Buffalo Wild Wings – BOGO Boneless Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is an American restaurant and bar with many chains around the globe. It is well known and has varied opinions on whether it is a good restaurant or not. Despite the controversy, It. offer numerous amounts of specials and discounts for people to enjoy and benefit from. So lets see about Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Many offers are given by Buffalo Wild Wings. These specials are not only relevant to wings, but also offer to have to do with beer, fries, and other delicacies that Buffalo Wild Wings normally sells at their restaurants. Each of Buffalo Wild Wings’ specials is offered through their website or on their menu and explain what each special is about.

How do you get a Buffalo Wild Wings special?

  1. Go to their website or restaurant.
  2. Sign in if you have an account.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on promotions, or click on their menu button and then tap on ‘bundles.’ (If you are at their restaurant then it should be on their menu, if not then you can ask them for the promotions.)
  4. Click on order now, depending on what you want, and check out.

How many promotions does Buffalo Wild Wings offer? Buffalo Wild Wings offers a total of seven different kinds of promotions which will be explained later on in detail. The list of promotional items includes BOGO 50% off, BOGO Boneless Wings, $9.99 and up bundles which is an at-home exclusive, an epic deal on 40 wings which is a 20/20 bundle, a value deal that offers a $3 tall wild herd Kolsch, blazin’ rewards, and finally a happy hour special.

What is the BOGO 50% off special? The BOGO 50% off special offers 6 traditional wings for half the price. The special is just the same as on the regular menu except that they put it on discount every Tuesday. Six traditional wings normally cost 8.49 dollars so you would be saving up 4.24 dollars at Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesdays.

What are the BOGO Boneless Wings?                                                                                       

This offer offers free boneless wings on the condition that you purchase one first. A simple buy one gets one free offer for anyone with twice the appetite for boneless wings. This offer is only available on Thursdays and would allow you to save 10.49 dollars more than having to purchase two of their boneless wings.

What are the At-Home exclusive 9.99 dollars and up bundles?     This offer is on a time and available only through takeout or delivery. This special offers people to purchase 10 boneless wings with regular fries for almost 10 dollars. Comparing this price to the regular price of boneless buffalo wings without the fries if you were to buy at their restaurant, you would be paying 1.50 dollars less for the same amount of boneless buffalo wings with the bonus of fries.

What is the epic deal on 40 wings?                                                                                           

The 40 wings special offers you to get 20 traditional buffalo wings and 20 boneless buffalo wings including fries for 39.99 dollars. This offer has the same conditions as the previous offer where you have to order takeout or delivery and at certain locations where the offer stands. Comparing this to regular prices, 20 boneless wings would cost 18.99 dollars and 20 traditional wings cost 21.49 dollars, costing 0.49 cents more than the offer. This would seem like not a big deal except that the special offers you fries on the side, and who does not like free fries?

What is the 3-dollar tall wild herd Kolsch? This offer stands at Buffalo Wild Wings’ sports bars, so you can only dine-in and cannot take out or get them delivered. The beer offer is both locally made and larger, mainly to go hand and hand with other items on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu. These items, to be specific, are the Nashville Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Wings, and Ultimate Nachos.

What is the Blazin’ Rewards special? Signing up for this special, specifically between 6/22/22 and 8/16/22 allows you to use this offer after a month of signing up. This offer means that you can get a discount on two ‘Bird Dawgs’ by purchasing something of more than 20$ in value. This special is only available through dine-in and receiving the offer and earning rewards points requires that you use the phone number that you have connected to your Blazin’ Rewards account. This special also allows you to earn rewards like free food and drinks and receive personalized offers. It also makes checking out easier and six free wings for the whole month of your birthday.

What is the happy hour special? While the happy hour is usually limited to one hour in many places, Buffalo Wild Wings expands this duration to three hours, from three till six in the afternoon with the same price range being three to six dollars in deals. Of course, as with previous offers, this special is only available in certain locations and through dining at their sports bar. These special discounts not only on drinks like the Blue Long Island Iced Tea and Truly Berry Cherry Limeade but also offer discounts on meals, appetizers, and desserts. These include the Everything Pretzel Knots, Tater Tots, Bird Dawg, and so forth.

Buffalo Wild Wings – BOGO Boneless Wings

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