Funny Christmas Movies – Know More

Are you looking for ways to have a good time or bond with your family during the holidays?. Do you love to laugh over a bowl of popcorn while watching comedy movies with your loved ones? Are you feeling down and need a good comedy movie to rejuvenate your spirit? Then this article is made for you with its compiled list of funny Christmas movies you must watch. 

Funny Christmas Movies

Funny Christmas Movies

There are a lot of funny Christmas movies that you can see on Netflix and other streaming platforms such as Amazon and iTunes. You can also download these movies from websites that make them available too. Here’s a list of compiled funny comedy movies and these include: Holidate, Noelle, A Bad Moms Christmas, Daddy’s Home 2, Almost Christmas, Office Christmas Party, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, The Night Before, Krampus, Get Santa, A Madea Christmas, The Best Man Holiday, Arthur Christmas, Four Christmases, Fred Claus, The Holiday, Last Holiday, Unaccompanied Minors, The Family Stone, Bad Santa, Deck the Halls, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Just Friends, Christmas with the Kranks, Elf, Bad Santa, Love Actually, Friday After Next, The Ref, and Jingle All The Way. 

These movies have different genres like romance, fantasy, action, adventure, drama, family and comedy. Some have a combination of different genres and allow the audience to select movies based on what they love to watch and still add comic scenes to the movie plot. Watching any of these movies will add glitter and fun to your holiday experiences. You can also decide to watch these movies based on the genre you prefer to watch but above all, these movies made it to our long list of funny Christmas movies.

Top 15 Funny Christmas Movies and Their Details

  • Holiday (2020, Comedy/Romance):

tells the story of two strangers who were tired of being single all holidays. They decided to start a platonic relationship but caught real feelings along the way. 

  • Noelle (2019, Adventure/Family/Comedy): 

This movie tells the story of the Santa family where a successor is needed to continue the family’s business due to their father’s retirement. The son who is to take over the business is not willing to take over and this gives the option to the daughter to take the bold step to inherit the business. 

  •  A Bad Moms Christmas (2017, Comedy):

 This movie shows the life of three overburdened mothers who rebel against the usual burden that comes with arranging Christmas for their families while having to deal with a surprise visit from their mothers too. 

  • Daddy’s Home 2 (2017, Comedy):

Two dads prepare to provide their children with the best Christmas ever. However, their plans got ruined upon the visit of their respective fathers who came simultaneously.

  • Almost Christmas (2016, Comedy/Drama/Romance):

 A year after the death of his wife, Walter invites his children over for a traditional celebration. He however hopes to have everyone spend a couple of days together under the same roof. 

  • Office Christmas Party (2016, Comedy):

 A branch manager decides to throw a Christmas party in a bid to retain his branch and employees and also to impress a client until it gets out of hand. 

  • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011, Adventure/Comedy):

Harold’s father-in-law leaves him in charge of a Christmas tree but the tree ends up being destroyed by Harold and Kumar (his ex-roommate). They must find a way to get a new tree as a replacement.  

  • The Night Before (2015, Fantasy/Comedy):

 Three best friends have a long-time tradition of spending Christmas Eve together. However, two of them decide to stop this tradition. 

  • Krampus (2015, Drama/Fantasy/Comedy): 

A man’s frustration with the regular fights and disagreements between his family members causes him to lose interest in celebrating Christmas. This however awakens a demon called Krampus that will punish his family. 

  • Get Santa (2014, Family/Comedy):

In a bid to ensure that Christmas is not ruined for everyone, Santa Claus resorts to getting the help of a father and son in rounding up his reindeer so that he can return home after crashing his sleigh. 

  • A Madea Christmas (2013, Drama/Comedy): Eileen’s daughter has refused to come home for Christmas because she had married a white man. Madea and Eileen plan to convince her to come home for Christmas. 
  • The Best Man Holiday (2013, Romance/Comedy): 

A group of college friends reunite after 15 years only to have their past romances and enmities rekindled. 

  • Arthur Christmas (2011, Family/Comedy): 

Arthur, Santa’s son discovers that a little girl’s Christmas gift has been misplaced; he must deliver the gift as soon as possible. 

  • Four Christmases (2008, Romance/Comedy): 

Two lovers decide to visit their four divorced parents after their plan to travel to Fiji for Christmas was destroyed. 

  • Fred Claus (2007, Comedy/Fantasy):

After Fred lands in jail for stealing Santa, his brother decides to bail him out if Fred can come to the North Pole and make toys for Christmas. 


These movies are sure going to keep you laughing all through the holiday period. To be sure if a movie will interest you, you can read the story plot or watch the official trailer or read reviews online. This will help you decide on what to watch. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the most viewed Christmas movie? 

The most viewed/ the most popular Christmas movie is the 1990 movie titled Home Alone. This is followed by Elf, Love, The Grinch, and A Wonderful Life. 

  1. What is the number 1 Christmas movie?

The Grinch has been named the number 1 highest-grossing Christmas film and it was released in 2018. 

Funny Christmas Movies – Know More

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