How to Change input on Roku Tv?

You’re not the only one who may be unsure about how to use an output source you’ve linked to your Roku TV, such as an audio system, broadband connection, or console games. Let’s Know How to Change input on Roku Tv?

How to Change input on Roku Tv?

Unlike other TVs, your Roku TV doesn’t let you change the input by simply clicking “SOURCE” on the control. 

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On a Roku TV, follow these action to change the input:

How to use a remote to switch the feed on a Roku TV: 

You must first “SET UP INPUT” on your Roku TV before you may modify the input. In order to do this, navigate to HOME > Settings > TV Inputs and click on SET UP INPUT next to the input you wish to change to. The input is now added to your Roku home screen as a brick.

To switch inputs, just go back to the main screen and select on this tile. However, you must change the name of the input to the precise linked device before returning to HOME. You need to change the name the HDMI 2 input to “CABLE BOX” and add it as a tile to your Roku main screen, for instance, if your Cable Box is linked to HDMI 2.

The next time you use your Roku, you just have to go to HOME > CABLE BOX in order to change the input to HDMI 2 (aka your Cable Box)! You can do this for your sound bar, DVD player, gaming console, etc. I really suggest you take the time to set this up, especially if you have a lot of connected devices. It removes the guess work of trying to remember the exact Keep in mind that when you return to HOME, the very last input you provided to the Roku main screen will be placed as the very first title. Following these steps will allow you to quickly reorganize your home page to gather all of your inputted titles around each other:

Go to the tile you wish to move by selecting HOME, pressing the asterisk (*) button, then choosing MOVE CHANNEL. To move the tile, use the arrows on your remote control, and to save the place, press OK.

Do this for each item you would like to transfer. HDMI port you’re looking for next time.

How to adjust the Roku TV’s input without the need for a remote:

Really, you need your Roku TV remote to make the preceding steps work. But what if you lost it or it breaks down? Fortunately, there are a few alternative methods you may use to switch the input on your Roku TV without using the remote.

Utilize the Roku TV’s buttons:

When you’ve found your Roku TV button(s), take a closer look to identify all of them. Some Roku TVs only feature a single button, while others also contain navigational and control buttons.

Based about which controls you have, you can apply the following procedures in a somewhat different way to modify your TV’s input: 

  1. If there is only one button, click it. Click the primary button once. Click the middle one if you have multiple.
  2. On your TV’s left side, this ought to display a menu.
  3. To scroll down the list, press the main button once again.
  4. Continue clicking until you reach the input you wish to switch to, at which point pause and wait.
  5. After two seconds, your Roku TV should switch inputs.

Use the Roku app to replace your temporary remote:

The Roku app is the best option if you misplace your remote and don’t want to switch the input by utilizing the tricky-to-find buttons on your Roku TV. Install the Roku application to your phone or tablet by simply typing “Roku” into the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll be invited to look for nearby Roku devices as soon as it has finished downloading. The list will automatically include your Roku TV. Select it to connect, go forward.

You may use your smartphone as a controller once your Roku TV is linked using the Roku app! To modify the input on your Roku TV, simply repeat the exact procedures I outlined above (HOME > SETTINGS > TV INPUTS > and click SET UP INPUT on the input you wish to change to).

Roku TV is missing HDMIs 1, 2, or 3:

If there are connections missing or not featured on the main screen of your Roku TV, there are 2 methods to repair this.

The first is the approach I described above, called “SET UP INPUT” (jump back up and re-read that section if needed).

The alternative solution is to just connect a device to that specific input on the back of your Roku TV.

So, for instance, if you have an Xbox, attach it to your TV’s HDMI 3 port first. Once it is attached, your Roku TV will instantly identify it and add the HDMI 3 port to your main screen.

You won’t have seen the input displayed on the main screen of your Roku TV until you individually established a connection or hooked the gadget into that specific input.


On the majority of TVs, changing the input is as simple as clicking SOURCE on the remote and navigating to the desired input. But Roku TVs are more difficult to use. You must: in order to change the input on a Roku TV. Access Settings from Home. Finally, choose TV inputs and set up an input. The input can then be renamed to accurately represent the connected device. You still can switch the source if you will not have a Roku control by pressing the TV’s buttons or by installing the Roku app.

How to Change input on Roku Tv?

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