Giant Cookie Cutters- How To Find It?

The sight and smell of cookies are a good way to lift the moods of humans and our furry friends. These cookies come in different sizes and thicknesses and many times you would need giant cookie cutters to be able to divide the bigger cookies for consumption. 

Giant Cookie Cutters

Giant Cookie Cutters

The giant cookie cutter is an essential kitchen utensil that helps you when you bake extra-large cookies for your family and friends, for parties, or even for your pets. Some of these massive cookie cutters are so large that a single person can not consume the portion they cut out. 

In this article, we will be taking you through the types, what to consider when you want to shop for a giant cookie cutter, and the best places to get giant cookie cutters.

What To Consider When Shopping For a Giant Cookie Cutter? 

If you want to buy a giant cookie cutter, there is a pool of options. They come in different sizes, themes, materials, shapes, and even brands. We bet you don’t want to get the wrong one, so it is important to know what to consider when purchasing them for that cookie you intend to bake. Some of these features to consider include:


There are four basic materials that cookie cutters are made from- copper, stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic. Each of these materials has characteristics that make it a good choice.


Cookie cutters made of aluminium are cheap and common. They can be tilted to have a different height and shape, and they rarely get rusted. They are, however, easily damaged. 


This is also as cheap as the aluminium cookie cutter. They are also the best option when kids are involved in baking, although you might have a challenge cutting through dough that is not too thick.  

Stainless steel 

Stainless steel cookie cutters are more expensive than aluminium and plastic. This is because of how strong they are and their durability. They cut through dough with ease, although it can sometimes alter the shape of the dough because of its sharpness. The flip side of the stainless steel cookie cutter is that it can easily get rusted if not properly taken care of. 


The best and most expensive of them all. They are kid-friendly and do not get rusted. They have more strength and can rarely get damaged. The copper cookie cutter can be used to cut as many cookies of different sizes as you can think of without being damaged or without it getting tilted like the aluminium cookie cutter.


When you talk about design, you talk about creativity, patterning, and details. These giant cookie cutters come in different and unique designs. You have to know the right ones to get. It is advised, for example, to always go for the ones with geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and others because the ones with tiny spaces can be tiring. The simpler your shape, the finer your result will be. If they seem too simple, you can spice up the look with some natural decoration to boost the look.


By theme, we mean the story that the cake cutters tell. At times, they offer a Christmas theme, love themes for Valentine’s Day, winter themes, holiday themes, or football themes. When used to make a cookie, these cookie cutters come out to tell the season. A Christmas theme, for example, may bake a Santa Claus-shaped cookie.

Recommended Brands For Your Giant Cookie Cutter

We will recommend some cookie-cutter brands based on their top customer ratings. 

Ann Clark Heart Cookie Cutters 

These are high-quality but cheap cookie cutters. They are only heart-shaped and made of steel. These cookie cutters come with other smaller-sized cutters and are sold for about $13. 

Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutters Mega Set 

They come as a large set consisting of 40 different creative shapes and letters of the alphabet. This brand is self-sufficient if you want to buy only a set of cookie cutters. It cost about $32. 

Wilton plastic Christmas cookie cutter set 

As the name implies, it is a ten-piece plastic Christmas-themed cookie cutter set sold at a really amazing price of $6. They come in 3.5 by 3.5-inch mixtures of green and red. 

Ann Clark Geometric Snowflake cookie cutter 

Ann Clark again provides us with winter-themed cookie cutters to honour the season. They go for about $7. 

Taras plaque cookie cutter 

This cookie cutter is made from plastic and can be used for greetings and well wishes. It can serve well as a nice gift. Imagine giving your new neighbour this. It can give a nice impression of you. It costs about $4.

Sweet Sugarbelle Hexagon Cookie Cutters set 

This brand offers a beautifully decorated pack of four hexagonal cookie cutters made from plastic. It costs about $4.

Sir Madam’s Copper Cookie Cutters 

These are made from solid copper, and as a result, they are more expensive. However, they are stronger, more creative, and longer-lasting than others. Because of its dynamic shapes, it can fit into any theme. It costs about $46.


Giant cookie cutters are used to cut giant cookies into various shapes and sizes, but they are not limited to this. They can also be used to cut pancakes, pizza, or sandwiches. Kids can also use them for papercraft projects. A good way to care for your cookie cutter to ensure longevity is to wash, dry, and store it well after every use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are low-cost cookie cutters bad quality? 

No. You can get a low-cost but great-quality cookie cutter.

2. What is the best way to care for a cookie-cutter? 

A way to make your cookie-cutter last long is to wash it immediately after use, dry it up, and store it. Do not get them close to flames.

Giant Cookie Cutters- How To Find It?

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