How To Watch MLB Games Without Cable?

Baseball has returned triumphantly to the city of North America after a very long time. After a lot of awful winters passed finally it has arrived on televisions as well.  After a long time arrival, your heart brokes to pieces when your favorite sport is only aired through cables. But wipe your tears because there’s good news for you.  You can watch baseball without cables. You might be jumping on your bed already. We have prepared a guideline for you. Follow the instructions and enjoy your game without cable. So let’s not waste our time blabbering and find out How To Watch MLB Games Without Cable?.

How To Watch MLB Games Without Cable?

How to watch MLB Games without Cable?

There are several ways by which you can enjoy MLB matches without cable. 

The first way must be known to you, which is by subscribing to a live tv streaming platform. This platform allows enjoying live matches of MLB with the hassle of hooking cables.

Service packages depend on your region. For MLB lovers MLB.TV would be perfect. Follow the list below of streaming services for MLB broadcasting. 

DIRECTV Stream: For seasonal games, we love to stream to DIRECTTV. No matter where you live you can enjoy your local match from anywhere. 

Hulu+ Live TV: This streaming has been lacking there over time. But still, people can enjoy some national broadcast matches. 

fuboTV: This streaming platform has many user-friendly features including a menu so that you never miss your favorite games.

Sling TV: Sling TV streams national matches broadcasts on ESPN, FOX, and TBS. Streaming will vary on your region and location mileages.

Youtube TV: This service has NBC Sports RNS. And also streams FOX, ESPN, and TBS networks. Supportive to stream big games. 

Free Over-the-Air TV: The best option for big games aired on FOX. also you can stream big series. 

MLB.TV: It’s Major League Baseball’s service. So to know all the news on baseball you can stream to this one. 

Channels That Broadcasts MLB Games

You may not know but there are a lot of ways that you can watch MLB games without cable. You can use digital Livestream counterparts. 

These allow you to watch cable-based channels and also the channels that live show your favorite sport. The channels which broadcast MLB games, list are given below.

RSN (Regional Sports Network)

The first choice of MLB lovers is RSN. It’s considered one of the best broadcasters. They show your local matches which are played on a regular-season base. There are many known channels such as NESN, SNY, Bally Sports, etc. 

Which channels are gonna broadcast your team depends on which the region and streaming, tv provider. If the station is known by you then check on the list below to see if it’s available or not.

  • Fox: The most preferable network is FOX. Sports lover considers it as their home.
  • FS1: Fox station cannot provide all the games. Some of the games also aired on the FS1 network station.
  • TBS: This station allows to broadcast nation MLB games only. 
  • ESPN: They show national and seasonal baseball matches and also broadcasts popular shows like “Sunday Night Baseball”. 
  • MLB Network: This is Major League Baseball’s channel. And so it a great for baseball game analysis, news, and highlight. They broadcast live games as well 

Does MLB Broadcasts On Roku, Fire? 

All you need to do is subscribe to anyone from the list above and enjoy your game. Each one of those platforms supports whatever game you would like to watch and is suitable for almost all devices. All the platform has great system support and customer service. 

Among the list, MLB.TV is the most supportive platform. It supports Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, and Chromecast devices. 


We surely admire MLB.TVs all features but there are some disadvantages too. They have a term called the blackout rule, which doesn’t allow some in-market teams’ games. 

Some of those teams are the most desirable teams most people would like to see. But this blackout rule is upsetting MLB fans.

What if I tell you there’s a way to overcome blackouts? But you have to be careful because it’s not allowed for MLB.TV and might get you restricted from the platform. 

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Before you apply this trick, give a second thought that the platform doesn’t enforce any rules. So analyze before you apply this option.

If you are an MLB lover, nothing can stop you from enjoying a great match. So here’s a trick for you to beat that blackout rule. 

You can subscribe to a VPN service. Thus will change your IP address before subscription to MLB.TV app. 

The IP address will unlock many games and features which might not be available in your location. Consider this as an additional hack on how to watch MLB matches without a cable list.


Cables are a hassle, as anyone who uses a cable connection knows. By this time technology has taken us to a different dimension. Cable days are gone. Consider one of the above options to watch your favorite game online.

How To Watch MLB Games Without Cable?

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