Main Street, Verona, 99 W. Nyack Road, Nanuet, 1624 Castle Gardens Road, Vestal, 40 Fuller Road, Albany, 27 North Putt Corners Road, New Paltz, 67 S. Peru Street, Plattsburgh, 195 N. Exchange St., Geneva, 195 Cronin Road, Queensbury, 2301 Teall Avenue, Syracuse, 900 Jefferson Road, Rochester, 9 Police Dr., Goshen, 223 Glen Cove Road, Old Westbury, NY.
  • Two Entenmann outlets can be found in Florida, locations are 840 S. Nova Rd., Daytona Beach, 15081 South US Hwy. 441, Summerfield, FL
  • There are four outlet stores located in Colorado, and you can find them at 3232 Chelton Circle, Colorado Springs, 5305 East 72nd Ave., Commerce City, 373 N. Denver Ave., Loveland, 5050 E. Evans Ave, Denver, CO
  • Three Entenmann outlets in California are located in 264 S. Spruce Ave, South San Francisco, 480 S. Vail Ave, Montebello, 7601 Wilbur Way, Sacramento, CA

You can know whether an Entenmann outlet is located in your State. Visit the Entenmann website, call the customer care service number on the page and find out the locations of the store nearest to you. So by above paragraph Entenmann’s Outlet Locations are clear.

 Entenmann’s Unique Products

Entenmann mainly operates as a manufacturer of baked goods, but they have another line of products. They supply pastries nationally to different retailers and supermarkets. Entenmann added a new line of coffee products to their bakery goods in 2007. In 2010, they included a line of scented candles that come in different food scents. Some candles had the scent of warm gingerbread and pumpkin pie for the holidays. Other candles were scented as coffee cake, all-butter loaf cake, etc.

Entenmann offers unique flavored baked goods a list of some of these products are, The all-butter loaf cake, angel food loaf cake, chocolate chip crumb loaf cake, marble loaf cake, banana cake, etc.

Why Does Entenmann have so many outlet locations?

The Entenmann bakery company started as a bread factory 124 years ago, the bakery still stands due to its long rich history of management, acquisition, and expansion. Entenmann has become a national name for sweetness and chocolate goodness. Having so many outlet stores located across all states in the US is part of the company’s expansion strategy. Some other factors include customer demands, ease of supply around the nation, more customer reach, faster delivery, etc.

Customers can easily access Entenmann products at its various outlets or supermarkets.

 How did Entenmann Company Start?

Entenmann originated in New York City, it was started and first owned by William Entenmann. He learned baking from his father, then he moved to the US. He first began work in a bakery and then later started his own in Brooklyn. The bakery was later moved to Bay Shore, Long Island. William Entenmann continued producing baked goods and developed a home delivery system, which was a substantial part of the business. The home delivery system was later expanded when his son took over the business. Frank Sinatra was recorded as a regular customer at the bakery outlet. 


Entenmann outlets can be located on the brand’s website or through their customer care line. The use of outlet stores helps a brand to bring its products and services to its customers at a cheaper cost. With an Entenmann outlet close to your home or workplace you won’t have to worry about where to get your favorite cakes, donuts, coffee, and scented candles. The brand uses these outlet stores to bridge the gap between them and their customers. Entenmann outlet locations bring the brand closer to its customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What can I purchase from an Entenmann outlet? 

Entenmann is a baking company that produces baked goods and supplies to supermarkets and retailers throughout the country. You can purchase goods such as pastries, scented candles, and even coffee from any Entenmann outlet.

Can customers purchase goods online From Entenmann? 

Entenmann also has an online store where customers can order their products and services. Customers can choose to purchase goods online or from their outlet stores which can be found in different locations in the US.

Entenmann’s Outlet Locations –  How did Entenmann Company Start?

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