Sling TV Chromecast Not Working – Here’s Why?

Sling TV is a popular live streaming service that allows users to watch live and on-demand channels without a cable or satellite TV bundle. And Chromecast helps cast the shows to the big box. Recently some Sling TV subscribers have reported that their Chromecast devices are not working with SlingTV. If you’re experiencing this issue, you can find the possible reasons and their solutions here.

Sling TV Chromecast Not Working

Sling TV Chromecast Not Working

Your Chromecast may be unable to cast from the Sling TV app due to poor WiFi connection, a bug in the software, outdated software, or a faulty/outdated Chromecast device. It also may be because something (like EM radiation or a thick wall) is interfering with the signal to your Chromecast.

Why Is Chromecast Not Working With Sling TV?

Chromecast allows you to stream content from your computer or phone onto your television. It casts movies and shows from a Cast-enabled app like Sling TV onto your TV. Sometimes it may not work due to the following reasons.

  • Network Connection – Sling TV is a live streaming platform. Both Sling TV and Chromecast use WiFi to cast from mobile or computer to the TV. So, if the WiFi connection is too poor to support both or something is blocking the WiFi signal, the casting from Chromecast may not work.
  • The app is not connected – You may have exited from the Sling TV app before it could connect to Chromecast successfully. Sling TV needs to be running in the foreground for a successful setup.
  • Outdated or glitchy software – Sling TV keeps updating its software to keep up with the latest technology. So like any other app, you need to update it timely. While updating is not a must, old software may have bugs. And it may cause an unsuccessful connection with Chromecast indirectly.
  • Faulty Device – The problem may also be from Chromecast’s side. The chrome browser may be outdated. The Chromecast remote may not support voice control.
  • Other reasons may include – Sling TV is not fully set with Chromecast, you are trying to view the channels which are not cast enabled, or Chromecast is power cycling itself.

How To Resolve The Problems?

There are a few ways you can resolve the issue.

  • Ensure that your home internet connection is strong and not interfering with anything. Look out for any blinking lights on the modem and router. Those indicate a glitchy network.
  • Change WiFi bands or channels from your router’s website. The 2.4 GHz band works for devices in a broad range. And the 5 GHz band gives faster internet speed in a short range.
  • Update the latest software in the Sling TV app and your Chrome browser. You may need to reboot your device after downloading the updated software.
  • Troubleshoot the Sling app by clearing cache files.
  • Check if there is a server problem from Sling TV due to over-usage. You can only fill out a feedback form to let them know about the issue and wait for them to reply.

Troubleshooting Tips For Chromecast

If your streaming issue is caused by Chromecast, you can troubleshoot them in the following ways

  • To improve Chromecast connection, ensure that your mobile device and Chromecast are connected to the same WiFi. To check the WiFi of Chromecast, go to Google Home App > Select Chromecast’s tile > Settings > Device information > Wi-Fi.
  • Chromecast operates best at the 5GHz WiFi band. So set your router according to that.
  • Ensure that Chromecast is connected to the TV through an HDMI port.
  • Unplug Chromecast. Wait for 30 seconds, then plug it back. It will reset the Chromecast and hopefully sort out any glitch.
  • If the WiFi signal is low, use an ethernet adapter to connect Chromecast with your router. Alternatively, you can use Mobile data.
  • Keep Chromecast a certain distance away from your TV or any other wired devices.
  • Factory reset your Chromecast. This will delete any customized setting. So, only do it when absolutely necessary.

How To Set Up Sling TV With Chromecast?

To set up Sling TV with Chromecast correctly

  • First, set up Chromecast with Google Home and connect it to your TV.
  • Open the Sling TV app on your android/iOS. Or open the Google Chrome browser and visit the Sling TV website on Windows/Mac.
  • Log in to your account.
  • There is a Cast icon in the app. Click on it. Nearby casting devices will be shown there. Select Chromecast.
  • On the Chrome browser, there will be a three-dotted menu. Select it. Then tap on ‘Cast.’ Select Chromecast from available devices. Choose the screen you want to share (a tab/entire desktop) 
  • Wait for Chromecast to be fully connected before exiting the app.


Generally, Sling TV and Chromecast work great together. But you need to optimize the streaming with the latest updates and occasional factory settings. And your Wi-Fi should also be stable and strong to operate both. If you are experiencing another problem, you can contact customer service or file a report to raise your case.


  1. Is WiFi necessary to cast downloaded files on Chromecast?

You can cast any downloaded file from your device on Chromecast except rentals that you have currently downloaded on your device.

  1. Does Sling TV allow multiple-device streaming at once?

If you have the Sling Orange, you can use only one device for streaming at a time. But with Sling Blue, Sling Latino, or Sling International subscription, you can watch on three devices simultaneously.

  1. Do Sling TV and Chromecast have to be connected to the same WiFi to enable casting on TV?

Yes. The Sling TV app and Chromecast should be connected to the same WiFi network for a successful cast.

  1. How to get a free Chromecast with Sling TV subscription?

New subscribers can get a free Chromecast plus a Google TV when they sign up for Sling TV and prepay for the first three months.

Sling TV Chromecast Not Working – Here’s Why?

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