Verizon FiOS is a bundled internet access, telephone, and television service that operates a fiber optic communication network with over 6 million users. Verizon FiOS bill is issued to Verizon users. However, some users have difficulty paying their bills each month, and it seems like every month, new services creep into the bill, and it seems almost impossible to pay these bills. And now one begins to imagine, how can I lower my Verizon FiOS bills? Well, this article is meant to clear and answer this question and give tips on how to save money while still paying your bills. So Lets know HOW TO LOWER VERIZON FIOS BILL.


How To Lower Verizon FiOS Bills? Lets know

   There are many ways to lower Verizon FiOS Bills and save a lot of money. To lower your bills, here are steps to follow;

  • Check the bills for errors
  • Reduce cost and downgrade your plans
  • Know the plans you subscribe to and remove unused items and services.
  • Change your plans or items; you can also get new packages.
  • Check the reward and discount programs
  • Negotiation
  • Contact authorized Verizon retailers and customer services for help.

Detailed Explanation Of Some Ways To Lower Your Verizon FiOS Bills

  • Check The Bills For Errors

   One of the best ways to lower your Verizon FiOS bills is to check your bills for errors. Some of the errors found in bills include;

  • Duplicate charges and items: Duplicate items and charges mean you will have to pay double for whatever you are charged, so if you notice any duplicates do well to contact Verizon immediately.
  • Services you did not use.
  • Make sure the plans you are enjoying are the same as that on the bills
  • Canceled services still reflecting: The main aim of checking bills is to make sure you are billed correctly, so if you are still paying for a service that you have canceled, it will make your bills to be higher and you will be spending extra money, so do well to contact Verizon, so that it can be rectified. 
  • Reducing Costs and Downgrading Your Plans

   Downgrading can be reducing your plans or changing your plans entirely, to cheaper and cost-economic plans, in a way that you get what you want but at a cheaper rate. You can downgrade by reducing the services you subscribe

   Reducing Costs on the other hand is the main reason anyone wants to lower their bills. Reducing Costs implies that you are not wasting money but spending it on things and services needed. You can reduce the cost of your bills by;

  • Paying bills on time: Paying bills late attracts fees, and in some cases, you might be disconnected and have to pay for it to be connected again. But paying bills on time with the help of Automatic payment will help you get 5-10$ discounts monthly.
  • Removing unused services; returning unused Cable boxes.
  • Cancel Tech Support: When you go through your bills, you will see a charge for Tech support. This service is charged whether you make use of it or not. But however you can always get help from Verizon whether you pay for Tech support or not, so it is better to cancel it, as you will still get help should you need it, for free.
  • Make use of streaming services and Google Chromecast: If you are a regular on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, then you might consider cutting off some cable TV to save cost. Also, you can even cut cable TV off completely by using Google Chromecast for casting your phone to your TV for streaming purposes. It can also help lower your bills.
  • Check Rewards and Discount Programs
  • Participating in Verizon reward and discount programs is a good way to lower your bills and the amount you spend monthly. Verizon rewards its users with special promos and discounts for referring friends, paying bills on time, paying bills online, etc.
  • Also, Verizon offers a discount of 10-20% for some employees that make use of their services. People under this category include first responders, military personnel, veterans, students, and state employees. So do well to always ask if your line of work enjoys any discount so you can save costs. Also, the combination of different plans can give you a discount too e.g when you combine Verizon wireless and your FiOS account.
  • Negotiation
  •  It seems off but it is a great way to lower your bills monthly. If you become uncomfortable with your plan visit a Verizon authorized retailer or contact Verizon direct at 800-922-0204 and inform them why you are not comfortable with your plan. Then negotiate with them, tell them that you have seen a better plan elsewhere that is cheaper and better for you than theirs. This often leads them to offer you a better deal that will be cheaper and better. 
  • Also, you can negotiate for a modem retainer fee to be waived, especially if you have been in business with them for a long time. All of these lead to your monthly bills being on the lower side.


   Cable and Internet services are quite expensive. However, there are ways to make them affordable, so that one can be able to pay the bills. If you’re willing to make changes and get rid of unused services, there will be a great change in your monthly bills, as they will become lower. Following these steps, your next Verizon FiOS bills promise to be lower.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. My Bills Always Reflect Services I Don’t Use What Do I Do?

Make sure to contact Verizon at 800-922-0204 or any Verizon authorized retailer close by and report the issue to them. Contact them as soon as possible.

  1. Can I Enjoy a Discount If My Working Is Not Among Those Listed By Verizon

Yes, apart from employees discount, Verizon offers other discounts for everyone irrespective of your work. You can get discounts from referring a friend, paying bills on time, and many more. 


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