Which are the Apps Like AppValley?

AppValley is your way through the number of applications where users can browse the number of apps and can download apps that you cannot download through the Apple store. Also, you can download the improved or new version of apps within the system and hardware from AppValley. Here we will discuss which are the apps like AppValley.

Which are the Apps Like AppValley?

AppValley even allows different platforms to various options like iPhone, and iPad. Android and Mac. For iOS users, AppValley is a great App for them, especially for those who didn’t jailbreak their device yet.

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There are some other apps similar to AppValley with the same features. These apps have millions of users with some free apps and some apps being premium. These apps have a variety of android and iOS apps and some apps have both Android and iOS.  Panda App, Opera mobile store, iPASTORE, Tutu store, AppBrain, The vShare, Fossdroid, and AppsDrop.

Panda App

Panda app is also an alternative to Appvalley that offers you to download a favorite variety of games and easy navigation to your favorite app. Similar to Appvalley it also has several free apps and premium game apps plus the Panda app is available for both iOS and Android users. So for game lovers, the Panda app is a great app where you can download the latest favorite games. 

Opera mobile store

Opera mobile app is a very popular alternative to Appvalley derived from the Opera browser. Opera mobile app has features and apps for Android as well as for iOS users. Some apps have paid versions and some have free apps and also they have some cracked and some have the original version. So those who are game lovers Opera Mobile store has unlimited game access that they want.  


iPastore is a similar app to Appvalley. It offers a wide range of latest iOS games just like Appvalley with most of the apps having premium features and free features as well. They have unlimited gaming apps and other apps also. iPhone users who love to play games are going to love this app because they have multiple game apps that are only for iOS users. 

Tutu store

One of the alternatives of Appvalley, Tutu is an online app that is free of jailbreaks and the best compatible and stable app. The Tutu app allows you to download a variety of apps. Unlike other apps, the Tutu app is a high-speed application that allows you to download the unlimited app without login into Apple ID or jailbreaking device. The Tutu app is the best app for iOS users because it’s free and iOS users can also save money. 


Similar to Appvalley, AppBrain is an online app that allows users to get access to a variety of apps that also including gaming apps. As its name, AppBrain describes it as a platform for unlimited apps in one application with multiple features for both Android and iOS. The best thing about this app is that people who love games can get unlimited access to their favorite app.  

The vShare

The vShare is one of the apps that offer you cross-sharing that includes Android and iOS apps. Their apps are also available in both the iOS app store and google play store. These apps are a mixture of free and premium apps means they have some free apps and some premium features.


Another app for Android users that are alternative to Appvalley. Frossdroid has multiple gaming apps for android users that are cracked and also have the original version. This is the best app similar to Appvalley in which all apps are free without any paid charges. Another best thing about Fossdroid is that if you have any queries and problems, they will provide you 24/ 7 customer support service. The Fossdroid app works by making a registration or you just have to log in to get access to multiple apps you can also sign up to their newsletter to get the latest about any app. 


AppsDrop is an alternative to Appvalley which offers apps only for Android users. They don’t have apps for iOS users. AppsDrop has both free and premium features apps. They also have ease of navigation and user-friendly interference. For Android users AppsDrop have several and they can download their favorite gaming as well as another app. 


There is a wide variety of apps like Appvalley that have almost the same features but have some different features too. So with all discussion and details, you will know better about these apps and also those users who are looking for apps like Appvalley and want unlimited games and other app access. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What can I use instead of Tutu Store?

Several other apps are similar to the Tutu store like TweakBox, Panda app, Top store, Altstore, iOS Heaven, Appvalley, and more.  

What is Tweakbox?

Tweakbox is an online application that allows users to get access to multiple apps for both iOS and Android users. This application has both free as well as premium apps and cracked as well as online versions. They allow both Android and iOS users to enjoy unlimited apps.

Which are the Apps Like AppValley?

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