Subscene Alternative- Everything You Need to Know

An interesting movie can become very boring if you have no idea what the actors are saying. In this case, a subtitle will be important to revive the fun parts of the movie. Subscene is one of the most popular subtitle websites online but at times, not available in some parts of the world. Let us know more detail about ‘Subscene Alternative’.

Subscene Alternative

Subscene Alternative

There are tons of websites you can use instead of Subscene on the internet; the most popular ones are Opensubtitle, Addc7ed, YIFY, Movies Subtitles, Subdl, and so on. These alternatives are just as good as Subscene and deliver subtitles for a lot of movies in divergent languages. Let’s delve into these alternatives sequentially.

Subscene Alternative:

1. Opensubtitle

Opensubtitle is a popular subtitle provider on the internet and the best alternative to Subscene. The website provides its visitors with subtitles to almost all movies in about 100 languages such as English, Arabic, Polish, French, Deutsch, etc. You can also translate to the language you want if it is not among the suggested subtitle files.

However, the design of the website seems to be the only negative side of this amazing subtitle provider with the text format appearing quite small.

Pros of Opensubtitle
  1. It has a large subtitle database (about 6000 000)
  2. It is available in many languages (about 100)
  3. It is very popular
  4. A language translator is available
  5. Access to multiple subtitles concurrently for premium users
Cons of Opensubtitle
  1. Poor web design
  2. Ads are many

2. English Subtitle

Although this fantastic Subscene alternative only provides subtitles in English, its large database makes it a must-visit for subtitles to the latest movies. The website is not developed like Subscene and Opensubtitle but has a better web design and the fonts are more legible. 

English Subtitle allows subtitles to be looked up through the search box on its homepage and has a simple design with few ads that enhances the overall structure of the website.

Pros of English Subtitles
  1. It has a large subtitle database (1000+)
  2. It is simple and navigable
  3. It has a great web design
  4. Subtitles can be found easily
Cons of English Subtitles
  1. Subtitles are only available in English on the website
  2. It does not have premium subtitles features like Subscene


This is another subtitle website with a simple design like that of the English Subtitle. Its subtitle database is large but only available in 18 languages. It is very easy to search for subtitles using the search bar and languages can be selected through the button just opposite the search bar.

Registered members on the platform are allowed to enjoy more benefits of ADDC7ED which include editing subtitles before downloading and submitting a request for unavailable subtitles.

Pros of ADDC7ED
  1. Simple and navigable web design
  2. It has a large subtitle database
  3. Subtitles are available in multiple languages
  4. Extra benefits are allowed for registered members
Cons of ADDC7ED
  1. Available language formats are limited
  2. Subtitles upload might be delayed due to a shortage of syncers
  3. Limited premium features


This website was introduced to provide subtitles to movies uploaded on the YIFY torrent site but has become a major subtitle provider for every movie type on the internet after the YIFY torrent site was flagged.

The website is one of the few ad-free subtitle websites that allows swift and stress-free download in over 70 languages. You can also check for movie genres and look at the quality of the subtitles through the number of upvotes or downvotes they have received from past downloaders.

Pros of YIFY
  1. It has a large subtitle database
  2. Subtitles are available in multiple languages (70+)
  3. Downloads are faster than on most typical subtitle websites
  4. The platform is ad-free
  5. Subtitles quality can be reviewed
Cons of YIFY
  1. Limited premium features
  2. Available subtitles may be limited

5. Movies Subtitles

This is another very simple movie-only subtitle website with no ad disturbances but with a smaller database compared to Subscene and other alternatives in this article. It is easy to find a subtitle using the search box although selecting a  language is a bit complex.

Similar to YIFY, you can also compare the upvote and downvotes of different subtitles files to check the quality of the subtitles on the site.

Pros of Movies Subtitles
  1. The web design is simple and easy to navigate
  2. The subtitle database is considerable large
  3. The platform is ad-free
  4. Subtitles can be reviewed before download
Cons of Movies Subtitles
  1. Only movie subtitles are available
  2. Available subtitles may be limited
  3. Premium features not available

6. Subdl

Subdl is the perfect definition of simplicity having only the search bar with the language button attached to it and just four (4) menu buttons on its landing page. Subtitles are available in over sixty (60+) languages on Subdl and downloaders are allowed to choose up to 4 languages at a go. The website is excellent but for the constant ads popping up on the website.

Pros of Subdl
  1. It has a very simplified design
  2. It makes the download of subtitles easier
  3. Available in multiple languages (60+)
  4. Allows download in multiple languages at the same time
Cons of Subdl
  1. Ad display can be annoying
  2. The languages are limited compared to Subscene
  3. There are no premium features

7. VLSub

VLSub is a desktop extension that allows you to download subtitles for your movies on VLC from The extension searches through the subtitle website and suggests results similar to the title of the movie for download. The downloaded subtitle is added automatically by the extension.

Pros of VLSub
  1. It searches for subtitles automatically
  2. It is simple and fast
  3. It provides an alternative way to use Opensubtitle  
Cons of VLSub
  1. It is available to only desktop users
  2. It works only with VLC Player

8. SubDownloader

This subtitle website allows users to download safe subtitles for their movies and automatically searches for subtitles for your movies. Subtitles on the website are available in more than 50 languages and multiple downloads can be made.

Pros of SubDownloader
  1. It is safe
  2. Subtitles are available in over 50 languages
  3. Allows for multiple downloads
Cons of SubDownloader
  1. It is advanced
  2. A subscription is needed to use some features


Now we have learnt ‘Subscene Alternative’, You can choose any of the above-listed subtitle websites to download subtitles for any movie and TV shows if you cannot access Subscene in your present location. Opensubtitle is your surest bet and has subtitles for almost every movie you can find on the internet.

However, you should also check out other alternatives especially, those that are ad-free to fasten the process of downloading the subtitles. The inability to access Subscene in your country or state should not stop you from watching movies in a language you understand.


1. What is the best site for downloading subtitles?

The best site for downloading subtitles is Opensubtitle

2. Is down? is not down but might be unavailable in your present location

3. What is the Subscene website?

Subscene is a subtitle website where you can download subtitles for virtually all movies and popular TV shows in numerous languages.

4. How can I download subtitles for a movie?

Subtitle download can be done on a subtitle website such as Opensubtitle, Subscene, and so on.

Subscene Alternative- Everything You Need to Know

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