How To See Recently Played Songs On Apple Music

Apple never fails to bring ease of access to its products. From a separate app store to a separate music app, Apple has a separate and huge fanbase. Apple Music is an app streaming over 90 million songs on the go. Let us know How To See Recently Played Songs On Apple Music.

How To See Recently Played Songs On Apple Music

To see the recently played songs on your Apple Music, open the application first. Click on the currently playing song. Then go to the “Up Next” option. Here, you will see a tracklist coming up. Scroll down the screen and you will find all the recently played songs here. In case you want to check the recently played radio stations. For that, go to the “Radio” option after opening the app. Then start playing any Apple radio station and the further process is the same as before. 

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In previous versions of Apple Music, there used to be a separate listening history for your playlist or radio. Now in the updated releases, all your listening history of radio, playlists, and the library will be visible in the same place. 

Unexpected Error:

Sometimes, the app stops updating the recently played tracks on the list. In that case, at first, check if the device is updated or not. If the problem is not with the device then, close the Apple Music app on all your devices and try restarting them. If it still shows the same error then you can also try logging out from iTunes and signing in again.

Apple Music is one of the amazing products of Apple Inc. It contains all your songs in one place, including those which are even ripped from a CD. Now, all these activities like listening to music or checking the recently played tracks are possible only if you have a subscription to the app. So let us discuss the app, its features, and the subscription in detail. 

About Apple Music:

Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming app launched in 2015 by Apple Inc and from 2019, it became the default music app for all apple users. All you need is to subscribe to it once and unlock the features including a library of more than 90 million songs. All these songs are stored in the cloud so there is no way to worry for the users. 

This app is also available on some smart TVs, gaming consoles, and on the web.  Surprisingly, people other than ios users, like android users, can also access the app on their devices. Some features that are only for ios users, will not be accessible to android users. The best part is that Apple didn’t stop at just streaming music, it added the  

Features of Apple Music:

The features of Apple Music include:

  • You can stream more than 30000 playlists and over 90 million songs ad-free just by a monthly or yearly subscription.
  • Along with millions of pieces of music, you can listen to the live radio or watch music videos on the same app.
  • Apple allows you to download any song and play it offline whenever you want.
  • You can connect it with Siri, Homepod, etc.
  • It has an automatic downloading facility.
  • You can listen to the downloaded songs on any of your devices both online and offline.
  •  It lets you experience the facility of curated playlists which you can preserve or edit as per your choice.
  • Unlike other music apps, it shares the lyrics of the songs.
  • You can combine Apple Music with your iTunes collection.


Now, let’s see how to subscribe to Apple Music and what are the plans for it. 

Price and Plans: 

Apple comes with 3 different plans for individual people, families, and even students. Also, it gives a 3-month free trial while other apps in the market provide hardly a 7-day to 1-month trial. 

  • Individual Plan: This Apple plan comes at $2.99 per month where they will have access to millions of music (offline/Online) with access to their entire iTunes library. Along with this, they can download 100000 songs and play them across their devices, they can see what other friends are listening to or exclusive concerts or originals. Also, they can access the live on-demand radio. 
  • Student Plan: For college students, there is a monthly plan of $1.99 per month. Nothing is different but the price. All the benefits of an individual plan can be accessed by the students.
  • Family Plan:  Apple Music’s family plan starts at $4.99 per month. Here, you can get all the benefits of the individual plan mentioned above. Additionally, there are some extra benefits like access for up to six-person, a personal account for all, the ability to share your library, etc. 

How to subscribe:

To subscribe to Apple Music:

  • Open the app
  • Move to settings.
  • Then click on the “Music” option.
  • Tap the “Subscription” button. 
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and password. 
  • Make the payment.
  • Click on the “Join” button.


There are so many heavyweight music streaming apps rather than Apple Music in the market. They all are good at their target. But, it is said that people who get a chance to use Apple or its products, never looked at other brands, just because of the simplicity, liability, and ease of access that Apple provides. The same applies to Apple Music. There is hardly any person who even thought to move from Apple Music to any other apps. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Apple Music and iTunes Store the same?

No. Apple Music and iTunes are not the same. iTunes store is related to media purchasing whereas Apple Music is related to streaming music and music videos. 

  1. Who are the competitors of Apple Music?

Several apps can be said to be the competitors of Apple Music. For example, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Tidal, Marvis, etc. 

How To See Recently Played Songs On Apple Music

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