Paramount Plus Free Trial Still Up For Grabs For New Subscribers- Know More

Paramount Plus Free Trial- For the uninitiated, Paramount Plus is the streaming service launched in 2021 by Paramount Global, the mass media conglomerate formerly known as ViacomCBS Inc. After the success of major streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime during the pandemic, Paramount Global restructured their previous subscription service, CBS All Access, to meet the present day standards, leading to the inception of Paramount Plus. It is currently home to both CBS and Paramount Pictures, several TV shows and movies along with sports broadcasts, with nearly 40 million subscribers as per Q1 2022 figures.

Paramount Plus Free Trial

Why should you get a free trial as a new user?

Streaming services are a package deal. You spend a fixed amount of money on a monthly or yearly basis to gain access to all the content that’s available on the platform. There’s always content that you may not watch or not be interested in from the get-go, and it’s justifiable to doubt the value that a subscription service can provide in the form of content that’s worth your money and time. While there’s guaranteed to be content worthy of recommendation to a wide audience, not everyone has similar tastes or reasons to subscribe to a paid subscription service.

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That’s where free trials come in – a limited time cost free subscription plan for new users to sift through the menu and get a firsthand taste of the offerings. Free trials help the service provider attract potential subscribers, and the customers get to take advantage of the offer to see for themselves if the service provides content that suits their taste in the apt quality.

Does Paramount Plus still provide a free trial to new users?

Most streaming platforms have done away with their free trial within the first six months of their launch, so it’s reason enough to wonder if Paramount Plus still provides a free trial to its new customers after a whole year. Fret not. Those looking to check out the newly released Top Gun sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the latest Halo show, or staples like Star Trek or RuPaul’s Drag Race can enjoy a Paramount Plus free trial right now. You heard it right. You can watch all of those, and browse a lot more from Paramount Global’s staple library, ranging from Paramount Pictures‘ films, CBS shows and a lot more without paying a dime.

If you’re looking to grab a free trial subscription immediately, Paramount Plus currently offers their standard 7-day free trial period for new subscribers as a one time offer. Thereafter, the base subscription starts from $4.99/month. You can sign up and grab your free trial immediately on Paramount Plus.

If you’re wondering why it’s emphasized as a standard trial period, there is indeed more, if you want to hold on to that one time trial offer for a later time. Paramount Plus just recently provided its users with an extended 30-days trial offer as part of its summer promotion. It’s possible that a similar offer may be up for grabs during Halloween or Christmas season, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

What to look out for on Paramount Plus?

With a plethora of content from CBS and Paramount, as well as its other associated networks, Paramount Plus is home to a ton of Original TV shows and movies. It might be daunting to browse through the catalog and be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options. 

There’s a plethora of shows to get you started as a new Paramount Plus subscriber, including the likes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Trek: Prodigy, South Park: The Streaming Wars, The Legend of Korra, iCarly, 1883 and Halo, to name a few.

If you’re looking for movie suggestions, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, Infinite, Jerry & Marge Go Large, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, Three Months, The In Between and Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin are a handful worth checking out.

For the sports fans, there’s lots of live sports coverage to watch as well, including the likes of UEFA Champions League and Europa football, NFL, March Madness, and The Women’s Cup.


What are the best value Paramount Plus premium plans on offer post trial period?

After you’ve exhausted the Paramount Plus free trial offer, there are a range of options available to retain your access to the service at an affordable rate. With an annual subscription plan, you can save from 16% and up to 38% over the monthly Paramount Plus subscription plans.

The Essential plan starts from just $4.99/month to $49.99/year, with access to NFL and UEFA Champions League Live Feeds. The Premium plan starts from $9.99/month to $99.99/year, with access to your local live CBS station over the Essential plan.

The Essential plan + SHOWTIME bundle starts from $11.99/month to $119.99/year, and the Premium plan + SHOWTIME bundle starts from $14.99/month to $149.99/year. The SHOWTIME bundle plans, as the name suggests, bundles a monthly or yearly SHOWTIME subscription along with Paramount Plus, allowing you to save up to 38% over individual monthly subscriptions.

Paramount Plus has a lot to offer on its plate, and offers great value with its subscription plans. Kudos to Paramount Plus for continuing to offer a free trial to new users well after establishing a foothold in the streaming market. Consumer friendly practices like free trials are a great option to take advantage of, to evaluate what you get for the money they want you to spend afterwards. Let’s hope consumer friendly practices like free trials stay relevant and iterated upon to empower the customers.

Paramount Plus Free Trial Still Up For Grabs For New Subscribers- Know More

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