National Ice Cream Day Freebies-Know More About It

Ice cream is a frozen dessert. It’s sweet and delicious. Ice cream is a mixture of sugar, flavors, and milk. It was in New York in 1776 that the term ice cream was introduced, coming from the terms iced tea and iced dessert. Ice cream is everyone’s favorite. There are no age or gender biases when it comes to eating ice cream. Now, Let’s dig into National Ice Cream Day Freebies.

National Ice Cream Day Freebies-Know More

In the United States, national ice cream day will be celebrated on the 17th of July 2022. It is celebrated every third Sunday of July. However, many research reports that it is celebrated twice in July on the 15th of July when the proclamation was done.  

National ice cream day was proclaimed by Ronald the president of the United States of America in 1984, he mentioned in the proclamation to celebrate this day with cool and fun activities. Since then this tradition has been continued by the ice cream owners. 

Every summer in America the day is celebrated to feel the coolness. There are fun activities set up for family and friends in every home, families buy ice creams and enjoy hot summers with excitement and joy. Ice cream parlors and stations have been a part of the US economic growth for a long time. Ice cream parlors are more in ratio than fast foods. 


To honor the ice cream, national ice cream day is celebrated in July. It is a frozen treat for all the diary lovers in the hot summer. The hot day turned into a sweet day. On this day, ice cream parlors offer great deals and huge sales to the customer.

Here are some offers from last year’s national ice cream day in the United States:

  • BASKIN ROBIN; if your order is more than $20, then you will get $5 on your delivery. Whereas for every $10 purchase you will get free ice cream.
  • COCONUT BLISS; buy any cookie sandwich, bars, or prints and get $20 off.
  • MONKEY. JOE’S; buy one ice cream and get one cup of ice cream free but only for kids.
  • DOOR DASH; for consecutive four days they gave prints of ice cream in millions on every purchase as a part of the national ice cream day celebration.
  • DAIRY QUEEN; irrespective of cone size $1 was off the purchase. Also, for the kid cone.
  • BRAYERS; sign up for their cookie coverage on the app and get $2 off on every cookie and cream.
  • BURGER KING; purchase anything from their main course above $10 and get a scoop of ice cream and shake-free.
  • DAIRY QUEEN; download the dairy queen apps place your order for a dipped cone, and avail $1 off your purchase.
  • DASHER AND CRANK’S; they offer a buy one get one free deal on national ice cream day
  • MCCONNELL’S; they offer 20% off on their website on all ice cream flavors.
  • CARVEL; try the new ice cream churros to get a sweet surprise on your next visit
  • INSOMNIA COOKIES; they offer a free single scoop on the purchase online, and in-store on orders more than $6. The site had a promo: “ice cream day” for people to get free delivery.
  • MY/MOCHI: people who shared their pictures of mmm face get a free full box of my/mochi ice cream on top of that can win the lucky draw and get one year supply from my/mocha free of cost.
  • YOUR PIE; it’s not an ice cream parlor yet, offers a free scoop of ice cream to the customers on their purchase.


Below mentioned are different ways of celebrating the national ice cream day:

  1. Arrange an ice cream party

On ice cream day, throw an ice cream party for your friends and family. This time rather than cooking more than two dishes and serving varieties of drinks, serve different flavors and types of ice creams to your guests. Make the entire party about ice creams.

  1. Make your ice creams:

You can visit ice cream parlors any day ice cream day should be different from the other days to make it different from other days and announce ice cream-making competitions among your family and friends. Invent, a new ice cream recipe, introduce a new flavor make it heavenly delicious.

  1. Experience new ice creams 

Go out of your comfort zone and taste flavors you never thought of tasting. Purchase those types of ice creams that you would never give the first thought. Challenge yourself and your friends to taste ice creams that seemed or smelled terrible.


National ice cream day is a reality of your ice cream dream it is all about your choices with a lick of a pint. No, dessert can beat ice cream in summer. In the United States, people are crazy about ice cream they honor ice cream as an achievement or award. National ice cream day is full of happiness and smiles everywhere, if you do not belong to the United States, no worries! Celebrate ice cream day at your home, prepare fun activities and take a scoop of ice cream this summer. 

National Ice Cream Day Freebies-Know More About It

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