Reg 99 Unable To Connect T-Mobile

As a T-Mobile customer, I liked WiFi Calling. When WiFi calling became available, I enabled it on my phone. Also displayed: REG 99 Error – Unable To Connect T mobile. Let us know ‘Reg 99 Unable To Connect T-Mobile’.

Reg 99 Unable To Connect T-Mobile

I fixed the error online.

I looked for solutions on online forums, blogs, and other sites.

REG 99 T-Mobile unable to connect

I contacted for help with my phone and WiFi Calling. You can use these solutions to fix this error message

Adding an E911 address to the intended line fixes REG 99. Check your router’s VoIP restrictions.

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What’s “Error REG 99”?

T-REG Mobile’s 99 isn’t connecting. How can you solve it?

Finish the job.

Do you know what the error code REG 99 stands for?

T-Mobile can’t detect a valid E911 address in the Wi-Fi call number.

Having an E911 address helps locate you. Set E911 before a network call.

T-Mobile blocks REG 99.

You may have this problem even with an E911 address. Such challenges will have easy-to- follow solutions.

Setting Up An E911 Address in A Text Message

Instructions for T-Mobile E911 follow.

Password-protected T-Mobile. Master access needed for address-changing line.

Middle initial.


Line Settings has E911.

E911 address: Only call that number.

Save each E911 line afterward.

On T-Mobile, REG 99 Isn’t Connecting

To see if the error persists after configuring the E911 address, try enabling Wi-Fi calling again.

Updating Your Smartphone Is A Must

On T-Mobile, REG 99 Isn’t Connecting.

Wi-Fi calling requires the most recent operating system version on some phones. To fix the problem, check to see whether your phone has any new software upgrades.

To install iOS upgrades, follow these instructions

Plugging your phone into a charger will allow you to connect  Wi-Fi.

The Settings menu has a General option.

Please upgrade your software.

Wait patiently for the update to complete, following the instructions on the update page.

Follow the Steps Below to Install Android’s Software Update

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Settings app to find  setting.

Go to the menu bar and click on “System > System update.” Follow the on-screen directions to allow your phone to download and install any available software updates.

Restart your phone after you’ve finished installing the system update to see if the error reappears.

Restart the Router if Needed

On T-Mobile, REG 99 Isn’t Connecting.

Wi-Fi calling can be lost if your router isn’t working properly. The REG 99 issue occurs when the phone is unable to communicate with T-network. To resolve the issue, perform a router restart.

Restarting your Router is as simple as following the instructions listed below 

Put an end to your router’s operation.

It needs to be unplugged from the wall in order to work properly.

For at least 30 – 45 seconds, unplug the router from the wall before connecting it in again.

Now that the router is up and running, everything should work well.

Make sure Wi-Fi calling is turned back on and check if the issue remains.

Reset Your Router

If restarting your router didn’t work, reset it to factory settings. Factory resetting your router erases all data, including the network name and password. After rebooting the router, reset the ports. Instructions are in your router’s manual. A router’s back has a reset button. You can also reset your router from its setup page.

Get in touch with T-Mobile Customer Support

If none of these solutions resolve your issue, get in touch with T-Mobile. If you previously disabled Wi-Fi calling, you can turn it back on remotely. If your issue cannot be resolved over the phone, you can also request a higher level of priority for it.

On T-Mobile, REG 99 Isn’t Connecting.

A New T-Mobile SIM Card Can Be Ordered Here

T-Wi-Fi Mobile calling reportedly requires a new SIM card. If your SIM card doesn’t support Wi-Fi calling, try this method.

REG 99 doesn’t work on T-Mobile

Or, visit a store or call customer service. After obtaining the new SIM, activate it on mobile.


You can use Wi-Fi calling if you don’t have a lot of reception. The greatest outcomes demand a better than average internet connection.

It recommends a Wi-Fi speed of at least 2 Mbps. Relocate yourself closer to the router if you’re having problems making a Wi-Fi call, and the postpone any network-intensive chores.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is WiFi calling error ER081?

Restart the phone and check the internet connection to fix it ER081 Error. If necessary, reboot the router Try one of the Cell Spots. Router or activate and configure QoS.

2.How do I refresh my T-Mobile network?

Reset Network Settings may be found in Settings > General > Reset. Confirm and restart your phone. Reconnect your phone to home and work Wi-Fi.

Reg 99 Unable To Connect T-Mobile

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