How Do I Claim My Carphone Warehouse Insurance-Know More

If you’re ever in a situation where your phone is ever lost or stolen, you’ll want to make sure you have some form of insurance. Carphone Warehouse insurance is a good option for people with such cases. It can cover claims from accidental damage to theft and loss.Let us know more about How Do I Claim My Carphone Warehouse Insurance.

How Do I Claim My Carphone Warehouse Insurance

You can claim your mobile insurance in three ways – in Currys Stores, online on the company’s website, and by calling the customer service number. You need to have the receipt of the device, personal ID, and insurance number in hand when making a claim.

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Carphone Warehouse Insurance – What Does It Cover?

There are two types of mobile insurance available at Carphone Warehouse – Mobile Lite and Mobile Complete.

  • Mobile Lite – This protection plan has insurance for the mobile and accessories worth up to £300 against damage and breakdown. It is notable that
  • This plan covers the breakdown of a phone outside of the warranty.
  • The damaged phone will be replaced by the next working day if a claim is made before 5 pm on the previous day.
  • The replaced model will be of grade A refurbished one with 12 months of warranty from Currys.
  • Mobile Lite Protection plan is available worldwide.
  • Expert Support via telephone and remote assistance will be given to the Mobile Lite policyholder.
  • Mobile Complete – This plan covers accidental damage, theft, accidental loss, and breakdown (after expiration of the manufacturer’s or the Team Knowhow’s warranty period) of phones and accessories worth up to £300. Know that
  • To claim theft, a report must have been filed in the police station and the insurer can ask for a crime reference number.
  • If any incident that comes under the insurance occurs abroad, nothing can be done until the policyholder returns to the UK.
  • Accessories will come under insurance if they are lost or damaged in the same incident as the phone.
  • No excess is needed for a breakdown claim. Otherwise, the excess must be paid for a successful claim.
  • Mobile complete doesn’t cover insurance for any financial loss by unauthorized use of the insured.
  • The plan also doesn’t cover the cost of retrieval of lost data.
  • You can get a multi-insurance discount if you buy two or more Mobile Complete protection plans together.

How To Claim Carphone Warehouse Insurance?

You can claim your Carphone Warehouse insurance online, by visiting the store or calling the company within business hours (every day except bank holidays).

You are required to fulfill certain criteria to be eligible for purchasing and making a claim.

  • You must be 16 years of age or older and a resident of the UK.
  • You must regularly use a phone.
  • You must have paid all the premiums on time.
  • After every claim, you must pay the excess.
  • You must be reasonable and take good care of your device.
  • Accurate and correct documents must be submitted.
  • You should be active and contact the company at the earliest.

You will need to produce certain documents to make a claim. And these include

  • Personal details (valid Photo ID)
  • Protection Plan Number (given your certificate)
  • Receipt of the insured device
  • Crime reference number in case of theft insurance

For applying online, access your Carphone Warehouse insurance account. Make a claim. You will hear from the authority within 24 hours.

To claim the stores, visit your nearest Currys shop (for damage insurance bring your phone to the shop).

You can contact them by calling 0800 049 022 from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays, 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays, and 10 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

Why Should One Have A Carphone Warehouse Insurance?

For mobile insurance Carphone Warehouse is a good choice because

  • Their insurance claiming process is fast, easy, and customer-friendly.
  • No excessive paperwork is needed (except the basics) to make a claim here.
  • Their replacement device reaches on the next business day and it also comes with a 1-year warranty at Currys stores.
  • Carphone Warehouse is available 24/7 the whole year with their expert support, remote assistance, and customer service.
  • The premium amount of both of the plans is reasonable.
  • They offer easy cancelation and refunds on insurance plans.

How Much Does It Cost?

The premium plan is categorized into 12 bands depending on the type of device a policyholder has. And the premium amount varies for Mobile Lite and Mobile complete plans. But the excess is the same for both and ranges from £10 to £100.

BandMobile Lite Annual PremiumMobile Complete Annual Premium


Carphone Warehouse insurance is a life saver if you don’t have an emergency phone. Their fast response comes at a very affordable price. So, you don’t have to always worry about not being without a phone. Just make sure to have all the necessary documents at hand and make claim when necessary.


  1. How long does it usually take for Carphone Warehouse to process your claim?

Carphone Warehouse processes an insurance claim within 24 hours of placing it.

  1. How many times can I use my Carphone Warehouse insurance?

You can use your Carphone Warehouse insurance for covered claims as long as you continue paying the premium on time, pay the excess fee after every claim, and abide by the company’s terms and conditions.

  1. Can I get a refund for my Carphone Warehouse insurance if I don’t use it?

If you paid your annual premium in advance, on cancelation you will be refunded the unused quarterly premiums and will be covered for the rest of the months of the current quarterly premium.

How Do I Claim My Carphone Warehouse Insurance-Know More

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