Apps That Pay You To Drive Safely

Safety is everyone’s priority. And staying alive is being cautious in every activity of life, especially when it comes to driving. “We drive to stay alive”. Driving shouldn’t be a death sentence to the drivers and to other people applying that road at that moment. Each year, uncountable lives are lost due to road accidents occurring due to reckless and distracted driving. But it looks like these occurrences will be reduced or stopped with apps that have been created to tame reckless and distracted drivers for a reward. Read on to know about apps that pay you to drive safely.

Apps That Pay You To Drive Safely

Drive to Stay Alive Involves, 

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  • Staying off phones while driving.
  • Maintaining the maximum speed limits.
  • Obeying traffic control
  • Not talking or indulging in foreplay with a patterner while driving. 
  • These and many more make up the safety precautions of driving.

How would you feel when you drive safely and get paid for it?

Who wouldn’t want to get paid or earn a reward for being that safety-cautious driver?

Who wouldn’t want to be paid for keeping the next driver on the road safe and alive?

Some apps have been created to be that “angel” that guides, that wants to eliminate reckless driving and, in turn, pay you for being alive.

Some of these app creators know that to tame some human wrong practices, a sacrifice must be made.

So they made the sacrifice of rewarding drivers to drive safely.

How to get these rewards.

You can only get rewarded when you download the following apps and obey the driving rules that apply to them.

 Apps That Pay You To Drive Safely

  • DOWN for the COUNT

ON MY WAY has prevented over 29,273 car accidents, with lives saved since its inception.

They use your phone’s inbuilt functionality to monitor your driving methods.

You instantly receive $100 cash as you become an ONMYWAY member.

This app pays you $05 cash for every mile you drive and doesn’t text. This reward is also for every ONMYWAY passenger that is not distracted by texting while driving along with you.

The app gives you $2 for referring a friend to get and use the ONMYWAY app and stay undistracted while driving.

Get the app through Apple or Google store.


This app understands that distracted driving kills. So they are here to reward safe driving.

All you need is to download the MOBILIO app from Apple Store or Google store to start collecting points as you drive safely.

You can exchange these collected points for a cryptocurrency called MOBILIO, this currency is specifically printed for undistracted drivers who have proven their safety capacity using this app.


Drive SAFE 2 SAVE lives & money.

The app understands that lives matter and that distracted acts like texting while driving is worth avoiding. A picture of your family or loved ones in your car each time you think of being reckless is worth seeing.

So they devised a means for you to earn your points and use it for local businesses, and it’s only when you reach your destination using the app.

It’s available on Apple and Google stores.

DOWN for the COUNT.

The DOWN for the County, allows you to track your driving to your sponsor or parent.

They help parents or guardians know their teens’ driving sense. As a teen drives and stays undistracted the app sends feedback to their parents or sponsors, this comes with a reward gift to the teens.

Download the app on the Apple Store.

MILES wants to know that you are safe, and also apply safety precautions when you walk, drive, and sail or any safety activity that you indulge in. When on the go, the MILES app will automatically track every mile you take, calculate all the points at the end of your destination, and reward you at the due time. 

The MILES are in affiliation with Acorn, Amazon, Garmin, Walmart, and Lego.

Download apps on Apple and Google stores.


DRIVE BEEHIVE, alliance with sponsors or guardians to make sure their teens or friends drive free from distraction, you can start tracking the driving progress by downloading the app and contact BEEHIVE to start tracking and giving feedback for future rewards.

Get the app on Apple and Google stores.


How would you like your car insurance cover to be?

The DRIVESENSE app can help you get a discount on your insurance bills, reducing those huge bills, and it’s only when you drive free from distraction, it will also inform you of your driving tactics by reviewing how all your driving details have been and send feedback.

Get the app on Apple and Google stores.


This app controls your phone while driving, it keeps it on lock if it’s in motion, with your phone’s GPS, it tracks your driving methods, restricts calls and messages, and responds to your callers on your behalf.

it also allows sponsors to connect with their friends or wards for an update on their driving sense and sets a reward package each month for them.

Download the app from Apple and Google stores.


Safe driving is all man’s responsibility, both the drivers and passengers, including individual organizations.

Thanks to these organizations that created the  Drive-safe paid apps that contribute much to making the fight against reckless driving to be effective.

We still need other organizations and individuals to contribute to this fight for an accident-free world.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the app operate in all countries?

Download the apps, rush to their websites, and type in your location to know if your location is inclusive.

How do I get to include my country? 

Download the app on Apple or Google store, get the desired app you want and email them or contact them on their website, asking them to make available the offer to your country of residence.

If it’s in their capacity, you will receive your request. 

Apps That Pay You To Drive Safely

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