My Vizio Tv’s Internet So Slow-Know More

Are you planning on a movie night with your friends and family on a weekend? Vizio TV provides a solution with several shows available and a breathtaking crystal display. However, if the internet on your Vizio TV is slow, it may be due to an internet connection problem, or a heavy traffic of 4K videos that your internet connection’s speed cannot handle. Or it may be that the software on your TV is out of date. Let’s know more about My Vizio Tv’s Internet So Slow.

My Vizio Tv’s Internet So Slow

You may need to check the speed of your internet, if it is sending a weak signal to your TV, it can be easily accessed. Sometimes, the connecting wires become loose, so you need to check up on that. Make sure there is a proper uninterrupted connection between your TV and a gaming console or a HDMI cable. Moreover, your TV may have been overburdened with Apps consuming all the space, causing the internet to be slow.  

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When you are planning to watch something with a cup of coffee in your hand and suddenly everything is lagging, it can be quite a hassle. 

But do not panic, there are easy-to-try solutions that will make your Vizio TV’s internet start working properly again.

Solutions that you can try at home

  1. The Traditional Method
  • Use a remote to turn your Vizio TV off.
  • Unplug the cables of the TV from the main power source.
  • Wait for one minute.
  • Plug the cables back in and switch the TV back on

This should reboot your entire system and get rid of the problem at hand.

  1. Internet Speed

Sometimes, your internet’s speed may be slow causing the Vizio TV’s internet to be slow as well. You can check the speed of your internet connection (in Mbps) and act accordingly. 

Connect some other device to see if the internet is lagging only on your Vizio TV or your phone or a tablet as well.

The traditional on/off method with your router may do the trick as well:

  • Take out the router’s cables from your Vizio TV.
  • Unplug the router from the main power source.
  • Wait for one minute.
  • Plug the router back into the power source and connect the cables to your TV again.
  • Turn the TV back on.

Another step that has proven to be helpful is resetting your Wi-Fi router by pushing down the reset button. This also does the trick. 

  1. Free Up Space.

We may wish to have access to unlimited storage space, but that is only a wish indeed. Technology always comes with a storage cap. For Vizio TV, it is 8.2 GB of data.

To bypass the slow internet issue on your set, you may need to uninstall Apps that are taking up all the space and that you rarely even use. 

  1. Vizio TV Reset.

This is a simple enough solution that will reboot your TV.

  • Access the menu tool in your Vizio TV.
  • The reset option can be seen in the “Reset & Admin”.
  • You need to reset your TV using the power-cycle option.
  1. Software Update.

Vizio TV has the option to automatically update the software for the Apps to function smoothly, this includes the slow internet driver. 

Access the available software update in the menu option of your Vizio TV, this could take a few minutes.

  1. Wi-Fi Router Placement

It may be your Wi-Fi router is not in range for your Vizio TV to catch the signal and thus, causing the internet on your TV to become slow. 

Make sure the router is well within range for a stronger signal. If you cannot do that, there are Wi-Fi router extensions available to cover your entire house. 

Vizio TV Models

Now and then, Vizio TV comes up with a newer and better model of the television set that can do a lot more than the previous. This also includes faster internet drivers, more space, and a better display for you to enjoy watching your favorite programs. 

The top 3 Vizio TV sets as of 2022 are as follows:

Vizio TV Prices

Vizio D-Series 24 inches set$149.99
Vizio V-Series 43 inches set$289.99
Vizio OLED 2020 65 inches set$1,299.99
Vizio P-Series Quantum 65 inches set$1,529.99
Vizio M7 Series Quantum 65 inches set $834.99

Of course, upgrading your television set entirely can make many problems disappear if you have been facing them for a while because the model gets outdated. However, we suggest consulting Vizio Customer Support for any issues that you may face, whether they be slow internet or anything else that you cannot figure out. 

But before doing that and spending unnecessary money, try factory resetting your Vizio TV that can be accessed in the menu and systems option. This step may erase your preferential settings on the TV, but it has proven to fix the problem of slow internet or hung Apps.


  • Why is my Vizio TV hung?

There can be multiple reasons for this. However, the first thing you need to check is whether there is a specific App that is causing your set to hang. You can force stop and exit that App by accessing the menu and then the “systems” option. 

  • Should I change the Wi-Fi router if the internet on Vizio TV is slow?

You need to diagnose the problem first, if it is indeed with your router instead of your TV set then contact customer support for your router. 

My Vizio Tv’s Internet So Slow-Know More

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