What Is Boston University known For? Is BU A Good School ?

Boston University or BU was established 183 years ago in 1839 by Methodists. Previously this private university had an ancient relationship with the United Methodist Church. “Learning, Virtue, Piety” is the motto of the school. BU is currently associated with the Association of American Universities and the Boston Consortium for Higher Education. In 2022, BU’s endowment was estimated at around 3.4 billion USD. The present president of the university is Robert A. Brown 2005. BU has more than 4000 staff members and nearly 34,000 students from all over the world. Boston University is the largest employer in Boston. The main campus of the university is positioned along the Charles River, Fenway-Kenmore, and Allston neighborhoods.  Boston University is known for its meticulous academics. They offer 600 plus courses for undergraduate (Minors & Majors), postgraduate, and doctorate including Engineering, Business Management, Communications, Journalism, Commerce, Art and Culture, Astronomy, Biotechnology Sciences, Linguistics, Health Care Management, Marketing and Media, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Computer Science, Law Studies, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Public Health and Management, Philosophy & Psychology, Physics Education, Religious Education, Rehabilitation Sciences, Sound Design, Statistics, Tax Law, Theology, Theatre Education, Urban Affairs, Visual Arts, Web Application Development, and many more. 

What Is Boston University known For?

Boston University is famous for its campus which is spread across Boston City. BU accepts students from different countries and ethnic backgrounds. Boston University has alumni spread across the world, making it attractive to the students. The University’s mascot is Rhett the Boston Terrier. 

Boston University Acceptance Rate And Scores 

Boston University is a non-profit research university with thousands of students across various countries. This University is ranked 42nd in UG programs in the whole-wide nation and has secured 51st place in global universities according to the US News& World Report. The current acceptance rate is 20.1%. The acceptance rate for students from abroad is 25%. The Graduation Rate is 88%. The average cost of studies after aid is 30,000 USD. The average annual cost before is 77,662 USD.

The acceptance rate of Boston College is 26.4%. Students with SAT scores between 1310 and 1500 get accepted into the university after their application gets shortlisted. An ACT score of 30 and 34 will also work. A student with a high GPA and high school/class rank plays an important factor in the admission process. The application fee cost around 80 USD. The early decision acceptance rate is about 33%. To get admission to BU you might have to take the TOEFL, an English proficiency exam for foreign students who wish to study at BU or any other university. TOEFL scores for international students must be between 90-100 for each sub-section. 

Boston University Financial Aid And Fees

The total expense of attendance for a resident undergraduate student is about 82,760 USD, including tuition, fees, and other expenses like books & supplies, room & meal plan, and incidentals.

The total cost of attendance for a commuter undergraduate is estimated at 69,780 USD, including tuition, fees, books & supplies, incidentals, and Meals on campus. 

Scholarship For First-Year Students In Boston University

Scholarships are primarily based on academics, but here BU provides scholarship awards to talented athletes, artists, and performers. US Citizens, eligible non-citizens, and residential citizens can apply for scholarships and all merits awards. 

  • Trustee Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • National Merit Scholarship 
  • College Board National Recognition Programs
  • College Of Engineering FIRST Robotics

Scholarship For International Students In Boston University

To get financial aid the student must submit the FAFSA and CSS profile. These are used to determine the “expected family contribution”. These are merit-based scholarships

  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Award
  • Bunker Hill Community College Scholarship Award
  • Massachusetts Bay Community College Scholarship Award
  • Roxbury Community College Scholarship Award
  • BU Community Service Award Transfer Students

How To Get Admission?

If you are an international student, then these details might help you apply to Boston University.

  • You will first have to apply through a common application.
  • Make sure to put certified copies of your home country’s accreditation. A copy of your secondary school records. 
  • Senior year grades matter a lot. Your extracurricular activities make up for your college profile. 
  • Get a Counsellor Recommendation and school report form which is a must. 
  • There is teacher evaluation. 
  • International students must write a test about English proficiency. The student must take the TOEFL. 
  • A copy of documents of financial support. This will include the net income of the family. 
  • You must submit a copy of your passport in the application. 
  • Additional tests like Duolingo English test, IELTS, and TOEFL. 

BU Campus

Boston University campus is considered one the most beautiful campuses in comparison to any other school. The front side of the main building faces the Charles River. The liner strip between the main BU Campus and Storrow Drive is known as BU Beach. This is used to relax and jog, and have a good sunbathing on sunny days. 

BU offers 4-year college students an option to stay on-campus. Originally, BU was a commuter school but now 75% of the students prefer to stay on campus in college dorms. 

BU has townhouses that are referred to as brownstone townhouses. BU also has specialty houses for students with peculiar interests. There is a student village occupied by National Guard Armoury. This is a recreational and residential building covering 10 acres of land. The Agganis Arena is used to play hockey ice hockey games and can be used to conduct concerts. BU has many labs, research facilities, a dining hall, sports courts (basketball, soccer, tennis, badminton, many more), a gym, buildings for each department, and much more. You can find a website and pictures for further information.

There is The Mugar Memorial Library for the Charles River campus. There is a Hill House for the university which includes study rooms, a kosher dining hall, and lounges. BU has theatre facilities too. Boston University has 5 campuses around the world. London, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Paris, and Sydney are the other campuses. BU was formerly related to Huntington Theatre Company. Now BU is a place for Boston Playwrights’ Theatre.

Admissions From Over The World

According to the current information, there are 50.6% White, 11.6% International Students, 14% Asian, 8.6% Hispanic, and 2% Black. The enrollment percentage at BU is 43% Chinese, 9% Indians, 5% Koreans, 5% Saudi Arabian, 4% Canadian, 4% Taiwanese, 2% Turkish, and 1% included Latin countries, French, Italian, and Japanese. The majority of applicants were from New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Student life on BU Campus

The Daily Free Press or The FreeP is the campus student newsletter. It is the fourth largest daily newsletter in Boston. The newsletter has news related to politics, campus news, city and state news, editorial, sports news, entertainment and art, and also special feature stories. It is available in BU classrooms, dorms, research facilities, and commercial locations. There is also a literary magazine called Clarion. It’s been printed since 1998. 

The first published newspaper was titled “?”It was published by a group of students for literary awareness with the help of the Department of English. Clarion has a younger literary magazine, Burn Magazine. It publishes the work of student authors only. Some of the Undergrad students also started a newspaper called Boink which showcased BU students posing nude, and articles related to sexuality.

BU also offers Reserve Officer Training Corps or ROTC for students who are interested in the Army, Airforce, and Navy. BU is one of the twenty-five colleges and universities in the USA to host ROTC programs. 

Research Facilities At BU

Boston University has numerous research facilities that surround fields related to Engineering Biology, Global Health, Data Science, Neuroscience, Urban Health, Infectious Diseases, and Phonetics. In the year 2017, BU accepted a 20 million USD grant from NSF for the improvement of the Engineering Research Centre. 

Notable Alumni According To Their Fields. 

Throughout its history, Boston University has produced so many alumni across the world. BU affiliations have won seven Nobel Prizes. The total number of alumni is estimated at around 342,000 according to a recent study. Civil Rights Movement leaders Martin Luther King Jr., Alexander Graham Bell, David A Rose, Alfre Woodard, William Cohen, Judd Gregg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Mark Manson, are to name a few. 

  • Mathematics and Sciences
  1. Alexander Graham Bell, the scientist, organized many experiments on BU Campus during his time as a Professor of Vocal Physiology and Elocution. He invented the telephone at Boston University in 1876. 
  2. Sheldon Glasgow, a physicist, won the Nobel Prize in 1979.
  3. Daniel Tsui is a renowned physicist, who won the Nobel Prize in physics, in 1998. 
  4. Osamu Shimomura won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the year 2008. 
  5. Dr, Christopher Chen, his works were predominantly in biology, medicine, and engineering. His main focus of work includes tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
  • Humanities, Art, and Music
  1. Faye Dunaway, American Actress.
  2. Alfre Woodard, American Actress 
  3. Russell Hornsby, American Actor, notable works in Eddie as “Edward”. 
  4. Jason Alexander is, American Actor, Director, Comedian, and Television Representor.
  5. Ginnifer Goodwin, American Actress.
  6. Marisa Tomei, American Actress.
  7. Emily Erin Deschanel, American Actress.
  8. Marcus David Maron, is an American stand-up comedian, Actor, Podcaster, Musician, and Writer. 
  9. Viola Léger, Former Canadian Senator and American Actor.
  10. Julie Anne Smith, Author, and Actor.
  11. Wen-Pin Hope Lee, Musician.
  12. Aesop Rock, American Rapper, and Producer.
  • Law
  1. David A Rose is a notable judge in Boston.
  • Literature
  1. Thomas B. Edsall, renowned journalist. 
  2. Eliza Wyatt is a famous playwright.
  3. Elie Wiesel, a writer, won the Nobel peace prize in 1986. 
  4. Saul Bellow, the Writer, won the Nobel Prize in 1976.
  5. Derek Walcott won the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature in the year 1992.
  6. Robert Lowell, American Poet. 
  7. Robert Pinsky, American essayist, poet, literary critic, and translator. 
  • Politics 
  1. General Martha Coakley, the first elected African-American Senator. 
  2. Tipper Gore, the former first lady of the former First Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Is BU A good school?

From the above evidence, Boston University is considered to be a good school. With numerous opportunities and activities for the students as well as the teaching staff. The school is considered to be good. It has an on-campus college for international students because, in the USA, Colleges/University doesn’t provide on-campus staying facilities. There are opportunities in the field of business, in case you want to start a start-up. Boston University has all the facilities including good professors. Some scientists teach the students with innovative ideas. BU has many researchers working in research facilities. Although Boston University is not an Ivy League college, it provides you with plenty of opportunities. 


Boston University offers many courses available online and offline for the students who can make it to Boston for further Education. Students do not indulge in raging. Students are left to explore new worlds using social media in the spotlight and knowledge. 


  1. Why is Boston University so popular?

Boston University is known for its meticulous academics. It is considered one of the best places if you want to pursue your graduation from here. The beautiful location, alumni spread across the world, the knowledge, and their skilled hockey team 

  1. How hard is it to get enrolled in Boston University?

Boston University is not the toughest University to get in. You surely will have to be creative and innovative enough to provide insight to the recruiter. The easy way is to participate in school academics, learn extracurricular activities, get a good GPA, and most importantly create a band. 

  1. Why is Boston University not in the Ivy League?

Ivy League is basically for the schools that come under the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA. There are 7 Ivy League colleges and Boston University is not one of them. They are not a subgroup of the NCAA. 

  1. Where is BU situated?

BU is located in Boston, Massachusetts 02215, United States. The Campus has a spectacular view of the Charles River. It connects Fenway-Kenmore Neighbourhoods and Allston neighborhoods. 

  1. What are the previous known names of BU?

Newbury Biblical Institute, Methodist Genera Biblical Institute, Boston Theological Institute, Boston Theological Seminary, and the final one Boston University.

  1. How is Boston University different from Harvard University?

Harvard University has 7333 total undergraduates, whereas BU has 16,456 total undergraduates. The average SAT required for Harvard University is around 1400-1600, while BU requires 1200-1410. The acceptance rate is very low at Harvard, about 6% of the students get into Harvard University. BU has a 33% acceptance rate.

What Is Boston University known For? Is BU A Good School ?

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