How to Reset Cox Remote

A remote is a wireless electronic device used to control another electronic device from a device. They make usage and navigation through a device convenient. They make it possible for users of home appliances to operate their devices at their convenience. lets see How to Reset Cox Remote .

Home electronic appliances like air conditioners, television, decoder, DVD player, and home theatres cannot function without a remote control because while some of the keys might be on the body of these appliances, not all keys are on their body and the user cannot leave his convenience everything g to do the most minimum things like reducing volume, changing TV channels, reducing TV brightness, etc. Hence, home electronic appliances are produced alongside the remotes that control them, and the easier a remote is to use, the better and the more durable it would be.

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How to Reset Cox Remote

Essence of Remote Control

As an electronic appliance user, the essence of remote control for your appliance cannot be overemphasized, and just as the electronic appliance requires maintenance for longevity, the remote needs to be taken care of to avoid damages that are beyond repairs. The cox remote is a universal remote that controls appliances from several renowned brands but because nothing lasts forever, users of electronic appliances are in constant search of how to fix menial issues raised by their remotes. Issues like remote resetting, remote pairing, remote programming, remote replacement, and battery replacement are some of the solutions to the problems that remotes can have.

Furthermore, the cox remote offer enhanced ways to use electronic appliances like its contour 2 voice remote that enables users to search for TV channels with their voice instead of manually using the buttons on the remote. These remotes are sensitive to the point that they can be used from a reasonable distance and can be pointed in any direction provided that the appliance is turned on. 

Hence, if you have been trying to use your remote without success or have not been able to use the cox voice contour that comes with the remote and are considering replacing it, take a deep breath, do not get rid of an efficient product because you can’t get a hang of it at the moment. What you should do is consider resetting your remote but if you cannot reset it, consider the following method although resetting might be different for different cox remote models, this should help.

How to Reset Cox Remote 

To reset your cox remote, first look through your user manual for whatever details regarding how to reset your model of the cox remote but for most models, just steadily press the setup button on your remote until the red light on the remote becomes green. At this point, your remote is as good as new and will work as effectively as expected.

Why Reset your Cox Remote

Users of remotes have turned to technicians and simply diagnose their remotes for setting whenever it malfunctions but sometimes, there might be nothing wrong with the remote. Users reset their remotes for the following reasons.

  • Dead batteries
  • Batteries wrongly fixed
  • Malfunctioning as a result of carelessness and poor maintenance.
  • Refusal to pass a signal to the appliance
  • Lack of functioning consistently.


A cox remote is a universal remote that controls appliances from renowned brands like Samsung, LG, and the likes but because nothing last forever, remotes develop issues from time to time that requires them to be reset but not all users know how to reset their remotes. To reset a cox remote, press the remotes setup button steadily until the red light on the remote turns green. Hence, when your remote begins to malfunction as a result of poor maintenance, when the battery dies off when it works today and does not work tomorrow, or has lost its effectiveness from a particular angle, reset your remote.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • My remote stopped controlling my television’s volume. What should I do?

 A simple reset might solve this problem but if your remote no longer controls your TV, it means that your remote and TV are not paired or have lost their pairing and the best thing to do is to pair your remote and TV together after which, you can go ahead to reset your remote for a better experience.

  • I recently reset my remote, why is it not working yet?

Resetting a remote does not always end the problem of a remote. When a remote begins to malfunction, you should check if they are properly paired with your TV or not, if they are paired, you can go ahead to reset your remote but you must program your remote again after the resetting else, it will not work on your TV and if you discover that your remote is no paired, you should have it paired before looking for other remedies.

How to Reset Cox Remote

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