How Old Is SpongeBob? -Know More About It

SpongeBob is a beloved cartoon character from SpongeBob Squarepants. We all have been watching this cartoon since our childhood and it has always been children’s favourite. The cartoon as we all know is based on life under the sea and the everyday adventure of creatures underneath. Let us know about ‘How Old Is SpongeBob?

How Old Is SpongeBob?

But as we grow we come across various fun and interesting facts about this cartoon. Like all the main creatures are a depiction of the seven sins mentioned in the Bible and also a few adult jokes which went straight above our heads as a kid. 

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Let us dig in more about such fun facts, mostly the age of our beloved characters.

SpongeBob is approximately 35 years old. He was born on the 14th of July in the year 1986. This birth date is mentioned in SpongeBob’s Driver’s licence. Yes, he did get his driver’s licence in one of the episodes of Season 9 which is titled SPONGEBOB LONG PANTS. 

In this episode, SpongeBob switches to long pants, and somehow the entire perspective changes, he is confident and mature making him get his driver’s licence. 

The licence states other details about him.  Eventually, SpongeBob has yellow-colored hair. He is a male which is stated in his driver’s licence. He weighs 1 oz. and his licence expired on 14 December 2003. 

So SpongeBob is a 35-year-old man who lives with his pet Garry and resides with his 2 dear neighbours: one is his best friend Patrick and the other who he believes to be his friend squid ward. SpongeBob loves Monday and hates Sunday. He loves his job at Rusty Burger as the chef. SpongeBob denotes “Lust” one of the seven sins. 

Spongebob has regular adventures with the citizens of Bikini in the town where he resides. Such a unique concept of this cartoon has attracted a lot of viewers and often questions related to the characters. 

•How To Calculate The Age Of A Person?

You need the year in which the person was born and the present year. Look at the date this month and find out if the person had his birthday in the ongoing year. 

For example, if the present year is 2022 and the birth year is 1984, the birth month is November. Right now it is July 2022 and so still no birthday this year so take a year back that is 2021 and subtract the birth year.

Present: July 2022

Birthdate: 25 November 1984

Therefore, 2021-1984= 37 

The person is 37 years old with 38 years ongoing. The person will complete 38 years this year.

The only motive to explain this is because we tend to have confusion over the exact age of a person.

• Other License By SpongeBob

Thanks to SpongeBob’s licence we got to know the age of SpongeBob. But it is not the only licence that he had. 

He also has a Milkshake licence and qualifies in making vanilla milkshakes, chocolate milkshakes, and strawberry milkshakes. In one of the episodes, both Patrick and Spongebob get high on ice cream so we never know if the milkshake is a milkshake, well it depends on one’s perspective.

•Other Characters And Their Birthdates

The entire cartoon has shown many other licences where one can judge the age of the character. 


Patrick is SpongeBob’s best friend. Patrick owns a lot of licences. He owns a driver’s licence, a crop circle licence, a fishing licence, a tractor licence, and also, a marriage licence. But none of the licences states Patrick’s birthdate. The driver’s licence of Patrick’s expires on the same date as that SpongeBob 


Squidward is the most relatable character for an adult. He resides between SpongeBob and Patrick. He is not bothered and wants to be with himself. 

Squidward was born in 1972. This is not mentioned on his licence but stated by the fandom of the cartoon. So he is 14 years older than SpongeBob. No doubt there is always this sense of incomplete bromance between the characters.


Sandy is the only land mammal that resides in the sea. She wears an astronaut suit that supplies her oxygen and has her house covered and planted with a tree. Sandy was born on 17 November 1987. This makes Sandy a year younger than SpongeBob. This also proves why they always get each other so well.

Mr. Krabs:

Mr. Krabs is SpongeBob’s boss at Krusty Burger. He was born on 30 November 1942 making him the oldest of all till now. The birthdate makes Mr. Krab 79 years old right now. He is almost 44 years older than SpongeBob. No wonder why Mr. Krab always treats him like his son or grandson and sometimes a source of “Me money”.


Plankton’s birth date is still a mystery just like the secret formula of the Krabby patty. 

So all the characters of our childhood cartoons have grown to become adults but just by age not by mind. Just like our cartoon character, let the child within you be active and explore the world around you.

How Old Is SpongeBob? -Know More About It

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