Metro Pcs Wifi Calling Error Reg09

Metro by T-Mobile provides its customers with an exclusive feature, MetroPCS WiFi Calling, that lets them make calls and send messages in unreachable areas. Therefore, if you are a MetroPCS subscriber, please review the information below regarding the MetroPCS WiFi Calling issue REG90. Let’s know about Metro Pcs Wifi Calling Error Reg09.

Metro Pcs Wifi Calling Error Reg09

When your phone displays the error number REG90, there’s a problem with the WiFi connection. The error code often shows when you attempt to make a call or send a text message over your WiFi network, but it fails. This issue impacts not all mobile devices. Only Android 4.0 or later operating system (OS) users may take advantage of this feature. Some Metro users have reported receiving this error notice after exchanging their T-Mobile SIM cards with one of the newer, more sophisticated SIM cards. In this instance, the problem might be caused by the new SIM card.

Steps To Fix the Metro Wifi Calling Error Reg90

WiFi calling often entails connecting to a wireless network to make or receive Internet calls.  However, this problem prevents the phone from doing so. We get the message Error REG90. Take a look at the given steps to fix this error

1. Enable WiFi Calling 

This feature may be disabled on your phone, which would explain why it’s not functioning. Checking if WiFi calling is on or not is necessary. To do so, enter your phone’s Settings and navigate the Wireless & Networks section.

2. Restart Your Phone

Even if it’s an easy cure, it’s worth a shot. Therefore, we recommend restarting your phone. This will help clean the phone’s memory and prevent additional problems from producing the same issue.

3. Perform Software Update Checks

REG90 can be triggered by various circumstances, including an out-of-date or faulty software update. In this situation, we recommend monitoring your phone for updates.

4. Check and Reinsert the SIM Card 

This is the simplest approach for correcting this issue. Ensure that the SIM card is placed correctly and the pins are aligned appropriately by removing and reinserting it. You may also wish to try a different SIM card, just in case the one you are now using has its problem.

If you suspect a malfunctioning SIM card, you may always replace it. Visit any T-Mobile location to obtain a new, working SIM card.

5. Verify That Your Device Supports Wifi Calling

Certain phones are unable to make use of WiFi calling. In such circumstances, you must verify that your phone supports WiFi calling before proceeding.

To accomplish this, launch the Settings app and press the More icon in the bottom-left corner. Tap WiFi calling after scrolling down till it appears. The display will indicate whether your phone supports WiFi calling and which networks it is compatible with.

6. Contact T-Mobile Support

It is fairly unusual for a phone to experience WiFi calling problems, which may need taking specific steps to resolve. The best way is to contact T-Mobile and request help. All the possible measures will be taken to solve this issue and get your phone back in working order.

In this instance, the customer service representative will request that you power down or restart your phone. They will then deliver an over-the-air update, after which your phone should function normally. The WiFi functionality will begin functioning immediately. Here are some potential causes for the failure of the WiFi calling feature in your phone’s settings is disabled. There is no WiFi network connection. Your smartphone will use a network connection through WiFi to make and receive calls. You may also access app settings, which provide a list of installed applications. Find a sim tool kit. Click the symbol followed by storage. Clear the app’s cache and data and reboot. The issue will be resolved.

To configure Metro PCS WiFi Calling on Android, navigate to Settings > Network Settings > WiFi Calling and enable it. Follow further instructions if promoted.

Metro PCS WiFi Calling Setup in iOS

  • Activate WiFi
  • Go to Options
  • Tap Phone
  • Enable WiFi Calling
  • Follow further instructions if promoted

What exactly is the MetroPCS WiFi Calling Service?

MetroPCS WiFi Calling is a unique service by Metro by T-Mobile that lets customers make and receive calls and messages in “out of range” areas. If your signal goes out and you need to make a call on T-Mobile, MetroPCS WiFi Calling is available, allowing you to make calls and send texts without a mobile signal. Yes, you may use the MetroPCS WiFi Calling Service to make video calls, voice calls, and text messages even when there is no network access.


WiFi calling is a fantastic feature that enables users to make calls through WiFi networks. However, it can occasionally fail for various reasons, at which point the error REG90 appears. This problem will prohibit you from utilizing WiFi capability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Meaning of Reg90?

T-Mobile WiFi Calling Error: REG90 Connection Failed. Contact T-Mo from a different phone and inform them you received an error message. They will ask you to turn off your phone, issue an Over-The-Air update, and then turn your phone back on.

  • Are Calls Possible Without Data or Wifi?

Applications such as Pinngle Safe Messenger, which offer a call-back option where the server connects both users, and apps that give free credits to make international calls when not connected to WiFi are the only means to call someone without WiFi.

  • How Do I Enable Wifi Calling on Metropcs?

Navigate to the Settings menu and hit Wireless & Networks. To activate WiFi Calling, move the WiFi Switch to the ON position. To enable it, choose Never use Cellular Network or WiFi preferred.

Metro Pcs Wifi Calling Error Reg09

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