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Bounce has been in existence thanks to legends such as Martin Luther King III and Ambassador Andrew Young. Bounce is famous for being the very first African American broadcasting network. We will be seeing about bounce on spectrum in this article.

Bounce on Spectrum

Bounce On Spectrum

African American people have sought to voice their opinion for decades across the nation. The community wishes to have their stories out there unfiltered, and Bounce has come to give them the attention they rightfully deserve. For this reason, every African American household strives to have access to Bounce TV. Watching bounce TV on Spectrum is very easy. If you have a subscription to Spectrum, you can stream any show on Bounce. All three spectrum services offer Bounce TV shows. I have Recently Discovered Bounce TV.

How Can I Find Bounce TV on Spectrum? 

Spectrum networks understand how important bounce TV is to the American community. Therefore, Bounce TV is available in all Spectrum packages, including;

  • Spectrum Select
  • Spectrum Silver
  • Spectrum Gold

These Spectrum packages come at different prices. So, depending on your budget range, you can choose one of the packages. Spectrum select goes for around $44 monthly, while silver goes for about 69 dollars. You would wish to stretch your budget higher to spectrum gold at $89 monthly for a better package.

History of Bounce TV

Bounce was founded in the year 2011. Bounce stands for Black Owned Universal Community National Community Entertainment. Among its founders are the famous Martin Luther King and Ambassador Andrew Young. With their background, it is not perplexing that Bounce TV broadcasts well-thought films for the black community.

Bounce TV’s content majorly targets African American folks aged between 29 and 50. Over the years, Bounce TV has built a community of loyal followers, and you would also like to be part of it. The channel number is easy to locate, depending on your device.

Let us learn how to find Bounce on Spectrum!

Bounce TV Channel Number on Spectrum

 Spectrum offers a channel guide that will help you locate Bounce TV. So, if this is your first time, do not worry. You will identify the channel in a few minutes. 

Bounce Channel Number In Different States

In New York, you can find Bounce TV on the Spectrum on channel 1290.

If you live in Los Angeles, locate Bounce TV on Spectrum channel 1281.

Most Famous Shows on Bounce Television

Bounce TV offers a range of shows you should strive to keep up with as they progress! 

Dying to Be Famous

Dying to be famous is a documentary that seeks to investigate the murder of Ryan, a model whose dream was to be recognized.

Everybody hates Chris

Let us travel back in time to the 1980s. This show revolves around a boy named Chris. Chris moves to a new school and receives hatred from his schoolmates. As a black kid among white children, Chris’ situation worsens daily.

Furthermore, Chris has strict parents waiting for him at home after his stressful days at school. You would like to watch this show to see how he overcomes his challenges in school and at home. 

Law and Order

Are you a fan of a good crime drama? Bounce TV got you covered. Law and Order is a crime drama series you wouldn’t want to miss. The series is well organized, showing you different cases in each episode. The first half of each episode takes you to the investigation, while the episode ends with a prosecution. The series makes you wish to change your career path. 

Green leaf

Sibling rivalry has been brought out perfectly in this series. The family is raised with church morals but has unread chapters in their books.

The series shows the greed among these siblings, which at some point leads them to the verge of parting ways.

The Game

This show is a detailed series that shows you the glamorous lives of footballers. The series features the fumbles, injuries, winning scores, and epic losses the players deal with in their careers. The series also shows the tremendous roles of their wives in their careers. If you wish to follow up on this series, it’s high time you subscribe to Bounce TV on the Spectrum.


Do you recall the case of OJ Simpson against California? Bounce TV offers a 37-episode long series based on this story. The series explores the events of the matter in detail, which will steal your attention in a minute. You should watch this series!


Indeed, Bounce TV is famous across all Spectrum subscriptions. You can access it via spectrum silver or spectrum gold. Get to enjoy all your favorite Bounce TV shows on Spectrum!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to subscribe to Bounce TV on the Spectrum?

A gold spectrum service is the most expensive at over $80 monthly.

How many shows are on Bounce TV?

Bounce TV offers a wide range f shows you can watch.

Bounce on Spectrum – Know More

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