Cost To Winterize A Boat

You must have thought about why it is essential to winterize your boat? This process is critical because any water droplet that is left in the boat can freeze, expand, cause potential damage to your boat even ruin its engine. By winterization, all the components of the boat that can store the water are cleaned to prevent damage. The cost to winterize a boat depends upon the size of your boat, the number of engines it has, and the expertise of the professional you hired, for winterization. The average cost to winterize a boat is about $300. It usually ranges from $250-500$. If your boat has many drainage systems, it cost you accordingly to winterize a boat. 

Cost To Winterize A Boat

How to winterize a boat?

  • Drain the water from the engine: 

It is necessary to drain all the water from the storage part of the boat, especially the engine if the temperature falls below freezing point. The water after freezing expands and can cause enough damage that requires you to replace it. It is crucial if your boat is in contact with salt water as it is corrosive.

  • Replace engine oil:

The oil that remains stored in the engine splits into its components that act as an attractant to dirt and corrosive substance. It is critical to use high-quality oil and filters. To prevent damage to the internal engine component, use the fogging oil spray that acts as an anti-corrosive agent.

  • Use marine antifreeze: 

For all the components of the boat, that are drained from water, you should use the non-toxic antifreeze that contains rust and corrosive inhibitors to protect your boat from cracking during winters.

  • Grease and lubricate:

Grease the plumbing system of the boat to prevent rust and corrosion. It is also advised to lubricate the steering mechanism area to cover it with anti-corrosive substances.

  • Clean and store:

In the end, clean your boat and store it in a warm and dry environment. Though, it does not guarantee that it will not freeze when stored indoors. You can opt to cover your boat with durable covers or shrink-wrap it.

You should more concentrate on the following components of the boat while winterizing your boat:

  • Engine
  • Fuel system
  • Plumbing system
  • All the other parts that can store water

Paying to winterize your boat vs Do-it-yourself  

Hiring a professional to winterize your boat is pretty expensive. However, if you don’t prepare it for winter, it costs much more than costs to winterize it. The engine is very expensive to purchase and more costly to exchange.

Still, some boat owners have some skills to winterize the boat by themselves if they have the necessary mechanical skills. Changing the oil by yourself can save many dollars for you. But if you are not familiar with the procedure, it is wise to leave it to the professional.

Boat winterization kit

If you are interested to winterize your boat by yourself, you just need a kit. Many online platforms are providing you with this option. With a Do-it-yourself winterization kit, you can efficiently clean the inboard/outboard marine engine. It is cost-effective too.

The kit must include the following:

  • Antifreeze tank with on and off valve
  • A ball valve
  • A winterizing tee
  • A hose with brass fitting ( the brass fitting hose connectors can withstand high temperatures and prevent leakage)

Steps to de-winterize a boat

  1. Remove the cover from your boat as the winters are over
  2. Check the engine
  3. Check the cooling system as it easily corrodes during winters
  4. Check the water pump and thermostat because they prevent the engine from extreme cold or hot temperatures.
  5. Thoroughly check the hoses and cables. If they are made off the rubber, they easily cracked during winters
  6. Check your battery
  7. Check the fueling system
  8. Ensure safety gear is working properly
  9. Make sure all the electronic parts are working
  10. In the end, clean your boat


Winterization of your boat means preparing it for the winter. You have to take the necessary steps to prevent your boat from potential damages that it might face otherwise. As already mentioned, it can ruin the engine or other components that are very expensive. While winterizing costs you less in long run.


Is it necessary to winterize the boat?

In winters, when the temperature drops below the freezing point, the water solidifies and expands. This can damage the component of your boat where it is stored. To prevent this, you must winterize your boat.

Should you winterize your boat when the temperature hardly falls to the freezing point?

Well if the temperature in your area doesn’t fall to freezing point at all then there is no need to winterize your boat. However, winterization is critical if there is any chance that the temperature might fall.

How many gallons of anti-freeze are required for the winterization of the boat?

At least two gallons of antifreeze are required. However, if your engine takes a lot you can add more.

Cost To Winterize A Boat

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