Shipt shopper pay and It’s membership-Know It

Shipt is an American on-demand grocery shopping and delivery service company that is a subsidiary of Target Corporation and it functions independently. Its headquarters is located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. It was founded by Bill Smith in 2014 but was acquired by Target Corporation in December 2017 at $550 million. Since the acquisition, in 2018 Shipt now delivers groceries, home products, and specific electronics. Let’s Know more about Shipt shopper pay and It’s membership

Shipt shopper pay and It's membership

Shipt has an application for iOS users and android users to enable their members to place their orders. Members can also place their orders on the Shipt website. Having a Shipt membership allows customers to place orders for products from a local retailer. A Shipt shopper makes an average of $22 per hour. On every order accepted, the estimated payment is displayed to the shopper. Each Shipt order typically takes around 1 hour, so shoppers get $22 for an hour. Shipt shoppers have the luxury of keeping 100% of the tips given to them by Shipt customers. If a Shopper renders good service to the customers they can receive a tip from the customers. The monthly membership costs $14 per month while the annual membership costs $99 per year. Based on the calculation, the annual membership costs $8.25/month which is just a little above the average monthly plan therefore it’s advisable to opt in for the annual membership as it will save you a lot of money.


  • Petco
  • Publix
  • Safeway
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Spirits
  • Meijer


To become a Shipt member, you have to download the Shipt app, sign up and buy a monthly plan. You can either buy the monthly plan or the annual plan. You can also opt in for a trial membership for a month and upgrade it to an annual membership. Moreso, if you place an order above $35, you get free delivery, but if it is less than that, it attracts a delivery fee of $7, which will be added to your total. Members must also know that Shipt prices are a little different from that of the stores, which are to cover the convenience members are enjoying.

For members to shop online, they just need to find a store close to their location. Once that is sorted the member submits the shopping list, then a Shipt shopper goes into the store and gets every item on your list. If there’s a case of an item on your list not available, the member gets a notification about it. There are three choices a member can make in this kind of situation, 

(i) contact me so I can choose 

(Ii) choose for me 

(iii) do not substitute. 

The Shipt shopper updates your list once done. The member has access to decide the time of delivery, and they get their orders delivered to their doorstep.


Shipt Shoppers are independent contractors, not regular employees of the Shipt company. Shipt shoppers decide on their schedule about when and how long they are going to work. Shoppers for Shipt are compensated to buy groceries and deliver them to consumers. Once a member completes their order, the Shipt shopper accepts the order on the Shipt app and must complete the order within the stipulated time.

Shipt shoppers must follow the shipt member’s order thoroughly. When done with shopping, they pay the bills with an already prepaid card and then use the shopper app to navigate to the member’s home to deliver the order.


  1. The applicant must be of age i.e, 18 years old and more
  2. The applicant must own a U.S driver’s valid license
  3. The applicant must have one year of experience as a licensed driver.
  4. 1997 model upward is the standard of vehicle they must own
  5. The applicant must have an auto insurance cover for their vehicle
  6. The applicant must be able to carry anything weighing at least 40 pounds.
  7. The applicant must have a smartphone.
  8. Have a bank account for direct deposit
  9. The applicant must own an insulated cooler bag.
  10. A background check is run on every new applicant, their criminal record, and driving history.


The application process as a shipt shopper is very easy. Just navigate to the shipt shopper’s page, tap on apply, fill out the form, do a short video interview, pick the location you would be available for, and wait to receive a confirmation within 24-48 hours. Shipt is not always hiring, so an applicant may have to wait until there is an opening, which may take time. Once you’re employed, you complete an onboarding session, your T-shirt Agents delivered to you via mail, and you start work.


How are Shipt Shoppers paid?

Shoot shoppers can opt in for a per-day payment of every Friday direct deposit payment. Which is the pay for the previous week’s work (Monday-Sunday) and 100%  of any tips received.

Can someone else help me while I work for Shoot?

It is against Shipt’s policy to bring anyone else along to help you while you work for Shipt.

Shipt shopper pay and It’s membership-Know It

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