Best Luxury Brands You Need to Know

Every person dreams of a luxury lifestyle, and brands are the key to this lifestyle. It is a dream of many people to earn enough so that they can buy branded items. When a person sees a luxury car with branded attire and a high-class bungalow in his dream, nevertheless that dream becomes his goal to achieve. Brands are available in the market, but we need to know which are the best brands among all of them. Let’ dig into the Best Luxury Brands You Need to Know

Best Luxury Brands

What are the luxury brands?

A luxury brand is known for its high material qualities, rare components, and high prices. They are different from ordinary brands as they target high-class people rather than middle-class families. They present exclusive designs which are absent in any other brands. They are not a necessity but a desire of a person.

What do luxury brands include?

They include various fashion items such as watches, clothes, handbags, perfumes, etc. These comprise many luxurious cars with unique features and high maintenance budget. 

Top luxury brands in the world

  1. Fashion Brands

It includes many clothing, shoes, and watches brands. Let’s have a look at some of them: 

  • Louis Vuitton

It is an international brand started in France. It offers numerous products including luxury bags, shoes, watches jewelry, glasses, and many more. It sells the products through e-commerce boutiques and from many expensive stores. It makes its revenues in billions every year.


It is known to be one of the original luxury brands. It offers fanciful style and luxury textiles. This brand started in 1921, but still, it fits the fashion of the 21st century very well. It works on the details and quality of Italian craftsmanship. It also provides luxurious perfumes.

  • Balenciaga

Although this brand was founded in Spain, later it was owned by a French multinational company. This brand has maintained its prestige for the last 100 years. It is known for initiating many trending styles which are unique, expensive, and not easy to copy. 

  • Prada

It is a luxury brand founded in 1913 in Italy. This brand is a choice of every high-class user due to its designs and style. It gives the best material quality. It offers leather items such as handbags, shoes, and travel accessories. It also gives perfumes, ready-to-wear, and many more accessories.

  • Burberry

Initially, this brand began in 1856 to protect people from the cold harsh British weather through weatherproof clothing. Now, things have changed because this brand is now known for its distinctive British classic to outwear pieces woven in their traditional style.

  • Dior

This brand is known for its finishing, high-quality fabrics, and professional craftsmanship. A person cannot doubt its product quality. It also 

offers iconic perfumes which fit anyone but cost a lot. 

There are many other brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Chanel, Nike, Zara, and many more. These brands are equally luxurious and expensive.

Non-fashion brands

  • Bentley

To build a fast car, good car, the best in its class”, this was the vision of the founder and he succeeded in his vision. This brand does not compromise its material quality. The materials used for making are imported from faraway places, so it costs more. It costs more for repair and services.   

  • Mercedes-Benz

Because of its build-quality and expensive parts, it is one of the most expensive vehicle brands. Due to its classy standard designs, it is most liked by rich people.

  • Rolls-Royce

This is a very unique brand because of its excellent craftsmanship and use of handmade components. This brand produces a very limited number of vehicles to increase the demand for people. Its famed hood ornament is the most recognizable feature known all over the world.

  • Bugatti

A brand is known for its supercars and high price tag. This brand offers very unique mechanical features, complex technology, and standard components. It is famous for its car designs and high speed.

There are many more vehicle brands other than this list, some of them are Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Lagonda, Tesla, and many more.

  • Apple

It is a worldwide famous brand due to its technological appliances and exclusivity. There are many other companies which work very well but due to its brand name, it earns a lot. It is known for the privacy factor which it provides to its audience and its high price tags.

Why are luxury brands expensive?

These brands are expensive because they offer very limited items, unlike normal brands which offer unlimited stock. These products are made by top professionals. Due to its less availability, more people want to get it before the stock gets over so that they can show their exclusivity, hence these brands earn a lot and maintain their prestige.

How do these brands get so famous?

Today, the known social media platforms are enough for the marketing of these brands. Many social influencers use these products and advertise through their accounts, so the desire to get these products to increase among consumers. Because of their advertisement by renowned faces, these brands get more famous.


These brands are economically very important, which make them a Luxury Brand. All luxury brands are the best and choosing one of them is difficult, so one should not make any decision without trying them. Hence, brands are the source to fulfil the desire of comfort and fashion, so one should invest money in one long-lasting and better material rather than many cheap and short-lived items. 


Is Guess a luxury brand?

The price of Guess products is not high as other luxury brands, because its product is worn by celebrities, it continued to show itself as luxury.

Is Dior or LV more expensive?

Dior has more expensive products in comparison to LV.

What is affordable luxury?

Affordable luxury is those items that are attractive and high maintenance but have an affordable price. 

Best Luxury Brands You Need to Know

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