How To Connect Gopro With Computer With Wifi

How to connect GoPro with Computer With Wi-fi(No Cable Needed)

GoPro is a must-have versatile gadget if you are a hodophile. It gives you an all-around performance, plus its lightweight and size make it flexible for shooting where even your standard cameras won’t be able to get that click. Let us know How To Connect Gopro With Computer With Wifi

 How To Connect Gopro With Computer With Wifi

But before you already plan on any journey, make sure you learn how to connect your GoPro with your computer with Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy your beautiful, thrilling, and adventurous captured moments in the later hours. This post will also help the ones who are unable to connect their GoPro with their computer.

Let’s see how we can connect GoPro to the computer:

Connecting to the GoPro using Quik App

What you’ll need: Your GoPro camera, a phone, and a computer

Step 1: Turn on your GoPro

Step 2: And make sure your Wi-Fi connection is on

Step 3: Open the GoPro Quik app on your phone

Step 4: Select control your GoPro

Step 5:Click on Join, when the app will ask for permission to connect

Now, that your GoPro is paired to your phone. Open your computer’s Wi-Fi connection. 

And find your GoPro’s name in the list, and connect to it.

It will ask for your GoPro password

To find your password, go to the dashboard menu on your GoPro

Swipe left, then select Connections

Tap on Camera info, where you will find your camera name and password.

Copy the password

The next step is to access your GoPro server

Open your preferred web browser

And type this address on the URL bar:

Now after pressing enter, you will see a list of files stored on your GoPro

To save your file, just right-click on it and click on the Save link from the drop-down menu options.

B. Connecting to the GoPro server

What you’ll need: Your GoPro camera, a computer

Step 1: Switch on your computer

 Step 2: Open your favorite browser

Step 3: Now, type the following IP address on the URL bar:

Step 4: Click enter

Step 5:You will find the DCIM links, right-click on your preferred video

Step 6: And from the drop-down menu option, click on the Save link.

C. Connecting to the GoPro wi-fi hotspot

Step 1: You can create your own GoPro Wi-Fi hotspot and connect other devices to the hotspot.

Step 2: The steps given below will guide you on how?

Step 3: Switch on your GoPro camera.

Step 4: Now, set your GoPro to Wireless mode.

Step 5: Now select the Wi-Fi network from the taskbar of your computer.

Connect to the Go-pro Wi-Fi network to access the files.


With all the steps given above, you will be able to connect your GoPro with Wi-Fi to your computer. These troubleshooting methods will definitely solve your Wi-Fi connectivity problems. But, if nothing works you can always contact customer support, you will find the “Contact Us” option on the GoPro website. You can also get to the nearest GoPro store where you can solve your problems.

The timings are: 

Monday to Friday- 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday- 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM


What are the benefits of using Go-Pro?

Its pocket-friendly size is easy to carry with you on every trip.

You can use your GoPro literally anywhere, be it sand, water, or rain. It is very useful for underwater videography.

If you are capturing bigger subjects, the wide-angle technology will take care of it.

You get all these features at a very affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can connect to GoPro?

Only one gadget can interface at a time. In spite of that, it is conceivable to connect different devices consecutively as the camera stores the BLE security key and other connection data.

On what Operating System I can use my GoPro?

You can use your GoPro on the following operating systems:

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Mac OS 10.9.X or later version

What is the benefit of connecting GoPro to Wi-Fi?

You will get access to all your files shot on your GoPro, you can even share those files and playback your video.

Is GoPro Quik app free?

You need to subscribe to GroPro Quik for $9.99/year or you can also use a monthly pack worth $1.99. You can also use the trial version with limited benefits.

What are the features available in the GoPro Subscription version that is not available in the free version?

With the GoPro subscription version, you can do unlimited editing, get access speed adjustment tool, use 190 background music tracks for your video (of which 18 are royalty-free), get two additional high-quality themes, and get unlimited mural events, get more than 25 photo and video filters.

What is the latest version of the GoPro camera?

The latest GoPro camera is GoPro Hero 10 Black which comes with a 1-year GoPro subscription. It has a new GP2 processor which doubles the screen resolution.

How long do GoPro batteries last?

The latest GoPro Hero 10 Black comes with a 1720mAh rechargeable battery,  which provides a battery backup of 2 hours.

How To Connect Gopro With Computer With Wifi

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