Crane Fitness Equipment Aldi-Know More

Crane Fitness is situated in Clarksville, Tennessee, providing multifunctional fitness equipment. Their product comes with a warranty of a lifetime as they claim years of research and a lot of interaction with multiple steel shops, machine shop suppliers, and manufacturers are done. They also claim that their product price is less compared to any other equipment company because of fewer employees’ number and low overhead. Let’s know more about Crane Fitness Equipment Aldi.

Crane Fitness Equipment Aldi

Whether you are a gym enthusiast or just wanted to stay fit then this post is for you. We will cover all the gym equipment which can fit into your home and provide you with a real gym experience without you going to the gym. 

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Best Gym Equipment for Home Use 

Since covid-19 hit us complete disaster. We were forced to stay inside our homes for the safety of our families and our well-being. While gyms are no exception, lockdown leads to their closure. So, it became tough to stay fit with the minimal equipment we had in our homes. But to reduce your load Aldi has some great home gym equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your home. 

Crane Rowing Machine

What to say about this machine if want to strengthen your back and make your posture correct. The rowing machine will do the job for you. It also has different resistance levels which you can choose accordingly, while you are busy doing your workout it will track your heart rate and duration of your workout. 

This machine comes for around $199.99 without putting much load on your pocket and you can pre-order it from Aldi’s Website highlighted in blue above.

Crane Exercise Bike

If you like cycling and the weather is not right outside then worry not this exercise bike will get the job done. Its positive side is that it can be used inside the home where you can stay warm and will achieve your set target. It has ambient space for holding your water bottles, tablet, and towel. It also tracks your speed, heart rate, and distance. You don’t get bored while working out this exercise bike has a phone holder so you can listen to and watch your favorite shows.

It will cost you around $129.99 and you can pre-order it on Aldi’s website

Crane Dumbell Set and Storage Tree

If you are into weight training and wanted to build muscle then this might be the best fit for all your home-based gym needs. These dumbbells have a rubber coating that makes sure that sets will not crack or fade over time and also ensures safety while dropping the weights. The storage tree will store away all 12 of the dumbbells making more room for other gym equipment. It comes in a variety of weights which will enhance your workout. The cost of this set and tree is only $449.93 and you pre-order it on the Aldi website. 

Crane 6-in1 Multi Trainer 

Who doesn’t want six-pack abs, but lack the equipment to do so. Well, this Aldi Crane 6-in-1 Multi trainer does the perfect job for you. It increases your strength combined with cardio exercise. This machine provides you with a full-body workout experience where you can pushups, forearm toning, abs tucks, and many more. And it was not expensive too, as it only cost $30. 

Crane Fitness Weights 

If you want to increase the intensity of your workout then this equipment is for you. The fitness weights come in a set of six pieces including two sets of 2.2-pound soft dumbbells and one pair of a pound ankle weight, and a pair of a pound weighted gloves. The dumbbell outer foam is removable and can be easily hand washed. This product comes on the market at $14.99 and you can order it on the Aldi website. 


If you don’t have time for the gym but fitness is your priority then including this Aldi crane fitness equipment can fulfill your goal. Whether you want to build abs, shoulder or lower body buying these can certainly increase your chance of achieving that goal without going to the gym. The rowing machine is a must-buy the machine as there are different resistance levels and sitting postures are very much similar to a gym rowing machine. 

Frequently Asked questions

Where can I buy this equipment?

This gym equipment is manufactured by crane fitness and sold by Aldi on their website and local store. 

Does a weighted dumbbell drop crack the floor?

No, the dumbbell has a hard rubber cover that will absorb the impact if they drop. 

Where can I find these products as they are rare to show up at Aldi?

You can keep an eye on weekly Aldi ads if you want to know and buy this product in-store.

Crane Fitness Equipment Aldi-Know More

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