Stoneware Bowl Set Costco-Know More

Stoneware bowls are popular for their high durability and are perfectly shaped for Cooking, baking, storing meals or ingredients, and even serving people food. It’s the best multipurpose bowl anyone could think of having. It is highly rated between pastry chefs and bread bakers as they know that it shares heat evenly.Lets know more about Stoneware Bowl Set Costco.

Stoneware Bowl Set Costco

Getting the perfect bowl for yourself and knowing it is 100% stoneware can only be possible when getting it from Costco. Costco stoneware bowls guarantee you versatility, quality, and high durability. They have so many beautiful l and multipurpose stoneware bowls that you can choose from and get for your use.

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Costco Stoneware Bowl set

It is nice to get stoneware bowls from Costco but do you know what is better? Getting the bowel set. It comes in different sizes, from the one you’ll use in cooking to the ones you’ll use in serving meals to your family and friends. It is perfect for a family setting and also for those who run businesses that include food.

Costco stoneware bowl set comes in different models and prices. You have the following: 

  • Signature four-piece bowl set with lids
  • Baum striped bowl set, three-piece
  • Baum farmhouse bowl, three-piece

Signature four-piece bowl set with lids

These bowls are very convenient to use and would be suitable for any kitchen and any purpose. You could use them to reheat your food in a flash without worrying about any bowl damage. The stoneware bowl set is very durable, and you don’t have to worry about water ruining it or even when you use it to heat your food in the microwave. The lids help sustain the food’s freshness, and you can remove the lid when ready to microwave your meal. It comes with a big storage bowl with a vented, a small storage bowl, and also a medium storage bowl. All with vented lids


  • The stoneware has a high rate of durability and is chip resistant.
  • It’s safe to use in a dishwasher and microwave
  • Very easy to use
  • Good storage efficiency. It can help you keep your meal fresh for a reasonable period
  • It comes in different sizes, making it suitable for different kinds of food.


The large bowl is 7″ and 47oz, the medium bowl is 6″ and 26oz, while the small bowls id 5″ and 19oz.

You can get them at Costco for the price of $23.99.

Baum striped bowl set, three-piece

This stoneware bowl set comes in three pieces: large, medium, and small. You can make the perfect meal with the perfect sized bowl and how you want it. It is also safe to use in an oven. These bowls encourage compact storage.


  • Stores your food and ingredients efficiently
  • You can use it in a dishwasher, microwave, or Oven.


The large bowl is 10.25″ X 4.5, the medium bowl: is 8.85″ X 3.96″, and the small bowel is 7.48 X 3″

The price of this bowl set at Costco is $14.97.

Baum farmhouse bowl, three-piece

This set of stoneware bowls is suitable for preparing and serving meals. The set comes with a large, small and medium bowl. You can use any particular size or bowl depending on the meal and quantity you have in mind. You can use the bowl to heat your food in the microwave, the dishwasher, and even your Oven without being worried about it getting damaged.


It is safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and Oven.

Hundred percent stoneware 


The large bowl is 9.5″ Dia X 3.85″ H, while the medium bowl is 8.25″ Dia X 3.34″ H, and the small bowel is 6.75″ Dia X 2.75″ H

The cost of getting this stoneware bowl set at Costco is $29.99

Benefits of Using Stoneware bowl sets

The most popular reason people keep going after stoneware bowl sets is their High durability, making your money worthwhile. Maintaining it properly would make your children use the same bowl set you bought.

Some other benefits of using it are:

  • Provides you with a meal free of germs or Toxins after cooking
  • Doesn’t retain others from cooked meals
  • Improves cooking results
  • Distributes heats accordingly, so there’s no issue of the food being half prepared 

How to maintain your stoneware bowl sets

  • Be sure to clean them after every meal; while doing so, don’t use Citrus soaps or cleaners that would ruin the exterior design of the bowl. 
  • Do not use metal or metal utensils to scratch the bowl trying to get rid of dried particles; instead, use something softer and be patient.
  • Store a room temperature to avoid cracking 

Wrap up

Stoneware bowl sets are just what every kitchen and pastry chef needs, as they do not just beautify the Kitchen, they make cooking easier, and Costco guarantees you 100℅ stoneware in your bowl set for a convenient price.

Stoneware Bowl Set Costco-Know More

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