Free College Textbooks

You took admission to the college and you are having an ongoing semester and receiving the best lecture in a day but imagine if you don’t have study material for preparing for the examination and for making an assignment what could be better for you? you don’t have any access to the textbooks. In these circumstances how long are you going to run there? You may face difficulties and probably can’t do better as you can. It may sound a little bit utopian but college books are really expensive and it is hard for every student to purchase the books. Hence there is a concept called Free College Textbooks. Where the cost of the books goes zero.

Free College Textbooks

Why the concept of Free College Textbooks?

A question arises in my mind: is it necessary to bring this concept of free college textbooks? As we all are aware that “necessity is the mother of invention”.

It has become mandatory to promote such programs because for a few decades the prices of the books are touching the sky. Now we are having better technology than before. In the veil of technology, it’s easy to access knowledge anywhere and anytime. On the social site, various websites are there which provide access to college textbooks at zero cost.

How tragic it is if you are not getting any study material from your college as well as outside of this It may make you anxious about failing and even not understanding what professors are teaching you. Ultimately it becomes a difficult task to survive in college without any study material.

For tackling this problem there are a few websites that provide Free College Textbooks and PDFs free of cost.

  • Library Genesis: free books for any kind of college students 

Library Genesis Https://

This website is a file-sharing platform for scholarly journal articles, general interest groups, and academics. This is organized in a format similar to a digital college library even candidates can search according to the Author. Anyone can download the books and PDFs easily.

This website sounds more academic and any undergraduate and graduate student can follow it. Search Engine and filter are specific.

  • Mobilism: everything in a single plate  


This is a website of mobilism where you will find everything in a single bowl. On this website, people will get interesting novels as per their requirements. Above mentioned details are about those websites which provide Free College Textbooks.

Benefits of Free College Textbooks

  • Easily available for all the sections of the society who could not afford expensive books.
  • Students can save their money and it will increase their savings and can use those savings for other expenditures.
  • The Online Market will evolve.
  • Empower people in knowledge and wisdom.
  • Students will develop good and productive reading habits free of cost.
  • Easy to share and read it anytime and anywhere.
  • Cut the students’ expenses.
  • Make them aware of the other dimension of society because these websites consist of a tiny world inside them.

Good Stuff in a pool of necessity

Books are our best friends. We have to spend as much time with it as we spend with our loved ones. Once we understand the core of those books and the stuff it becomes easy for us to face the examination. Reading books helps to improve our personality and gives us a sense of accessory in a form of confidence.

When all those good traits are in one book, it becomes everyone’s right to inhale knowledge and virtues. Now there is no burden of heavily paying for a book. We can read it while going through websites that are making it available free of cost.

There are some good sites for free college textbooks

1. Download free eBooks at

2. Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes

3. Free Medical Books | by

4. Page on

5. Flat World | Welcome

6. Wikibooks

7. Wikibooks, open books for an open world


Free College Textbooks are a kind of access to society to groom themselves in such a manner that every person feels confident. With the help of this free facility, every student can enjoy the learning process. Free websites are the means to nurture good habits and make them aware about the world and the end of this is to get empowered and productive citizens. It will help to cut the expenses of the students and despite purchasing expensive books they can use that money for their living expenses.

Students will get encouraged to go into their studies and form a good aptitude. Reading is a powerful exercise and the plus point here is students are getting these books free of cost. Hence it is such a good initiative and due to the covid 19 pandemic, the demand for E-Books has increased.

Free College Textbooks

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