Where Do the Hottest Guys Go to College?

Ever wondering which colleges most “attractive men” get into? Well, in this article you will find out the answer to these questions with other facts related to this topic. let’s read further on the topic “Where Do the Hottest Guys Go to College?”

Where Do the Hottest Guys Go to College?

What Are the Criteria To Be The Hottest Man?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “attractive man or manly”? Maybe some of you will immediately think a figure is a handsome man like Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Michael B. Jordan, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, and others. However, besides that, what are the criteria for a man to be classified into this term? Well, here are most of the criteria for that term.

  • Masculine

Masculinity is a set of social practices and cultural representations associated with being male (Pilcher and Wheelan, 2017: 92).  The important aspect that an attractive man should have. 

  • Have an attractive appearance

It can be from the way of dressing, fragrance, or also a muscular body but not excessive. These things might be the things that can make a man attractive and sexier.

  • Have a healthy and systematic lifestyle

Health is the main sign that a man cares about himself, coupled with a systematic lifestyle. If a man doesn’t even care about his health, will he care about his life, partner, or responsibilities?

  • Smart and opinionated

A man is said to be manly if he has his principles in living life. If it is like that, then the man can be classified as a smart man which is one of the criteria for being an attractive man.

  • Confidence and have a good sense of humor

Being an attractive man certainly requires extraordinary confidence. In addition, a good sense of humor can add plus points too, you know.

Well, those are some of the criteria or characteristics of being a man. Even though it’s back to each other’s perspective on what the term “attractive man” looks like, the characteristics mentioned above are only a general description and are not fixed and forced.

Does A Hottest Man Go to College?

Based on the data from the National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit organization in the United States, shows that 40.5% of the total college students there are men in 2021. Even though it is quite far from the existence of women in the world of lectures, the education aspect is still very influential on men.

So, yes overall real men do go to college.

List Of Colleges That Are Famous for The Hottest Guy on Campus

To answer this question, we use several measurement methods. Among others, using online dating applications, college graduates, and other data.

  • Dating Application (Tinder and Business Insider)

Well, based on the swipe right, here are campuses with the most swiped right males.

Georgetown UniversityUniversity of North Carolina Chapel HillUniversity of Tennessee
Brigham Young UniversityUnited States Naval AcademyOhio University
University of Notre DameBrown UniversityLoyola Marymount University
Texas Christian UniversityRice UniversityMiami University
Air Force AcademyTulane UniversityUnited States Military Academy (West Point)
Yale UniversityUniversity of VermontMississippi State University
Dartmouth CollegeWake Forest UniversityClemson University
University of VirginiaCornell UniversityBoston College
University of Mississippi
  • College Graduates

As the next measurement for this question, some important figures are considered hot and their colleges. 

Adam SandlerComedianNew York University
Brad PittActorUniversity of Missouri
Bradley CooperActor and SingerGeorgetown University
David DuchovnyActorPrinceton University
Fred SavageActorStanford University
John KrasinskiActorBrown University
Kevin CostnerActorCalifornia State University
Sylvester StalloneActorUniversity of Miami

Maybe not all of them are listed above, but at least the list can illustrate evidence of one of the criteria mentioned earlier.

  • Athletic Aspect

 Here is a list of colleges that are famous for having “attractive men” in them based on sports achievements.

  • Boston University
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Michigan State University
  • Yale University
  • University of California
  • Stanford University
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Texas

Those are some lists of campuses that are famous for having a collection of manly and charming men in them based on several aspects of the assessment.


Apart from the many excellent universities such as members of the Ivy League, Stanford, Boston University, New York University, and other excellent campuses, the essence of the term “attractive man” is inseparable from the environment or the individual man himself. From the three assessments above, there is one interesting point that needs to be considered, where members from the Ivy league are always present in the three assessments so it is not surprising that this league is called an elite university as discussed in the previous article.

Well, it’s been answered that the “hottest guys” in the U.S. have targeted campuses. So, for all of you, especially women, at least you already have a list of the ideal men on the list mentioned above, right?


  1. Are college men nerds and boring?

Of course, no. You can see from the list above, they are all considered attractive men not just because of their looks, but also their brains. An intelligent man is something more lovely and elegant than the average man.

  1. Can you be classified as an attractive man if you don’t go to college?

Yes, you still can be classified as an attractive man even if you don’t go to college. Because interest is a relative thing, depending on the perspective of each individual. However, back again in this article, we discuss men who are attractive not only by their looks.

  1. Is there any other university that has other attractive men despite those lists?

The list above is just a bunch of universities in the U.SIndeed there are still a lot of universities out there who have a group of attractive men in them. They are just not as famous as the list above.

Where Do the Hottest Guys Go to College?

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