Make Money With Memes

For a person who is conversant with the internet and social media, it is almost impossible to not come across at least one meme in a day. Memes have become a large part of internet culture and are certainly going to be that way for a long time. Now, if you’re not familiar with what a meme is- It could be a video, phrase, or image that contains a piece of text, shared between people on the internet. They are usually created or taken from movies, music videos, or events that happen in everyday life to which people can relate. Let’s Know how to Make Money With Memes.

Make Money With Memes

Memes are fast becoming a modern means of communication and certainly have quite an audience which could make one wonder if one can make money with memes. In this article, you will get to discover a couple of ways to make money with memes.

Before diving into the subject, you should know that making money with memes is fun if you’re a self-claimed member, however, it is not a reliable source of income and can pass well as a side hustle instead.

Here are a couple of ways to achieve this:

– Fiverr gigs: Fiverr is a platform that allows room for creativity and you can get to try out social media management gigs, meme creation gigs, or sell a whole bulk of memes. Now, Fiverr isn’t as competitive as other platforms and takes time to attract clients, however, if you’re good at creating memes, you have access to clients without much competition.

– YouTube meme channel: Having a YouTube meme channel is another way to make money with memes This works by creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos of your compilation of memes. Earning money from this doesn’t happen immediately though, because you’ll need to have gained some views, then you can monetize your account and become a YouTube partner. 

You should also know that the number of views you get on your videos matters because YouTube pays per a 1000 views. You might need to create your memes to avoid infringing on copyright laws.

– Sell memes on Etsy: This is the easiest way to make money with memes and that is because Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces for the sales of crafts and printable art; it also allows you to sell third-party merchandise on your own space or shop on the platform. However, you will have to up your game because selling on Etsy is quite competitive, hence, you will have to build your store reputation and grow your store’s SEO so that customers can easily access your store.

– Blogs- This is a great way to earn money with memes if you own a blog. Sharing memes within your posts will go a long way in driving traffic to your website and also help your readers relate more to your blog. Here’s what you have to do- create a meme that suits your blog and when people visit your blog website and share the memes which will certainly boost your website traffic, you could go ahead with monetizing your blog. This will not only attract more visitors to your website but will also build your brand.

– Instagram meme page– Here is another popular platform that can fetch you money by posting memes. All that is needed is to start up your account, post memes, and gain a following, then you have two options of what to do next:

1- If you have a lot of followers, you can post memes on your account and also promote company ads or sponsored posts and get paid.

2- You could also sell memes on your account

In addition, you should ensure to create your memes, because Instagram in the past, has closed the accounts of people who posted memes they didn’t create.

– Sell memes on Society6: You’ll get to upload your memes and sell them on products like art prints for 10% on each sale or at your price. It also has an affiliate program where you’ll get a 10% commission on every sale you refer.

– Picture Punches: This platform pays one for posting memes. You can make money from the sponsored ads below each meme and earn points for uploading your memes and rating other memes.

Other platforms you can sell your memes on are Zazzle, Redbubble, Cafepress, and others.


Memes are a great way of making money whilst having fun, although it is not the easiest way because it takes time to build up before it becomes profitable. However, in the long run, they make a good side hustle.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Are memes copyrighted?

Memes are not entirely protected by copyright laws but it is safe not to create memes from highly commercialized images or brands like a SpongeBob SquarePants picture without permission.

– How do meme accounts make money?

You can make money from accounts like YouTube and Instagram by uploading ads, selling sponsored content, promoting brands, and sales of meme branded merchandise.

– How much money can a meme account make?

This depends on the number of followers. For example, a meme page with about a million followers can make $2000-$3000 per sponsored post.

– What apps can I use to create my memes?

You could make use of apps like Mematic, Photo Director, and GATM meme generator amongst others.

Make Money With Memes

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