Sling TV Review: Interesting Fact You Need To Know

If you are looking for the best TV streaming service both in terms of quality and affordability, then Sling TV could be the best option for you. This is feasible because it provides you accessibility from any device and has all the channels as provided by your cable operator. This could be the best option for you if you are addicted to one or two channels and have to pay for all the channels provided. With sling TV, your wait is over and you can subscribe only to those channels which have been on your watch list for decades. Let’sknow more about Sling TV Review.

Sling TV Review

What are Sling TV Pros and Cons?


● Sling Tv is pocket friendly. 

● There are a total of three packages you can choose from anyone which are suitable for your family. 

● When you customize you can add-ons more channels. 


● Sling Tv has fewer channels when compared to the other streaming platforms. ● The quality of Sling Tv could be better 

Estimated Cost of Sling TV 

The next important thing which is referred to by the customers while choosing an entertainment plan is its estimated cost. Sling TV offers the best price range for all the channels that it provides. Take a look at the different plans that are provided by the Sling TV:-

Name of the Plan Cost Count of TV Details and direct Channel link
Sling Orange $35 per month 31 Link
Sling Blue $35 per month 41 Link
Sling Blue Sling Orange services$50 per month 50 Link

When you compare the cost of various platforms, you will find Sling TV more affordable and this makes it more recommendable among the customers. However, if you want to view more channels, then you must opt for some other streaming platforms. There are 

plans as per the customer’s preference and this makes it popular among the people who believe more in savings. 

How Does Sling TV Work? 

Once you are convinced with the idea of opting for Sling TV, you must know the procedure through which it operates. Here are the simple steps which will guide you in a better way:- 

● Once you open the Sling TV app, you will see a “Home” page. 

● You will find a row of channels on the Sling TV home page and the one you have subscribed to will appear in a colorful status. 

● You must ensure that you have logged in through the same account with which you have opted for the subscription. 

● Once you click on the channel, you can easily view your favourite program number of channels doesn’t get fixed in a single subscription. You can add or delete any channel as per your preference in the next month. 

So, these were the simplest steps through which you can enjoy a Sling TV subscription without running here and there for the hassle-free process. 

Compatibility of Devices with Sling TV 

The next important thing which must be checked is the compatibility of the devices with the Sling TV. The compatibility of Sling TV is with the following devices:- ● Xbox One 

● Google Chromecast 

● iPhones, iPads (iOS 9 and up, iPhone 4.0 and up) 

● Android smartphones, tablets, and TVs 

● LG and Samsung Smart TVs 

● Amazon Fire TV and tablets 

● Apple TV 

● Roku

Find out if you have any one of the devices and then you can easily avail the subscription to Sling TV. 

Name of the Channels Provided by Sling TV 

To avoid any confusion, the names of the channels provided by Sling TV are given here. The names of the different channels provided by the Sling TV are as follows:- ● Cartoon Network 

● Comedy Central 

● Disney Channel 

● EPIX Drive-In 

● Food Network 



● Investigation Discovery (ID) 

● Lifetime 

● TNT 

● Big Ten Network (BTN) 

● beIN Sports 

● Fox Sports 2 (FS2) 

● Golf Channel 

● Olympic Channel 

● MLB Network 


● NFL RedZone Channel 

● NHL Network. 

● Tennis Channel 

So, What’s the Final Review: Worth it or Not? 

After discussing almost every parameter, we must conclude with Sling TV. Go through the points given below to know about the final review. ● If you are a limited person, then Sling TV is the best for you. All your entertainment needs can be fulfilled through Sling TV with its limited but best channels.

● The DVR storage is fair enough, but you can get more fair DVR storage if you pay a little extra. The quality of the DVR storage is a bit low and if you are looking for a streaming platform with the best DVR, then Sling TV is not for you. 

● Besides this, you can go for Sling TV as it has all the good features embedded into it. 

This is the wrap-up of the review on the Sling TV review. Do read and tell us whether or not it was helpful. For more helpful reviews, you must scroll our web page regularly.

Sling TV Review: Interesting Fact You Need To Know

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