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It is said that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Appreciating the good services of a person or a company is something worth doing, but the big question is, “how can you do it well?”. In this article, you will get to know if Shipt shoppers are allowed to collect tips, how to tip a shopper in Shipt and how to do it well and a little more. Come along with me on this short informative journey. Know more about SHIPT TIPPING



What is accepted in a place may not be acceptable elsewhere. So let us pause and answer this question: Are you allowed to tip Shipt shoppers?

The answer is, yes. Shipt allows you to tip their shoppers but follows the right etiquette. As gratifying as tipping may be, you are not under compulsion to tip whenever you use Shipt shopping and you can rest assured that you would still receive the best possible service.

Possible Avenues For Tipping Shipt Shoppers

There are basically two ways to give tips to a shopper. They are:

1) Tipping using the mobile app or website

2) Tipping by giving cash to shoppers as they deliver your orders 

Below we will look more into these avenues.

Tipping Using The Mobile App Or Website

You can easily tip the shopper after the goods have been delivered by opening the app or the site. A pop up will indicate that you give a tip and/or rate the shopper (it is important to note that this is not compulsory). However, if there is no pop up, you can click on the “order” icon and select the order you would like to leave a tip for.

There is yet another way to leave a tip and that is through the mail that is sent to you after your delivery is completed. By clicking the link in the mail, you will be directed to the site and then you can give as your heart pleases. Note that the tip you give will be taken from the credit card account you provided while placing an order.
Curious well-meaning minds will like to know how many percent of the tip given online goes to the shopper. Well, to answer that question,100% of the amount tipped goes directly to the Shipt shopper. 

Tipping By Giving Cash To Shoppers As They Deliver Your Order

You are also at liberty to give cash to the shopper as they deliver the goods to you. If you don’t want to tip them using the app or site after delivery, then you might want to know what the right amount is to properly appreciate their service, not to worry we will discuss that now.

Is There A Specific Amount To Tip Shoppers

There is no specific amount to tip a shopper both online and with cash. Beautiful thing is, in the app or site, you are given a possible amount to give as a tip, but if you want to give something outside the choices provided, you can do so by clicking the “other” button and you can set a customized tip. It is preferable that you give a tip of at least 15% of the total amount of goods requested for, in cases where you do not like the services rendered by the shopper but still want to give a tip, you can give 10%. However if you are in a very generous mood plus the service rendered was exceptional , you can of course give 20% and above.

All you are trying to say through this action is: I appreciate your service.


It is quite important to note that tips constitute a big portion of a Shipt shopper’s income and most of them go through a lot to get your orders, a little show of gratitude won’t hurt. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Can Shipt shoppers see if a customer tips or not, if yes, when do they see it?

When you give a tip online, it is mostly after the delivery is done. However, you can give a tip even before the delivery. To answer the first part of the question, yes, shoppers can see the customer that tipped and how much is given. Whichever time you give your tip, the shopper will see it after two hours of delivery.

2. Can you tip a shopper online and also with cash?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions to using just one of the avenues of tipping a shopper.

3. After delivery is there a time range between which you can leave a tip for a shopper?

No, there’s no time restriction. You can give your tip whenever is convenient for you and the shopper will be given all of it.

4. Can you change the tip you give in the app or site?

Yes, you can change the amount of your tip but it must not be later than two hours after the delivery is done.

Shipt Tipping – Know More

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