Muffler Delete – Pros And Cons

A muffler or silencer is a mechanical part used to minimize the noise emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine. Muffler delete has become a popular way to make a car sound more aggressive as well as increase the horsepower. Muffler Delete is the process of removing the muffler in an automobile or vehicle from the exhaust system. Most road users want a quiet non-disturbed ride in their vehicles. If you’re one of those, muffler delete is not for you. Let us see about Muffler Delete – pros and cons.

Muffler Delete - Pros And Cons

The Cost Of Muffler Delete

The cost of muffler delete varies due to factors like the type of your car, where you get it done location and reputation), the manufacturer of the muffler, and your environment. The most cogent factor is the type of vehicle

You will spend less if you’re skilled enough to DIY or spend higher depending on where you get it done.

 Putting all factors into consideration, you should spend within $100 h $250 if you’re using a professional. If you DIY, you might spend between $50 – $100, considering your car

Below are the prices of muffler delete for a few vehicles

BMW e46 $135-$145

Dodge Charger $115-$125

Infiniti G37 $200-$250

GMC Sierra $135-$145

Mazda 3 $110-$125

Golf MK6 GTI $110-$120

BMW e90  $125-$135

How To Do A Muffler Delete?

We can achieve muffler delete by following the steps below

A. Lift your vehicle- you can lift with a jack

B. Ensure your vehicle is out in gear and it won’t move

C.  Locate your muffler. If you have trouble locating it, you can check online for verifications

D. Unscrew your muffler and cut off from the connected pipe

E. Take out your muffler carefully

F.  Install your fabricated pipe in place of the muffler, ensuring that it is long enough to reach both the inlet and exit output of the muffler Location

G. Tighten all your bolts

Pros and Cons of Muffler Delete

Advantages Of Muffler Deletes

1. The cost of muffler delete is minimal and cost-effective. You can add a muffler to your car as soon as you want i

2. Removing your muffler allows you to hear your engine sound while moving

3. Mufflers can with as heavy as 25lbs. Muffler delete makes your vehicle lighter

4. It increases horsepower performance in older cars

Disadvantages of Muffler Deletes

A. Increased Exhaust Noise

Mufflers are primarily to reduce the sound of the engine. Removal of the Muffler will make your vehicle loud. The longer you drive, the louder the sound becomes. While you might not be concerned about the noise, when you drive at a low speed, it can be very deafening and annoying. Uncertainties also come with these cons because you cannot predict what your car will sound like

B. Reduction in Engine Performance

Despite muffler delete being said to increase engine performance, that only happens in older vehicles. For newer vehicles, it has a downside effect. You might get an engine check light. Also, strange sounds that might mean that your vehicle is developing a fault will not be noticed because you eradicated the muffler

C. It’s Illegal

Are you shocked? No, do not be. You won’t get pulled over for a muffler delete. It’s your muffler right

What you’ll get pulled over for is violating local noise ordinances

D. Inspection/Emissions Failure

If your residential area conducts a vehicle or emissions test, your vehicle is booked to fail the test. You cannot pass the emissions test without a muffler. Either your vehicle shoes an engine code that nullifies a precise emissions test or the technician sees it. If your vehicle needs inspection, you should pit back all its parts

E. Cleaning

You will need to take time to clean the exhaust from your engine and also carefully as it can bleach your car pain

These are the pros and cons of muffler delete


Muffler delete is the total removal of your vehicle’s muffler. It increases horsepower as well as improves the sound of your car. It is cost-efficient and you can either DIY or get a professional. Before removing your muffler, be sure you understand and agree to the cons that come alongside the removal.


Q: Does muffler delete affect gas mileage

A: No, it does not. A muffler is meant to control noise generated by the engine. Upon removal, the exhaust is no longer under control and this can only affect your car’s fuel economy. If you can utilize the situation well, you can save fuel.

Q: What is the difference between fuel economy and fuel consumption

A: Fuel consumption is the size of fuel your vehicle uses in covering a particular distance while fuel economy is the number of miles or kilometers a vehicle can travel given a specific fuel measure

Q: Can I undo a muffler delete

A: Yes. You can reverse a muffler delete, in case you didn’t make the best decision in deleting it earlier- though it would cost more replacing it than removing it. Be sure you’ve thought it through before you remove your muffler.

Q: How long will it take for me to finish my muffler delete

A: Your muffler delete should be completed and replaced with a fabricated pipe within 2 to 3 hours whether you are doing it yourself or you are having a professional get it done.

Muffler Delete – Pros And Cons

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