Sephora Birthday Gift


While some dread the day that they have to think about what to buy for the birthday person, some people love picking gifts and telling the birthday person how much love they have not by words but by action. In either case, the birthday gift needs to be considerate and sweet, otherwise, the people who are not good at buying birthday gifts wouldn’t be so stressed out. To buy the perfect gift, the giver should have a piece of knowledge about the likes and dislikes of the birthday person. If the person who will be receiving the birthday gift is a lover of cosmetics and beauty products, they will be most likely satisfied with any birthday gift from Sephora.Let us know about Sephora birthday gift in this article.Can we get free birthday gift from sephora? to know this read onwards.

Sephora Birthday Gift

Although one can buy great birthday gifts from Sephora for the birthday person, the birthday gift is not always a gift that is sent from the giver to the receiver. Sometimes the giver can hand the birthday gift to the giver. Sephora is one of the stores that are there for their customers by giving their customers free stuff on their birthdays. The customer can either get their free mini set from Sephora to get their gifts for their birthdays, or they can select the gifts they will give to another birthday person other than themselves by going over Sephora’s websites.

How to Get Free Birthday Gift From Sephora?

To get a free birthday gift from Sephora each year, the customer needs to be a Beauty Insider. It is quite easy to be a Beauty Insider in Sephora, all one has to do is to join the Beuty Insider Program of Sephora, which is free to join. By being a Beauty Insider, the customer of Sephora will get to choose a mini-set each year as their birthday gift. Although it is said to be a free birthday gift, it is not exactly free since the Beauty Insider program is based on collecting points and getting rewards. Thus, the customer has to select the mini set regarding the points they have collected so far. There are four sets currently offered by Sephora; Laura Mercier set, Amika set, Tatcha set, and Ilia set.

Laura Mercier Mini Set

This particular mini set includes a translucent loose setting powder and caviar eyeshadow stick in a shade strapless. Translucent setting powder protects the makeup for 16 hours and an eyeshadow stick can add extra spice to the eye makeup. With this set, the customer will be given translucent setting powder which is 5 g, and caviar eyeshadow sticks in shade strapless which is 1g and is also exclusive to Sephora.

Amika Mini Set

Amika mini set includes perk up dry shampoo in mini size, soulfood nourishing mask in mini size, and flash instant shine mask in mini size. Perk up dry shampoo is a great shampoo for people who are stressing over their oily hair. Soulfood nourishing mask is a great hair mask for hairs that have been to a hair salon quite often and become dry and fragile. Lastly, a flash instant shine mask gives a brilliant glow to the hair and softens the hair in 60 seconds.

Tatcha Mini Set

Tatcha mini set contains the rice water skin-softening cleanser, the dewy skin cream, and the liquid silk canvas. The rice water skin-softening cleanser is a cleanser that cleans the face and makes the face smooth and fresh. The dewy skin cream is a cream that is used before going to bed. It hydrates and cleans the face. The liquid silk canvas is a primer that thoroughly cleans the face before applying makeup.

Ilia Mini Set

Ilia mini consists of fullest volumizing mascara in a mini size, balmy gloss tinted lip oil in shade only you in a mini size, and a lip wrap overnight treatment sample. The fullest volumizing mascara is a mascara that won’t hurt your eyelashes and make them noticeably bigger without causing any irritation. Balmy gloss tinted lip oil in shade only you are kind of a lip balm that will get rid of the chapped lips and won’t create any sticky feeling. Lip wrap overnight treatment is another way to get rid of chapped lips, helping one get smooth and soft lips.


All in all, Sephora celebrates the birthday of their customers by offering them to pick from four mini-sets. The customer can choose the mini-set after looking at the content of the mini-set on Sephora’s website. The four mini-sets target different customers. One should pick the Laura Mercier and Ilia mini set if they are obsessed with makeup. One should pick the Amika mini set if their hair needs thorough care and one should pick the Tatcha mini set if their skin needs thorough care.


Does Sephora give the gifts only on the customer’s birthday?

The customer doesn’t have to get their gift immediately on their birthday. They can get their gift any day in their birthday month.

Does all birthday gifts given by online shopping?

All mini sets are given online but there might be some stores that have the mini sets in their stocks, one should call beforehand to make sure.

Sephora Birthday Gift

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