How To Make Money Online College Student

The world is gradually evolving increasingly. It’s only logical to also evolve in self growth and development to avoid being stuck in time. Stagnation is what every human on earth would want to avoid. We advocate for self employment, development, growth and empowerment. This is to make every individual, most especially youths, utilize skills acquired to the maximum level. With the level of technological advancement now, it’s quite easy for a college student to make money online. Let’s know some tips about How To Make Money Online College Student

How To Make Money Online College Student

When skills, creativity, and talents are accurately blended along with focus, consistency, and determination, productive result is certain. At the end, everyone wants to make money. It’s therefore important that students should not remain complacent and ignorant of means by which one can make money online steadily. You can make money online by acquiring skills, monetize your skills and earn as much as you want. The internet is vast giving you the opportunity of navigating through whatever you choose.

Things You Should Consider Before Going For Skill Acquisition:

It’s easy following the tides of registering for masterclasses here and there.

Before you consider that class on copywriting, and photography, you should ask yourself a few questions.

Am I sure I want this?

Am I attracted to the qualities of the skill?

What plans do I have to put in place after the skill acquisition?

Who or what is my motivation in acquiring the skill?

What is/are my desired goal(s) and objective(s) that I’ll like to achieve with the skill acquisition?

When going for a skill acquisition program, endeavor to check the following with yourself:

• Interests

• Unique abilities/Talents

• Passion

Some people find it easy to identify their special area of interest, talents and what they are passionate about while it’s quite different with other people. 

Identifying one’s talent can prove to be difficult especially if you have tried hard in discovering yours and you just can’t seem to know if you are talented at anything at all. To every problem there’s always solution. 

If you think you can’t identify your skills and talents, try the following;

  1. Always reminisce on what you loved as a child. You can ask family and friends to help you out on this.
  1. Pay more attention to yourself. Take time to study yourself and write down your likes, and interests.
  1. Engage in new things. Invest your time in trying out a whole different new things you haven’t done before. Come out of your comfort zone – Lol, I’m sure you have heard this line a million times. Yes, I know it’s overused but it’s nothing but an effective way of discovering way new, and interesting things you’ve never known about yourself.

Compiled below are skills you can learn which will earn you money online;

• Photography

This is a visual art form that involves the practice of taking pictures. If you are a lover of photography, why not learn about it. You can always sell that picture of yours as NFT, and in no time start making that money.

• Video editing

Just as it name implies, it’s basically video editing which involves manipulations of videos, and pictures into a definite arrangement.

• Graphic design

This, I know you’re quite familiar with, involves the creative use of visual contents to pass across messages with pictures, and letters.

• Web design

This involves the process of developing, strategizing, and arranging the creative use of contents online. 

• Digital skills

These are skills you’ll need to develop yourself in the digital world. Examples are; digital marketing, coding, social media marketing, web – based communication and research programming, e.t.c.

• Writing 

This is one job that pays really well online. You can dive into writing and carefully select your niche. You can start by freelancing, then try applying for open positions.


SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. It’s a means by which traffic is drawn to a website or webpage via search engines.

• Content Creation

 Content Creation is diversified and it involves creating informative, entertaining and educational materials via any means. Content creation is done in the digital world where it is consumed by its audience.

• Email marketing

This is another example of a digital skill that can make you money. It involves sending commercial and advertising messages to a specific group of people via email.

• Podcasting

You can become a podcaster by making available digital audio files for listening, and downloading. 

Monetizing your skills will help you earn as much as you desired. You can do this by applying for open positions that needs your area of expertise, and by building your personal brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How can I acquire any of these skills?

Every skill mentioned above can be acquired online. You can take online courses on web pages like Udemy, Coursera, Khan academy, e.t.c.  or simply learn via YouTube.

• How can I get opportunities to monetize these skills?

Many of these skills are in high demands, you just have to make use of the right platforms to sell your skills. Examples of such platforms are; Fivver, LinkedIn, Open sea, Upwork, e.t.c.

• How can I build my personal brand?

This is achievable by choosing the online platform you want to use. You can start by building your online presence on the chosen social media platform. Actively engage in positive social posts that aligns with your skills in groups, and share contents about yourself and what you do.

How To Make Money Online College Student

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