Most Expensive Lego Set In The World

Toys have always been a beautiful part of childhood. The story of toys is dated back as early as human civilization. From toys made of mud to toys from the world of imagination to reality. One such fascinating toy is Lego. Lego is the manufacturer of small plastic bricks that can be easily attached and is available in various shapes and forms. Let us know about Most Expensive Lego Set In The World.

Most Expensive Lego Set In The World

The craze of Lego has impacted not only children but adults too. You will begin to play unconsciously when the toy will be in front of you, right?

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Eventually, Lego in itself has upgraded a lot and now we have everything created from Lego.  

Lego has presented many products that are way too expensive but it is always worth a dollar. Products start from as low as $2 to as high as $1000. 

Some are toys while some show pieces, they have left up to the customer. You can create and play whatever little story runs in your head. 

Some of the latest expensive Lego sets and toys are mentioned below.

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Identity and landscape kit

Identity and landscape kit is a smaller version of the world around. It contains 2808 pieces and has a base plate, with other ladders, fences, animals, famous Lego figures, and a lot of various bricks.

This set is right now the most expensive on the website and costs $789.99. 

But with all its features, it seems fair on the price tag.

Connection kit

As the name suggests, it is the Lego ultimate set with all kinds of springs, ladders, and bricks used for building different structures.

This cost 754.99 dollars.

Loop coaster

The Loop coaster is $399.99. Loop coaster is a powered ride and an eye thrilling roller coaster. It has many turns and loops and is as tall as 92 cm. 

This roller coaster is surely going to add adventure to your toy set.

Ferrari Daytona

Vroom vroom the wonderful sound of a car. Many car lovers know what place Ferrari holds in the car world. Lego just got the right toy for such car lovers. 

This Ferrari Daytona Lego version costs $399.99

Hogwarts castle

Hogwarts is a place where every Harry Potter fan wants to go. A land of dreams and magic. Lego has attempted to build a perfect castle for a perfect escape to Hogwarts. This Hogwarts castle has different figures, beloved Hagrid’s hut,  chambers of secrets, and a lot more. 

This Castle costs $ 399.99.

Disney castle

Disney has always been a part of everyone’s childhood. This Disney castle contains very small details of the Disney universe. 

It costs 349.99 dollars and will be a perfect way for family time.

Ninjago City Gardens

The perfect paradise for all ninja and anime fans. It has everything one dreams of, from museums to a few shops to the apartment, and don’t forget 19 mini-figures. 

This all costs around $299.99. Right now as stated by the Lego website, it will be a bit difficult to find this item.

Lego education spike essential set

This set contains everything you need. It has around 449 Lego pieces. All the items are provided in a plastic case.

It will cost you around $274.9



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Lego  ideas home alone

The movie Home alone was the perfect Sunday family movie. Well, Lego has got the perfect stimulation of the movie. It has all criminals to pranks to daring escape.

This home-alone set costs $249.99

World map

Earth has always been our first home and what better than a world map to look at it.

Lego has a world map and it is made up of 11695. And it costs $249.99

6X6 Volvo articulated hauler

Vehicles have always been appealing to mankind, especially those that we don’t get to see on regular bases. Well, Lego has got the perfect remote-control hauler. It can be easily controlled by a cellular device. 

This Volvo will cost you $249.99 but is worth the price.

 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter

Fly till you reach the boundaries. Well, Lego has just the helicopter you might be waiting for. This helicopter is motorised and resembles a lot of the original. It will cost $209.99

Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter is still yet to come. The arrival is officially on the 1st of August.  

Luigi’s Mansion Madness Bundle

Any video game fans? Even if not we all know super Mario and his brother Luigi. This Luigi mansion set has various challenges for the little Luigi figure. 

This set is available only on the online platform and costs 209.96 dollars.

A lot of Lego products changed. There is always up-gradation at the store. Few old products become hard to find and the new better set makes one difficult to predict: what is the most expensive set at Lego?

Lego surely has come down a long lane. Today everything can be built with those small pieces of bricks. Only a nerd knows how important Leg is to them. There are no words to express how much we adore those bricks.

Most Expensive Lego Set In The World

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