Free Homework Help-Know More About It

Homework has always kept kids on their toes. And with the advancement in education homework assignments have become a rat race. Students struggle with submitting their assignments on time and getting their concepts right. Let’s Know more abut Free Homework Help.

Free homework help

And a teacher can’t be present 24/7, right?  But there is one thing that can. The free homework help website is the study hub for pupils. Online communities that enable children, college students, and professionals to get answers to any query under the sun.

These homework websites ensure instant solutions to all subject-related queries and even discussions on insightful topics. These professional portals bring a community of people together to dive into brainstorming sessions making learning enjoyable. 

There are a plethora of websites available that students, professionals, parents, and teachers can explore to grab knowledge anytime anywhere.

Why does homework help websites are in demand? 

Not always a student understands what he learns in school or college. Not always a parent has the solution to his child’s query. And in such situations, these help websites are very useful. 

From tricky arithmetic sums to complex science queries and even textbook questions to your literature book are answered in no time. 

It’s beneficial when there is no one to help you and your favorite community that has people from around the world, answer not just your doubt but also help you learn something unique and widen your knowledge.

Are these free ‘Help’ websites helping you cheat?

Help is a solution or a step to guide a person when they are struggling to find a solution to their problem. However, it becomes cheating when without effort, a person seeks a solution to complete their tasks. 

A genuine help website would always help you with steps to crack a problem and understand the core concept behind it rather than just providing you with material to copy. 

It is so beneficial in turning in copied assignments, such tactics could land you in trouble. In fact, as a responsible student or a parent, you must choose wisely after reading reviews and going through the study material.

How to choose a good ‘free homework help website’?

  • Check out a variety of websites

Before opting for one website to study with you must go through multiple websites, check out their material, a study from their videos, and understand what suits you better. 

Taking the time and selecting the best for you is also a good technique to train your brain to learn better.

  • Why do you need help?

Using a free homework help website is good but why you need help is a question you must ask yourself. Do you need these sites just to complete your homework or do you feel that learning from these communities helps you brainstorm and exercise your knowledge? 

If that is the case then using these free homework help sites is a boon.

  • Sincerely go through the reviews before you choose

These reviews online by people who are already using the site you are interested in or have been a part of that community can save your time and dime. Suggestions and feedback enable you to make a choice better because sometimes even you are confused about what you must do. 

Top 5 Free and Paid  Homework Help Websites that you can study with.

  • Khan Academy

Platform: Free

This is a portal for students to learn any subject from maths, science, art, literature, computer, and many more. Its goal is to help students via short video lessons. 

It’s a free study system and can be used for homework, assignments, projects, and competitive exam preparation with its exclusive study martial and test series. 


Platform: Paid

Chegg is an international study bub for students who struggle with their homework questions, projects, or conceptual tests. This platform provides experts with professional knowledge who enable students to get their fundamentals strong with the help of exercises and tests. It’s a paid app but has limited free trials.

  • Brainly

Platform: Free

 Brainly is a worldwide community-based in Poland that brings together people to help each other in umpteen topics from various domains. Brainly is a fantastic app to put in your query from any of your subjects, even a middle-of-the-chapter question and you will get an answer to it. 

Some people answer these questions for the people who might need them for their homework, tests, or assignments. It is free with exclusive features.

  • Quora

Platform: Free

Quora is an online community where individuals come up with their questions on any topic there is under the sun. Namely- Science, Math, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Business, Accounts, Arts, Commerce, Entertainment, Books, Sports, mythology, Spirituality, Psychology, and so on. 

Just like Braninly people with knowledge of these subjects answer questions for those who might need it. It’s a Free app for this struggling with homework, assignments, or any work-related query.

  • Nerdify

Platform: Paid; Varies on the amount of time the nerd spends on your questions.

This is an online platform where professionals from the world’s best universities after qualifying for the nerdify exam help business, students, and professionals with any problem or doubt in their study routine. 

These are freelancers of Nerdify who get connected with people to make their life easy. The payment is also simple, you pay for the hours a nerd spends on your questions.


Free Homework Help websites are a great tool for students struggling to cope with their concepts and still have doubts after school or college. It’s a tool where professionals, parents, teachers, and most importantly students can connect and create a healthy intellectual community to discuss topics and brainstorm creative ideas. 

This ensures not only great learning but strong fundamentals. Having said that this help homework website could also be used by students for cheating and completing their homework just for the sake of it. So, choose wisely.

Free Homework Help-Know More About It

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