Does Kohl’s Change Watch Batteries?- Know More About It

Does Kohl’s Change Watch Batteries- Imagine walking down the street, coffee in hand and not a care in the world, and boom! Someone pops up and asks, What’s the time please? You check your watch and find out it had stopped working. You find yourself rummaging through your pockets to find your phone. Very frustrating if, I must say, especially if it is one of your favorite watches. 

Does Kohl’s Change Watch Batteries

Usually, when your watch stops working, it is because the battery has died, which is good news. The only problem is where to replace the battery. Should you get a kit to change your battery yourself? Or do you find a place close to you? 

I would strongly advise against doing so, especially if it is an expensive wrist watch or designer watch. These watches can be complex because of their mechanics and can get damaged while experimenting. Which in the end would cost you more. So, except you are a professional, please don’t go for it. 

They change watch batteries at lower rates than most places. They would either replace it in the shop immediately or ship it off for replacement, depending on the make of the watch.

For some people wondering what Kohls is. Kohl’s is a popular department store that sells many different items in their stores. They sell clothes, shoes, home appliances, gadgets, and you guessed right) wrist watches. For the wrist watches, you would find a wide range for both men and women and sometimes children. 

Their wrist watches are not limited to traditional brands but they sell smartwatches and high-end brands too. So if you are curious, if they know their onions about wrist watches, they do.

So yes, they sell and replace watch batteries, but there are conditions put in place before they can help replace your batteries.

Terms and Conditions to change your watch batteries at Kohl’s 

So here are a few things to know before rushing into a Kohl’s store for a battery replacement.

  1. The watch must have been bought, from Kohl’s –  To get your watch battery changed at Kohl’s the watch must have been purchased from any of its stores. That would enable you to enjoy their cheaper rates.
  2. Same as what they sell – Kohl’s sells watches like Armatron, Casio, Citizen, Timex, Pulsar, and Seiko. So if your watch is any of these timepieces you might be able to get your battery changed at the store.
  3. Come with your receipts – While you go to replace your watch batteries, make sure to go along with your original purchase receipt as this would easily prove that you got the watch at the store. Also, don’t forget to take the wristwatch that needs the repair along.

  How much does it cost to change your watch battery at Kohl’s?

The cost of changing a watch battery varies, as the make of the wrist watch, determines the cost of the service. Asides from the make of the timepiece, the place or jeweler also determines the price. Averagely, it costs about 10$ upwards to change your watch battery in most stores. I know that sometimes being forced to fork over an additional $10-$15 for a battery replacement can be daunting. This is the reason why I am inclined to recommend Kohls. 

Kohls charges from $0 to $12. Can you believe that? Depending on the make of your watch, you can get your battery changed for almost nothing. The range in price is because the type of your watch matters. So if your watch has stopped working, dash into a kohls store near and get that baby fixed. The good thing is they have stores all over the country, so you may not need to ship your watch to get your battery changed.

Can I replace my battery myself?

The answer is yes! Most stores sell watch kits with tools used to change your watch battery. Provided you feel like you can do it, sure. But if it is an expensive watch, or a mechanical watch. 

Believe me you should not mess with things you know little on. Imagine buying a kit and battery, trying to replace it yourself, and find out you have destroyed an integral part of the watch. You would then be paying more for a repair. 


So walk into the closest store to get your battery changed at a cheaper rate. The next time someone asks you for the time, you can boldy whip out your watch and tell the time.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is the rating for Kohl’s jeweler?

Their jewelers are good and get ratings between 3-5 stars

  • Do they sell Watches? 

 Yes, they sell watches but not all brands. They sell, Armatron, Casio, Citizen, Timex, Pulsar, and Seiko.

  • What is their service Time?

Between a day and two weeks.

Does Kohl’s Change Watch Batteries?- Know More About It

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