What Channel is the Weather on Roku?

The Weather Channel is America’s most trusted news network, broadcasting live. Whether you want a short local forecast or breaking weather news from throughout the country, the Roku platform is a reliable way to remain updated. Users can now access AccuWeather’s forecasts and 24/7, continuous daily programming dedicated to Weather through The Roku Channel’s Live TV. It covers things related to Weather or climate news. If you feel like this, many people miss the reliability of the local channel for weather news. To our great relief, a straightforward and intuitive application for accessing The Weather Channel has now been available on Roku.

What Channel is the Weather on Roku?

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You need a streaming gadget and also streaming channels. This enables you to choose a channel of your choice. 

What it Provides

The weather app provides real-time, thorough weather reports delivered by only the most qualified meteorologists in the industry. It gives weather updates from throughout the United States, so you’re not only up to current on the Weather in your location but also the Weather all around you.

The Meteorological Channel has lately begun using IMR, or Immersive Mixed Reality, to assist more precisely explain and offer a closer, more thorough look at various weather phenomena. 

The channel may be aired daily, with the material updated in real time. 

How to Avail Weather Channel on Roku

You must first enable The Weather Channel on Roku before you can begin streaming it.

  • Launch the app on Roku.
  • Follow the steps displayed on the screen for a code.
  • Visit weathergroup.com from your PC’s web browser to activate
  •  Use your TV provider account to sign in.
  • Next, input the activation code you saw on the TV on the browser.

Finally, press the Activate button. You have now enabled your Weather Channel. You may now watch the material on your Roku-enabled TV.

Weather Channels on Roku for Free

On Roku devices, other free weather stations receive around-the-clock coverage. 

Local Affiliates: Look for your local news in the Roku stockpile. Over 100 free local news stations are presently accessible to view.

WeatherNation- The Weather Networks the Weather when it counts. You can scroll through the current Weather, check forecasts for the next 14 days, or watch the live stream for Weather from around the globe. It is a free channel that provides personalized predictions for each member.

Also, you can track current conditions, see weather maps, get National Weather Service alerts, or watch the live stream for breaking news.

NewsON –It offers updated news on many local station partners in more than 165 areas around the nation and severe weather reports. You can watch live or on-demand newscasts from more than 170 news stations in 110 regions.


Roku has channels and apps available for free and subscriptions starting with a minimal amount. It’s affordable to everyone, and there are gadgets with plenty of materials. Channel selection is almost limitless, and you never know what program or movie you’ll come across when browsing all the applications. 

Weather channel includes channels that give live video reporting, current conditions, predictions, local and regional radar, and national weather maps if you’re seeking weather information. There is a list of the most acceptable Roku applications for whatever weather coverage you want.


1. How Can I Get the Channel on Roku?

Roku users may get The Weather Channel through the Roku Channel Store. You may also use streaming alternatives to watch the Weather Channel on Roku without paying for cable. Many steaming services accept the channel. Such services include; DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV, fuboTV, and more.

2. Is AccuWeather available on Roku?

On August 17, the company’s free streaming channel AccuWeather Now debuted on The Roku Channel’s live TV section. The station covers worldwide weather phenomena every day for 24 hours. It includes weather forecasts, videos explaining the Weather of a particular area, climate change, etc. AccuWeather NOW, the most trusted streaming service for Roku, serves a growing need for streaming weather and climate news and video.

3. How Can I Put the Roku Weather Widget on My TV?

It’s free to add the weather widget. On the Roku home screen, using your remote, you can use the play button to select the weather sign on the left-hand side. Once it opens, you can add the weather widget.

What Channel is the Weather on Roku?

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