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Corning Inc. introduced Pyrex (a trademarked brand name in 1915) for a line of low-thermal-expansion, transparent borosilicate glassware for laboratories and kitchens. High temperatures and long heating times are required to produce Pyrex glass from basic ingredients like silica sand and boric oxide. With Disney, a Limited-Edition Mickey Mouse Collection Is Being Offered for Sale by Pyrex.

Disney Pyrex

Collaborations with the Walt Disney Company have kept Pyrex quite busy. Pyrex has collaborated with Disney to create a series of Mickey Mouse-themed storage containers after the debut of a Star Wars-themed line of food storage containers, because, for the first time, Pyrex and Disney have collaborated to produce a collection honouring history’s most famous mouse, all editorial products have been individually chosen.

Disney Pyrex’s new collections 

Disney’s Mickey and Friends are now available in Pyrex storage containers. Buying the Pyrex 6-Piece Round Mickey and Friends Glass Container Set for $30 is an option if you want to store your food in Disney-themed kitchenware.

Look at the whole collection of authentic original Mickey Mouse bowls produced by Disney and Pyrex.

  • Mickey Mouse-Decorated Pyrex Bowls, Sold as a Six-Piece Set for $30
  • $10 Mickey Mouse Pyrex Bowl with a Green Lid Licensed by Disney
  • The Mickey Disney Pyrex Bowls with the Red Lid cost $10 each.
  • Mickey Mouse Disney Pyrex Bowls with a Yellow Lid are available for $10 each.
  • The pyrex bowl with a Disney Mickey Mouse design and a blue lid is priced at $10.

The manufacturing process of Disney Pyrex glasses 

There are two distinct stages to the manufacturing process that can be distinguished from one another. First, a substantial quantity of the molten glass composition is produced in a batch. After that, the glass is put into shaping machines, which produce a wide variety of glassware.

  • A specific compounding area of the manufacturing facility produces large batches of Pyrex glass. Large tanks mix the raw components in precise amounts according to formula specifications.
  • Before they can be employed in the final product, the raw components must be broken down and granulated to a uniform size. 
  • The gradual flow of molten glass into the working end of the batch tanks is the goal of the tank design.
  • The final product determines the forming method. Thin-walled items, such as bottles, are made using glass blowing. The molten glass is poured into a two-piece mould and allowed to cool. The glass is pressed against the mould’s walls by the forceful entry of air.

Disney Pyrex colour scheme

The cheerful Mickey-themed Pyrex storage containers are offered in four distinct colour configurations.

  1. The initial design depicts an image of a cartoon Mickey Mouse with his tongue poking out and features green dots on a blue lid. This Mickey food storage jar has a capacity of 4 cups and can be purchased for the price of $10.00.
  1. The second Mickey Mouse container in the Pyrex Mickey Mouse collection has a Mickey Mouse marked by yellow dots and a green cover.
  1. The third one features a well-known image of Mickey Mouse next to the words “Since 1928,” paying honour to the year in which Walt Disney first conceptualised the mouse, who is considered the pioneer of the Mickey Mouse franchise.
  1. The final Pyrex option in the Mickey Mouse collection pays homage to Mickey’s distinctive red slacks and yellow shoes with yellow dots on a red background and a yellow lid.

Who makes the Pyrex glasses?

Corelle Brands, a multinational provider of housewares with headquarters in Rosemon and Illinois, is the firm that manufactures Pyrex. Corelle Brands, LLC and its affiliates can use this brand in several countries worldwide, including the United States of America, Canada, and Latin America.

What benefits come with utilizing Disney Pyrex products?

Pyrex glass bakeware, which has been a kitchen mainstay for more than 90 years, is capable of handling practically any work that needs to be done in the kitchen and is so versatile that it may be used in the refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and even on the table.


Containers of Disney Princesses Made of Pyrex are whimsical and elegant storage solutions that will work like a charm to keep your food in perfect condition. Pyrex can bring one of the most known characters in the world into the homes of all his admirers because of a collaboration with Disney. This allows Pyrex to create magical moments in the kitchen daily.


What kind of glass does Pyrex use in its production?

Although the first Pyrex glass bakeware was manufactured of borosilicate glass in 1915, it has been routinely made of heat-strengthened soda-lime glass in the United States for several decades.

Is there a warranty on the Disney Pyrex professional bakeware that I can purchase?

Indeed, the terms and conditions of the warranties change depending on the product. Please refer to our usage and safety information, including specifics regarding our warranty.

Disney Pyrex – Know More

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